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Cia's Weekend Writing Challenges #8: What IS That?


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So for the last few weeks we talked about describing words, adjectives and adverbs. This week we're going to go on in a similar vein but it's all creative. No restrictions on length, genre, etc... but what you do have to do is describe the images below somehow. Decide what they are, what they do--if they do something--and share that with the rest of us. 




Describe it: An elaborate, abstract design of lines and dots raised on a silky white background. 

Show it as a blurb: The disease presents first by the loss of all pigment. Over the course of hours the skin raises with an elaborate mark on the patient's back. This appears to be immensely painful. Only one patient has survived to the completion of the mark. At 0600 hours he broke the restraints and fled. He is currently the subject of a city-wide manhunt. 

Write it: Actually, you know... write the scene. Add in some sort of actual resolution and answer. What is the mark? Why did he survive? What will he do now? 


Other images to use:


abstract-2789690_640.png      abstract-1608001_640.jpg      abstract-2068608_640.jpg


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The second image tempted me to continue my story. 🤗


Description: Rocks and pebbles, heaps of tiny grayish things, looking organic, resembling eggs

Blurb: Approching the stairs to the ancient monument, Spencer sees heaps of grayish things, seemingly pebbles but actually dead and discarded eggs. He knows there are more eggs, dormant and live, in the god's underground facility. Spencer's going to find them.



Spencer followed a barely visible path through the tropical forest. He saw rocks and pebbles, heaps of tiny grayish things everywhere near the path. They looked like pebbles from a beach, but Spencer knew they were eggs. The natives had told him. The eggs, scattered about under the bushes and ferns, were dead and discarded, but he knew there were more eggs, dormant and live, cryopreserved in a hall under the ground.

The breeding facility was not far from the factory. The natives hadn't seen the hall since the monument had come down in the age of the war, a mere couple of centuries after the god's arrival on Earth. The gods had left and the place had become the home of a wild beast. It growled from the depths incessantly.

Spencer knew better. He reached the stairs to the ancient platform. The hum and buzz of the pumps and machines was deafening now. The entrance to the facility was on the platform, within his reach and no longer protected by the god's monument. Spencer climbed the stairs. He didn't see the figure looking down at him.



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