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Comicfan - Finally playing catch up.

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Hi all,


I'll start off by saying I'm healthy for the moment. Last year, it was detached retinas. This year, I had triple bypass surgery.  Needless to say, I haven't been in a good place and writing was very sporadic if at all.


I'm trying hard to make a comeback.  Right now, I have finished a story for the fall/winter anthology which is being read and commented on, so yeah, something is done.


The final chapter/epilogue for Jonas is written. Now it is waiting on me finding a beta and editor. Yes, the long wait is over.


I have been writing a dragon shifter story. It was put off when a beta read it and we couldn't mesh. Took a while, but finally gone back to it and am determined to finish. 


Finally, writing on a story that was begun and was abandoned. It's not because I didn't like it, more like health issues stopped it, and to be honest, I forgot it completely. Anyway, in process of finishing the last three or four chapters. What i did have written was lost when my computer died at the time, so basically been trying to remember what i did, and recreate it.


Sorry for delays, but think I might be ok for a bit. Anyone interested in beta or editor work, let me know.

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I'm hoping to have your antho story back to you either Sunday or Monday.  Between everyone sending me things at once and getting sick this week, it's put me a bit behind schedule.  If you're not in a huge hurry, I'd be happy to look at the Jonas epilogue.  I love that story!  


I'm so glad to hear that your health has improved and you're writing again :hug: :kiss: 

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Thanks Val. When you finish, you finish. If you have time when you're done, I'll happily pass you Jonas.  Just don't want to overwhelm you. 

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      I promise i have been writing. I am so happy to announce that I have completed a story for each of the Fall Anthologies. Yes, not writing, not hoping to finish. They are COMPLETE!
      I have also have finally finished what should have been part of the Halloween Hunt celebration Cia put together. (Yes, all the admins work their butts off for these special projects.) However, my timing was off and guess what is nearly complete on the first of November. Right,my Halloween story. Oh well. I'll be looking for a beta and editor for it.
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      So, personally I've had to deal with some changes. I've had all sorts of issues and still dealing but fighting on. Two years ago I had two detached retinas and had surgery. Last year I ended up having a triple bypass. Add the end of a seven year relationship and things have been in a dark place.
      Decided I needed to focus on things I could do.
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