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Russia's Mystery Craters

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Personally I think it's the holes left from underground nuclear tests done years ago... and the whole reason no one knows is the Government there would be tight lipped about it... eventually you'll be seeing some here in the U.S. and ones in North Korea too :P

although there are actually dozens of things it could be.


or the roof colapse of an unground cave system....

anyone have any ideas what it could be.

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Unidentified Underground Objects :P from a subterranean civilization, who's goal is to collapse all the world's landmasses into giant sink holes :o


How's that for a conspiracy theory?

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There was a time when the Soviets thought they would have to fight the Chinese in Siberia and built the types of infrastructure there that they thought they would need. To avoid making those facilities group 1 targets, they were built underground and hidden.


I suspect that the types of structures that were there were diesel and aviation fuel bunkers. Those fuels are stable and long lived but Russia would have had use for them since. Once the containers were empty, without the internal pressure of liquid to balance the structures, they began a slow but accelerating collapse in which corrosion played a part.




Abandoned Soviet revetments for aircraft in Siberia.




Abandoned Soviet sub pen on the Pacific above the Arctic Circle. Note the ice.

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Suddenly images of Morlocks, the underground creatures from H. G. Wells story "The Time Machine," comes to mind.  Will we now see them emerging from these holes and attacking the local inhabitants?  A scary thought, indeed. 

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Cold War era bunker collapse ain't it.




These holes aren't a collapse. They are the result of an explosion.


Note the ejecta scattered on the surface. The force is going up and scattering that stuff around the crater.

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