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Newbie Here!

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Research, research, research. You can't just make things up with historical work and you'd be surprised at what you don't know about the basic habits of a time period, even beyond speech which can change decade to decade, much less centuries. I'd recommend picking a time period and reading a lot about it, plus picking up non-fiction books at the library.


As for posting here on GA, our Stories area is custom so make sure you read the FAQ topics that will help you understand exactly how and what to post. That can be found through the Help tab in the red menu bar.


Welcome to GA! I hope you'll enjoy your time here.

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Welcome! Cia's given some great advice. I know with my own current novel that the amount of surprises I encountered when I did was the research was amazing. There are subtleties in everything, and while most people won't spot any flaws, those that know will have those flaws jump out at them. I remember reading a story set in Australia that happened to mention a Qantas flight number flying into Sydney, but I recognised the flight number and it was a flight from Brisbane to Melbourne. That disconcerted me and took me out of the story for a moment. It doesn't take a lot of effort to get little details like that correct and they help to make the story that much richer.


Good luck with the writing!

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Hey, also a newbie here. I look forward to adding some writing also and hope you don't mind my leaching some advice you receive.

Welcome to GA c_evs! :)

Hey guys,

I'm really excited to explore this website and write some content of my own. his will be my first time writing and I'm thinking about historical fiction. Any advice?

Welcome to GA Sage! Cia and Graeme gave excellent advice. :)

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Cia and Graham are right. In fact, popular best-selling authors spend gobs of money on research assistants to get the detail right. If it's your first time writing, I would go for something simple to test out your style. GA is a great place to get feedback.



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