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Underrated - Jai Waetford

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While the 'Justin Bieber' train was taking off and going strong, every single young male pop star with a pretty face was instantly compared to his success and expected to follow suit. But there were a LOT of real talents that were, unfortunately, written off without being given a chance. This...is one of them...
From the moment Jai Waetford's sweet, angelic,voice rang out on X-Factor, everyone KNEW that he had what it takes to be a superstar! Only 14 at the time, and cute enough to make the girls (and quite a few boys too) swoon...it was his emotional voice, self written lyrics, and overall dedication to his music that won everyone over! Now that we've seen him grow into a handsome young man (It's ok, you can call him 'sexy' now! Hehehe!)...the sky is the limit for this often overlooked star! :)

And he can get attention with the pop crowd as well...


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Awww, come on! :lol: I already had the first three videos bookmarked! :rofl:

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