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Comsie's Holiday Jingles


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All such sweet songs! I love the youthful joy and pathos in each! Interesting take on the standard by the new Stefan Benz and yes, Grayson Chance has found a new fanboi in me. LOL!

I’ll add my Winter/Christmas inspired YouTube Music playlist of the Snowflake Soundtrack. This will also test the linking feature of this service. A great setlist for a cold winter night. I wanted to include the story for this issue’s Imagine, but couldn’t get my $yt3 together in time, per usual. I’ve been distracted by Space 1999 on Amazon Prime. :gikkle:


Here is the original YouTube for those that can’t see the YouTubeMusic one:


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2 hours ago, Comicality said:


It's just not Christmas without Hanson! Hehehe! All grown up! Mwah!!!


How did they get so big so fast! Oh yeah . . . I’m old! :P

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2 hours ago, Page Scrawler said:

Oh! And let's not forget about Libera! It wouldn't be Christmas without them.   :)



Libera are a lovely choir, I’ve gotten to see them live also. If you’ve never been to one of there concerts, you won’t be disappointed. I think their sound is timeless. One of my fav Xmas song by them in still,still, still 


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Cody Lovaas is the same age as me now. Time has flown 😞 - Though the Gunnarsen twins Xmas song takes me back to those olden days of Happy Christmas music. They too are 18 now, crazy how everything changes in the blink of an eye.




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