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A Test (That Really Made Me Smile)


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What started out as a little boy who had been bullied at school and his best friend who just happened to be able to single...this duo (Bars And Melody) came together and made a positive change out of a negative situation.  


They just got an official video made out of their song after their 'Britain's Got Talent' audition. and I LOVE it! Cute video, awesome message against bullying, and I wish them the best of success. How cn you make it more than 2 minutes through this video and not smile??? try it! dare ya! Hehehe! I really like to see things like this. It lets us know that the next generation has the potential to do it better than we did. ::Nods:: :)



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Yes, indeed! All of their songs have been really uplifting and positive. I appreciate that! It's needed in this day and age!


They've released some new videos since then too...



And this one was just released today, actually! :)


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