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Why Can't There Be More Games Like This?!?!

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So, I've been playing this game on Steam (also available for Windows, Apple, and Android) It's a Visual Novel called Our Life: Beginnings and Forever, produced by GB Patch. If you've never played a Visual Novel before, think of Japanese anime, with dialog options to choose from. However, what sets this game apart from others of the same genre is that choices are actually important. Instead of 2-3 responses for choice, this game gives a player 7-9 or even 12 options to respond with! And instead of a cardboard cutout of some lame character "archetype", these choices also impact the love interest, Cove Holden. How you respond to him will change his growth as a person over the course of the story. Seriously, I laughed, cried, and even got angry/annoyed with some characters at various moments! I am absolutely enamored with this game and its heart-melting cuteness!  :heart:

  • 4 chapters featuring free and paid downloadable content, spanning four life stages. (Chapter 4 is currently TBA.)
  • 15 years, 4 summers, and (maybe) a $20 bill?
  • Play as male, female, or non-gendered, with a fully customizable avatar. Details can be changed in later chapters, including gender!
  • The game features two "rival" romantic characters, but the romantic scenes are also TBA.
  • Choose to ignore Cove Holden, romance him, or simply stay friends until the end.


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