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GFD Live Action Short Film Reposted!!!


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Alex Bright's short film version of "Gone From Daylight" is now available again for all who haven't seen it yet! :D So, you guys can follow the link below and watch it whenever you get the chance! However...we want to be a bit more 'careful', since the last time around we crashed the server and caused all kinds of virtual mayhem trying to watch the first, 'live action', story from the site to ever pop up! So please...just visit the link, don't re-link it if you can help it, and enjoy! K?

Also, this is Alex Bright's unique vision on the "Gone From Daylight" saga, and he and his and his team are actually looking to shop this around as a possible TV series! :o CRAZY, right??? This is a BIG deal, people! So if you like what you see, PLEASE speak up and leave some compliments on the film! Just taking 30 seconds to give your comments on this might actually make "GFD" a reality!!! Think about that! :)

Alright, gotta go! But check out the movie! I LOVE it! And big hugs to Alex Bright for even making this possible!

The Sumer is coming, folks! Don't say I didn't warn ya! :)

"Gone From Daylight" Short Film:


Password: sunrise

Have fun!


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