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I am sorry for starting another thread needing help finding a story.  I am 99% sure it was posted here but cannot find it to save my life.  I've spent a lot of time in this site and am finally starting to get active.  I appreciate all the authors and users here.


Here's what I remember of the story:


It revolves around a late 20 or early 30 author who, writes under a pseudonym, is quite successful and lives alone in I believe Boston.  He was abandoned by his parents when he was came out and lived with his aunt during college. After a while he returns to house sit for his aunt who goes on vacation and either it was setup by the aunt or by happenstance meets his brothers again. A while after the initial reunion he meets his eldest younger brother (whose in college) running shirtless with a friend and they hit it off quickly.  The friend was identified as a "cousin" (not sure if it was a distant relative or just as you called that as your parents were close) and his "uncles" ran a restaurant or marina on the waterfront.  I believe he decides not to leave his brothers after being reunited and ends up buying a large house on a big piece of land away from city center (I think the entire story takes place in Massachusetts). He and his new lover hire two older college students to help take care of it. They two students are a gay couple getting advance degrees (in agriculture related fields) -  one will take care of the land and animals while the other will help in the house. 


Unfortunately the parents get into trouble and he helps his brothers out by helping them get emancipated by stating he had a trust fund set up for each brother and would be willing to take them in.  The parents are shocked at this wondering how a gay can have so much money. When the parents find out he has money they break into the aunts place to find the address but the college age brother sees that they're there. They call the police and the parents are arrested again forefeiting their bail.  When the brothers were cleaning out their parents house they find a safe with drugs and cash in it - causing further legal troubles. 


All all while this is happening they adopt a young child whose mother was high or drunk and crashed her car on a road behind the large property.  They find another toddler abandoned after a Halloween party who they end up adopting as well.  The judge that handled the adoption and the emancipation calls the couple up to let them know she wants to talk to them about a special case.  The special case relates to a set of preteen twins who needed fostering but she didn't want them being separated in the foster system (forget what the circumstances were - whether the parents were addicts, dead or abusing them) as they are brothers and she suspected they had a "close bond".  The twins adoption was finalized when the couple invited the judge and her son over for a Christmas dinner/party.  The couple had no idea until she handed them an envelope.  In order to take care of the kids they hire another colleges student who is majoring in childhood education to move in and help out. The college student somehow sparks an attraction to the college age brother who thought he was straight.


As a busy author he has to do book tours.  One I believe to Chicago where the first child they adopted comes on stage which everybody loves.  He takes his partner when he can on tour and eventually revealed his real name.  One of his books was made into a movie and the entire brood was flown out to Los Angeles on a private jet for an award show and he had to do a press junket.  One of the interviewers went on a vile rant against gays being parents to which he takes her to task, gets copies of the tapes and eventually she gets fired. At the awards ceremony the entire family is seated with the actors and directors of the film which ultimately won an award for which they were nominated for. 


This is what I I remember so far.  Apologies for help (yet again) in finding a story.


I plan on supporting the site once I reactivate my credit card for web use.  I got locked out (from new online accounts) and never bothered to fix it as Amazon and iTunes were already linked.

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