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really good Sci-fi

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Hi everyone, so i'm trying to write my story and to be honest I need a lot of help. This is my first so i would like to do some research and learn something. I've had this story locked in my head for so long, I did start to write back in high school but i may have to start it completely over. The story i'm looking for is in the future and the universe. I would appreciate it if you can help me find a story. Thanks :)

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Futuristic Sci/Fi still can cover so much, from near future to galactic empires 10,000 years in the future.  One great series for the far-flung future is Foundation, by Isaac Asimov.  If you're looking for online Sci/Fi, Dreams of Humanity by dkstories here is (to me) a great Sci/Fi and militaristic story.


If neither of these are what you're looking for, give us a bit more of an idea of what you'd like.    :thumbup:

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I love to write sci-fi. The greatest compliment I recently received was for my newest free eBook and the reader said that it was completely plausible and I'd renewed their love of sci-fi. How did I accomplish that? Numerous technical websites and books, from multiple trips to the library, encompassing subjects from supernova, gamma radiation, glaucoma, carbon nano tubes, FTL travel, near Earth solar systems, environmental factors like the Goldilock's zone, hydrogen rich water, plant cellular make-up, viruses, RNA mutation... and much, much more.


Truthfully there is no shortcut in sci-fi. Not if you do it right. Research, plan, plot, and keep track of the details. Make it plausible and make sure you stay true to 'your universe' when it comes to the technology, mythology, and society. Also, find a like-minded reader(s) to bounce ideas off.

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I love good sci-fi, and as Cia says above, there's lots of homework to do it fully! But at the same time, for me, some of the best sci-fi I've enjoyed uses the science and technology as an adjunct to the story line, not as the reason for the story. We've all read authors who were so intent on describing the functions of the control panel that the mention of the captain bleeding all over it from an assasination attempt becomes almost secondary! (And, yeah, that's an stretching it, but you get the idea.)

I think perhaps the best writers are storytellers, and all the other details make the story more authentic. There's a balancing act between story (fiction) and fact--and the best writers make it look easy! But it all starts with the story.

And, based on everything I've seen here, folks here (including me) are happy to let you bounce ideas off of 'em--friendly bunch here!

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Remember: advanced science appears to be magic to those that don't understand it.


If you have light speed communication or FTL ships, try to explain why.


It helps the readers suspend disbelief.

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I would agree with Trebs: if you want to start understanding sci-fi, then Asimov is the way to go. the man knew his stuff. There are also a few Kurt Vonnegut titles which you might find interesting (personally I am a big fan of Cat's Cradle).

For more recent and very heavy sci-fi you could try Iain Banks, who was a wonderful, wonderful writer. Personally I like his dark fiction stuff as Ian Banks, but his sc-fi is very good.

For what I call "non-sci-fi-friendly-sci-fi" I point in the direction of the Anne McCaffrey Dragon's of Pern series, a set of books which introduce sci-fi elements  slowly as not to scare the reader. Like JamasSavik said, it looks like magic at the beginning and then it is explained in science.


Good luck.

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