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  1. Happy Birthday Brian!

    1. BrianM


      Thank you, Dave!

  2. BrianM

    Chapter 18

    Great end to a great story! I'm glad that Will managed to "man up" and give Troy closure and mightily impressed at how Troy handled it. I wish Troy and Jayden that most hackneyed of fairytale endings "and they all lived happily ever after". Thanks, Ron.
  3. BrianM

    Chapter 17

    My goodness! That was a rather dramatic way to focus Troy's attention on Jayden. I'm so glad that it was not fatal,or any worse than it is. So not sorry to see the demise of the vile Anthony.
  4. BrianM

    Chapter 7

    Hopefully the neanderthal Tom will be sent down for his efforts. One would suppose that Jake is now well and truly out, however. Perhaps Jake will listen to Sam while he is worrying himself sick about being outed.
  5. BrianM

    Chapter 4

    Love the way the story is unfolding. The evils of drink spiking cannot be overstated, it was a good thing that the group with the flags did. Poor Matt, he will feel so bad about socking down that abandoned drink, but at least Andrew and Jake looked after him. I certainly hope that Jake didn't spike the drink...
  6. BrianM

    Chapter 1

    Excellent beginning! Now to see what becomes of our Andrew..
  7. BrianM

    Chapter 24

    Such a lovely feel-good story! Thanks, Palantir. I'd have loved to be in this environment at school, with friends like these guys.
  8. BrianM


    A delightful chapter. If Pip has a brother, could you let me know, please!
  9. Hook. Line. Sinker. Fantastic first chapter. I must have more!
  10. BrianM

    Chapter 8

    <BEGIN RANT> Sorry, but Troy and Jayden are NOT throwing themselves "pity parties"! For pity's sake, they are in shock. Grow a heart people! This is not adolescent angst... it is the real thing. These guys cannot go and have a sniffle and a sulk, go home to Mummy and Daddy and be given some hot milk and everything will be fine in the morning. These guys' lives have REALLY been torn apart - to the point where they cannot be put back together in any simple way, nor will the process be short term. Fatuous comments about "pity parties" just let us know that you have missed the point. &
  11. BrianM

    Chapter 1

    Wonderful, gentle, heart-warming story. I loved that little clock.
  12. BrianM

    Friendly fire

    Awesome job, Tim! "A hand on the hose"... LOL. Great premise and very well executed. I hope that it will expand (pun-kinda-intended) into several chapters, eventually.
  13. BrianM

    Chapter Ten

    Anyone other than me find it exceedingly concerning that the Academy Numero Uno and great white hope against the common foe seems to be so massively mentally unstable? Blame Daddy or whoever you want but this whole acting like a Grade-A arsehole with a god complex just can't end well.
  14. BrianM

    Chapter 6

    Will just proves how shallow some people are. He was obviously in love with Troy's image, not Troy. I really hope that Jayden's aunt somehow causes him to be placed in a better situation. He sure as eggs deserves better.
  15. I am loving the fact that our two main protagonists actually have "extras", in the sense of spooky abilities to sense trustworthiness and danger or significance. There might be some of our other friendly vampires who also have these abilities, if they were encouraged to pay attention to them. Really looking forward to the hunt for Dracula!
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