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Underrated #1 - Ulrik Munther


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While the 'Justin Bieber' train was taking off and going strong, every single young male pop star with a pretty face was instantly compared to his success and expected to follow suit. But there were a LOT of real talents that were, unfortunately, written off without being given a chance. This...is one of them...


Ulrik Munther was one that I always loved! He's basically Sweden's answer to 'what would have happened if Taylor Hanson had gone solo?' Awesome voice, great songs, and omiGOD is he cute! Enjoy! :D








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I DID see that trailer for his movie a while back, but I'm not sure if it's out yet or where to find it. Still, I think he's a hell of a talent. He should be much bigger than he is. Wait...much more RECOGNIZED than he is! Hehehe, don't take that the wrong way. :P

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