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  1. I've been out of a relationship for quite a while. But when I was with my Ex, and before things got rocky I was known to keep dirty cloths of his around when he went on trips (for business and the like) so I wouldn't feel so lonely. Was that a kink? Probably not. I was with him for a fifth of my life, and I know several women who have been married 25-40 years who have done similar things.
  2. AK79

    March 2016

    Good to see that my guess about Patrick was right. I had to do a bit of fighting myself in school because I'm gay as well.
  3. Granted. But a hoard of hungry teenagers decend on you house and eat it all up before you get a chance to even have a spoon full. I wish for a 95% cocoa bar of chocolate.
  4. Granted. But your muse left town. I wish I could think of something better than potato and leek soup.
  5. Man it must be really bad. I once put peanut butter and hot sauce into ramen soup and served that for supper and they both ate that. My kid and fiancee are really picky eaters. They expect their food on a plate or in a bowl. Granted. You don't need to go to the store, but whatever it is you want from the store isn't there anyway. I wish I had some cream of coconut. I'm feeling like making a pina colada after work.
  6. Yeah, I don't tempt fate like that. Mostly if I see a venomous snake like out in the wild I leave it alone. Even the most aggressive species typically do not attack humans unless they feel threatened. Granted your dinner prep is done. All one potato of it. I wish I could think of what I want for supper, its my turn to cook and all.
  7. Forgot my wish....do'h. I wish I didn't forget wishes.
  8. He better not, I'd kill it pretty quick (both of us are pretty good about identifying snakes even if my fiancee is convinced all snakes are the dreaded copperheaded water rattler). Honestly I'm thinking if I give in we might try a garter snake (though he can't have the one that lives under the porch--George the Garter Snake is a tenant not a pet). And yeah George was on the porch the other day and Aaron saw him and screamed like a girl and called me on his cell phone to come out and kill him. So I come out there, find the snake and see what it is, shake my head and walk back into
  9. I wouldn't mind if it rained for a week. All this hot, bright, sunny weather is depressing. And yeah I didn't care for the butter and salt in the coffee either. Granted. Now you sleep fine, for an entire week. I wish my nephew would quit trying to get me to let him have a pet snake.
  10. I happen to like herring and liver. Not so sure how either would taste in coffee though. Can't be worse than salt and butter. Granted. Instead it snows. (reminds me of the first time my nephew saw snow....he hated it and couldn't understand why it was white, wet and cold) I wish it would rain all day today. A nice calm soaking rain.
  11. Granted. But this refrigerator has difficulty keeping anything cold, is noisy to the point of being distracting and leaks freon. I wish I had more flavored creamer.
  12. Granted. It has been replaced with a key that causes your computer to crash when you press it. I wish I knew what a (blank) key was. Space bar maybe?
  13. When I'm 34 I'll be twenty-nine with five years experience.
  14. 10 is a lucky number for weddings. A bride requires 10 bridesmaids and a groom 10 groomsmen.
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