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Iso Editor And Beta For Horror For Fall 2016 Anthology Due Oct 28

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I'm finishing up a -25k piece for the Fall 2016 Anthology that is due at Oct 28.


Would anyone be willing to work with me on this?


WARNING: This is a scary story and it has some rough moments. I've tried to curb the rough moments, but its still a somewhat disturbing piece.


Story: Adagio

Synopsis: The ghost of a murdered young male prostitue seeks help in bringing his murderer to justice before he strikes again. Unfortunately, there are obstacles in the way...of the darkest kind!

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What kind of help do you need?


Editing. Proofing mostly, but content too if you have time and want to.


I'm almost done, I just have to finish that final act and do a read through.


Unfortunately, my proofing skills suck so I always miss stuff. :/

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I'm good at catching grammatical errors and misused words if you are still looking for someone to help you.



Thanks so much JayT! 

I do believe the Rick Proehl is handling editing right now on this piece.


Would you like to Beta Read for me though? I could use some of that on this one. It reads well to me, but I'm biased. You can also pick up on other stuff too! I could use all the help I can get! :P

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