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Short Story, Afterglow, Has Been Posted!

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Another short, completed, story for nostalgia's sake! This is from the 'Pride Month' issue of Imagine Magazine, and I hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think!

And THANKS go out to you guys for making this the most popular issue of Imagine yet! Almost 1300 hits within the first 48 hours! WOW! Hehehe, we love you too! ((Hugs))

Enjoy "Afterglow", and be sure to drop by the site this Wednesday! The Shack is celebrating it's 21st anniversary on June 19th!!! That is, like...Egyptian Pyramid old in terms of online websites!!! LOL! But we're still going strong, and I will spend an entire week partying with you guys to thank you for the love and support! Don't miss out! You'll definitely want to check in! Trust me on this! ::Nods::

Seezya soon!



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