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My Only Escape Comes To An End...

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I FIXED it! :P 

I was having problems with the code showing up in the finished version, and couldn't figure out what was going on because I had an update that reset all of my personal settings. Grrrr! So every quotation for dialogue and every apostrophe was showing up as super weird and made things unreadable. BUT! I figured it out, and the final ebook has been sent in to be published tonight (for the second time), and I'll be posting it here as well simultaneously! The ebook link will be soon to follow! (The first 4 are already online!)

I'm dividing the last chapter into two parts for the sake of chapter space and continuity, but I'll be able to post again when the 8 hour embargo is listed. So...midnight my time, I guess? Anyways...enjoy! And thank you guys for many years of patience and support! I love you all! Let me know what you think when its finished!

(Can't WAIT to change the status to 'Complete' tonight!)





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In honor of this achievement, I took the liberty of cooking up one of my world famous (in my own mind) soundtracks for 'My Only Escape'. It's a bit different since it basically just captures general themes and feelings from the story rather than specific things. No linear progression, etc. I hope you don't mind and enjoy it. It features the whole song 'Don't Give Up On Me' by Heart The Dark!



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