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Happpy (Us) Thanksgiving


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It will be a small gathering at my mom's house this year.  Just six of us.  On the menu is turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, loaded cauliflower (like loaded baked potatoes, but with cauli instead), salad, and cranberry relish.  Dessert is chocolate pie and apple pie. I'm full already...lol  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Like the past few years, I will be going to a friend's parent's house for Thanksgiving. Bless them for thinking about me. I have very little family still living, but I am still thankful. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!  :)

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My family has shrunk over the last few years and scattered over the country but the meal will just be a smaller version of when I would feed 15. Roast stuffed turkey ( I have the meat department cut the bird in half from nose to tail ) mashed potatoes, mashed turnip (some call them rutabegas, I don't really know the difference) fresh asparagras done with a light coat of olive oil, seasoned and broiled, gravy of course, and pumpkin pie and Ricekrem to finish.

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