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When fiction collides with ugly reality


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In the current story that I'm posting, my latest chapter was about a spring break trip to Galveston, TX. 


Yeah... that Galveston. The one that got hit by Harvey.


Now... I'm not sure what to do... rewrite the chapter? post in anyway? wait till people have un shriveled from being in the water?


After the 911 attacks there were all sorts of reactions. 


A Schwarzenegger action film was delayed for months  (Collateral Damage)


Some network shows were pulled and redone. Football games were rescheduled.


What are your thoughts on this predicament?

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My initial reaction is to say, either rewrite it for a different city or delay posting it to the forums.


However, I know some Texans who would chastise me for even thinking about rewriting or delaying it, because of the disaster.


If you delay, is it going to through off the story, or timing of other projects?

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one factor to me would be, what year is the story set in? if its 2017, it still SPRING BREAK which is not today. i say post it but with a chapter note about it, if it makes sense for the people go to Galveston 

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James, I agree that since it is fiction, go ahead and post as you were planning.  I don't remember you specifying a year in which this happened, but if you did, just put a chapter note on any Galveston related chapter.  You are not being disrespectful.

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I say post it.

Molly makes a great point, maybe seeing the town revitalized through your story will keep some chins up, or bring some chins up.

When 9/11 happened my fave fan-fics became the ones that had the heroes stopping it or helping in the clean-up. And if the story is set during spring break you have the chance to acknowledge the damage caused by the storm in a later chapter.

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If it's a story showing what life was like before Harvey and how life shall be after when things are back to 'normal' then I'd say post it as a service to both Houston and Galveston. Texans are a tough breed and they only get stronger when shown a window into a better future. 


I was grateful to stories and TV Shows that showed what SoCal was and would be again after the wildfires that destroyed so much of our city back in 2003 and 07.

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