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  1. Apparently you can't trust angels, either.
  2. Dabeagle

    Chapter 14

    Thanks very much, Geron! It's funny because I'd been uncertain about the story before letting it out there and yet it's done so well. What the heck do I know?
  3. Dabeagle

    Chapter 8

    Thank you, Quixo! This story was set in Cynus's Fearless and later Weightless universe, with his permission. I followed this story with Wild Hearts and completed the arc with Afterglow. They do read best in order, and I recommend you read the work that inspired them by Cynus.
  4. Very good. I like the mixing in of real world issues that can influence a relationship. Well done.
  5. Dabeagle

    Chapter 1

    They didn't tell him, Jake's dad did through the work connection.
  6. I didn't know this was going to be featured - I'm humbled. Thank you!
  7. Very enjoyable, glad to see it continue.
  8. @Talo Segura thank you for including my story, that was very kind.
  9. Dabeagle

    Chapter 1

    Nana Atuwa, Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy them - and you're right. I have tended to create drama in harsher ways and perhaps that's something I need to take a closer look at as I get ready to write whatever my next story ends up being. Thanks for commenting.
  10. Dabeagle

    Chapter 18

    The idea is more related to how Drew handled the situation. He read, correctly, that Joe was simmering from having been embarrassed rather than dealt with. In a room full of boys, like a locker room, erudite discussion and witty remarks don't usually carry the day. I don't think this is representative of anything other than my imagination - people are brought up a myriad of ways and the US is huge, which creates areas of difference from child rearing to political thought to what ever you can think of. I think it's a mistake to consider that any single thing can trace back to make sense of a co
  11. Dabeagle

    Chapter 17

    I think there is also more readily available information, in the positive and negative, than there were in the 70s. You do the best with what you have,
  12. Dabeagle

    Chapter 22

    'Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.' - Oscar Wilde. Not a new idea, but a well said one.
  13. Dabeagle

    Chapter 17

    I think there are conversations that should be had, and some folks don't always agree with me. As someone with experience, Teo relayed what he knew to make his brother's experiences better than his own - to learn from his mistakes. At most it's character development between the two, which may be redundant, but I think it recurs enough later - and there are plenty of stories where a first time encounter goes so smoothly as to defy belief that education for reader or character is a good thing.
  14. Dabeagle

    Chapter 22

    There is a Sanitaria story entitled Never Fall in Love which centers on Garrett French, mentioned in the serial Candy & Kisses. Once I apply the edits it will debut on my Patreon page for the Sanitaria subscribers. A few weeks later it will appear on my site, and possibly here. The Panic! sequel is waiting for me to decide on a plot point, but it's about ten pages in or so I think. I've been watching some Star Trek and have been thinking heavily on picking up the Star Trek story I started about ten years ago. We'll see what holds my attention longest.
  15. - + A Perfect Confluence of Events Chapter 22 By Dabeagle email I woke in the morning to Cole climbing from the bed. “Babe? Where you going?” I mumbled. “Bathroom,” he said and padded across the room. I felt muzzy and lay where I was, slowly becoming aware that I also needed the bathroom. It was frustrating because I thought I could go back to sleep if not for the increasing need to pee. The door opened and Cole climbed back into bed a moment later. “You have to go, babe?” I grunted. “I do.” I pulled him closer and molded myself to him. “Well, go then,” he
  16. Dabeagle

    Chapter 21

    For the record, the 'hoor' scene was for laughs, not for commentary on her life. It was more of an offhand comment, and the joke was in the pronunciation. When I game at night we sometimes talk about non-game things, and one was Joe Pantoliano in the Sporanos who called a woman a 'hoor', that kind of inflection. It was more about saying it the funny way than seriously shaming Haylee.
  17. - + A Perfect Confluence of Events Chapter 21 By Dabeagle email Friday was an exercise in frustration. I'd slept fitfully, thinking of seeing Cole and time not moving fast enough. My rear end felt weird from my experimenting the night before, school seemed like it would never end, and every time I saw Brax in the hallways he'd tease me about getting busy that night. Those were the consistent weird things. There were several odd spots throughout the day, though. First, in the morning Monique sat beside me and I raised an eyebrow at her. She and I hadn't really interacted s
  18. - + A Perfect Confluence of Events Chapter 20 By Dabeagle email I thanked him as I ran to my seat for my bag, then pushed past people streaming into the room. Mrs. Gillespie was in the computer lab, and she perused my hall pass carefully before letting me settle before a PC. I could have logged in with my laptop, but here I could have some privacy rather than focus on my class. My school email box was full of assignments, but I hadn't bothered to check my school laptop since the previous Wednesday. I scrolled until I found an email from him from Monday. I'm with m
  19. Dabeagle

    Chapter 19

    Sorry guys, busy evening - I'll have to post tomorrow when I get home from work.
  20. Dabeagle

    Chapter 19

    Sometime tonight
  21. Dabeagle

    Chapter 19

    Wonderful things - except you needed an address to send it to and do kids even know stamps exist?
  22. - + A Perfect Confluence of Events Chapter 19 By Dabeagle email I woke to the sound of the television to find Emily sitting on the carpet with a bowl of cereal and watching the TV. “Oh no, Ms. Thing,” Keith said while wagging his finger. “You get that bowl back to the table.” “You're not my dad,” she said as she petulantly stayed in place. “I'll be your mommy dearest soon enough, sweetheart. Now move it,” Keith said and Emily huffed as she got up and carried her bowl to the table. Keith saw me awake and rolled his eyes before going back to the kitchen. I adjus
  23. Dabeagle

    Chapter 18

    Jake is still eating very little and we're not sure why. Beside that he seems to be doing well. Since the operation was on his gut, it may be that he's just not all that hungry so we are continuing to monitor him. Thanks for asking!
  24. - + A Perfect Confluence of Events Chapter 18 By Dabeagle email A little while later I put the stuff away he'd gifted me, and we headed over to his house for dinner. There was some lively chat between my siblings and me about the dance, how some people had looked and gossip provided by Alessia. “I heard someone beat Joe Fimmer's ass,” she said, giving me some side eye. “What? You didn't say anything!” Teo said, staring at me. I frowned. “I was alone with him, who else would possibly know?” “You just confirmed it!” Alessia said triumphantly. “I figured some
  25. Dabeagle

    Chapter 17

    He's doing pretty well, thanks. He is still eating lightly, but otherwise he's being himself - which is to say a butthead 🙄
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