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Sands of Time Kandric Saga

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Genres: Fantasy
Sub-genres: High/Epic Fantasy

After surviving the destruction of their world and a harrowing flight to their capitol city and supposed safety, Xavier and his patrol find the only real way to safety was his father's desperate and deadly plan. Finding themselves in a land they were unaccustomed to and a future they can hardly believe, Xavier and his small group of friends attempt to find a way to restore their lost Kingdom and if possible, revive a long dead race of Dragons. This is the world that Kandric lives in. It is not the safe place that was envisioned!

This story will contain violence 

Copyright © 2023 Roland; All Rights Reserved.

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Table of Contents
  • P. Prologue
    • 8,245 Words
  • 1. Chapter 1
    • 6,841 Words
  • 2. Chapter 2
    • 9,925 Words
  • 3. Chapter 3
    • 8,241 Words
  • 4. Chapter 4
    • 9,170 Words
  • 5. Chapter 5
    • 10,759 Words
  • 6. Chapter 6
    • 8,711 Words
  • 7. Chapter 7
    • 7,812 Words
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User Feedback

You will note that this is version 2 of Sands.

Why? Because the first version was too friendly, too soft, too fluffy bunny to be a part of Kandric's world.

So, with a lot of work and help from his beta reader and his editors, we have a version that is better suited for a group of battle-worn kids who have been flung from the frying pan into the fire.

We hope you enjoy this collaboration into The World of Kandric.

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Hey all,

We just wanted to post a little note explaining the publishing schedule we have come up with.  Hopefully, you are all following both new Kandric World stories, 'Beyond the Crags', and 'Sands of Time'.  Over the past couple of weeks, several chapters of each story have been posted, however, we decided to make a set schedule so that the readers can anticipate when new chapters are posted.  

'Beyond the Crags' chapter 3 was just posted today.  Next Monday, chapter 4 will be posted, bringing it to the same number of chapters posted as 'Sands of Time'.  The following Monday we will post chapter 5 of 'Sands'.  We will then alternate the posting of new chapters every Monday.  

We truly hope you are enjoying both stories so far, and look forward to hearing what you think about future chapters.  We would like to extend a large thank you to those of you who are reading, reacting, and/or commenting on the chapters.  Your feedback is an author's lifeblood. 

Thank you again.

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has the Kendric universe been abandoned? i have not seen any new chapters since sands of time chapter 9 in april 2022 , chapter 14 beyond the crags jan 2022, kendric, chapter 34 dec 2021

Edited by rdale
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No, Kandric has not been abandoned.

I have seen a "short" 9000-word scene for the next chapter.

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Awesome--you have seen a draft of the next chapter of Kandric

You are making me and other fans of Kyle very happy

Thank you for the update.

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1 hour ago, Al Norris said:

Not a real draft. A mere single scene.

But that is hope, yes?


For anyone else it would be two to three chapters worth.

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Yes, there is hope--Our distinguished author writes on a grand scale with a layered drama covering many beings not normal for most authors. 9000 words might be three standard chapters for a regular writer.

Maybe Kyle will not write another record setting book length chapter. I bet 2-4 scenes would make a compelling chapter. Kandric has to meet the King and get his brothers back from Frexla. These could be two of possible  great topics for the next chapter--just saying....  Of course, I want Kandric to meet Xavier, the great sand dragon.

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5 minutes ago, akascrubber said:

Of course, I want Kandric to meet Xavier, the great sand dragon.

But does Xavier? I mean he kills dragons.

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I somehow think Xavier and Kandric can find common ground. Xavier and his crew kill dragons, too. Kandic already knows the rumor that beings--including dragons- from Seandra escaped before the fall. Both are shamans. Xavier can help Kandric fight Frexla in the spirit world. 


Maybe, Thane would be a good negotiator to help Kandric understand Xavier can be a friend.

Edited by akascrubber
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42 minutes ago, akascrubber said:

Of course, I want Kandric to meet Xavier, the great sand dragon.

35 minutes ago, drpaladin said:

But does Xavier? I mean he kills dragons.

I wonder how much rumor gets around? Xavier, being a great dragon, might be a bit upset about hearing some Halfelf killed a great Green, a Great Black, and a Great White...

Of course, we don't know if the time period that Xavier is in is the same as Kandric. Is it before, during, or after Kandric has his killing spree?

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