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GFD: Lost In Shadow

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Let me start off by apologizing for being absent the last two or three days. I got smacked with a work schedule tht was overwhelming to say the very least! But, I have the day off today, and I'm going to use it to catch up with everything that was supposed to be posted this weekend. K? :P 

'30 Days Of Night' continues today with an official reboot of the "GFD: Lost In Shadow" series! Now, this was started as a 'round robin' story initially, where different authors would all jump in and post their own continuation of the story every month. Unfortunately, after about five chapters or so, it got harder and harder for other writers to really participate as often as we would like. But hey...it happens. BUT...it's a "GFD" spinoff story that I would really like to tell! So I've gone through to breathe some new life into this series, and I'm picking it back up so I can give it the ending it deserves! 

The first chapter was the only one that I wrote, personally, and the other chapters belong to the authors who contributed their time and effort to storyline. This version will only include my own stuff, but the other chapters by multiple authors will remain on the "Blood Bank" website if you guys are interested. K?

So, here is the first part of the story! It has all of the GFD elements that you guys have come to know and love! So enjoy! And let me know what you think when you get a chance!

More coming today! So keep your eyes glued to these announcements for more! ((Hugz))  





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