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  1. U really did it guy, and I have to say, u look as sweet as you sound. I am sure some are going to be disappointed that u have so many clothes on. LOL. Hugs my friend
  2. I haven't been here long, but i am sure you will be welcomed back into the fold with open arms. If this is an example of your writing here, You are a very talented writer, and will be looking for more of your stories.
  3. OMG! i can't believe someone else here loves Billie. Her singing " Summertime' makes me feel like I have died and gone to heaven. Thank u for posting this
  4. joann414

    Home :]

    Welcome home honey. How was your trip? lol Nail clipper huh? I am a q-tip carrier. Can't function without them. Know your mom, AND your pillows was glad to get to cuddle with you. Seriously, glad u are home safe. Hugs. P.S. I want to see the pic also, and want the name of the new deo. LMAO
  5. HOw sweet is that? She is so adorable. You guys are very lucky
  6. Wow, thanx for this. He was such a great actor. Ben Hur was epic, and as I am sure you know, he wrote several books. Lived a very long and productive life.
  7. Hope everything gets on schedule with your dad and goes well. Poor little dog. I can hardly stand to be away from mine, so I am sure you dad misses his treats( hid furry friend), as much as the poor puppy misses him. You are so good to take care of the puppy, and let it sleep with you.
  8. Great pic. Family is a wealth that many never appreciate.
  9. Wow Wayne, that is not a rant, that is just getting it out of your system, and as you can see, you have many here who are here for you. I hope things improve for your dad, as well as for the relationship that you are trying to build or keep stable, so you can be there for him. Sending you strength and patience, and a big hug!
  10. I also loved Earthquake with Charleston Heston, but i loved him period. Great actor
  11. joann414

    Tennessee Tree

    What a wonderful story Percy. I well remember paddlings, as well as the huge oaks we had in our yard when i was a kid. I could step upon some of the limbs to start climbing. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece of your past:)
  12. I have read this, and highly recomment it
  13. And that is so true for the readers, coming from one. I do realise that real life has to be taken care of tho. If I am in just a reading mood tho, i find myself scanning thru for a story that is complete, and not in process. I thank all of the wonderful writers here that I have read, expecially the ones that are so appreciative of the reviews. My hat is of to them:)
  14. Well Mark, you just about covered all the bases , and you are a very generous person. I thought it was interesting that you chose to write this today, because just yesterday, a friend here read between the lines in my status, pm'd me and asked if they could help. We chatted back and forth, and I really felt better after the talking we did. And if that person sees this, in case I did not say so, thanks for the open and willing ear. I also have an open ear if anyone feels the need to vent or just wants a neutral opinion on something. Great post Mark!
  15. ROTF. THat was funny as hell. You will have to diet for a week over a recipe that started with one banana. Better luck next time. Also sounds like too many cooks in the kitchen:)
  16. Your title pretty much says it Yettie, and we all tend to forget that, and worry about mundane things that don't really matter, when we could be thinking and doing something that would help or move us along in life. My dad always told me to "pick my battles", and I find myself forgetting this, and getting mad over things that are really of no matter when I could be using that energy to do something positive. Loved this entry
  17. A few years ago, I was at a large mall shopping ( in the south), with my husband, and an older uncle and aunt. It was a couple of weeks before Christmas, and the temps were in the 50's. It felt like such a downer, trying to be happy Christmas shopping. I love colder weather. We went into a small restaurant there at the mall, sat down, and I was next to the window. I glanced out the window, and it was snowing like crazy. I pointed it out to my aunt, and she was stunned. Of course i knew they had started the snow machine on top of the roof, which i had totally forgotten about. It lifted my spirits so much, not only seeing the snow, but her reaction. Nice to remember those things. Thanx:)
  18. We all know sometimes our daily lives become top prority Wayne, and sounds like you have had a full plate. Sorry for the loss, and hope everything at works lightens up, and is to your advantage, meaning less stress. As for the heat, I definitely know where you are coming from, because that in itself takes the umph out of a lot of us.
  19. So envious of all the knowledge you have obviously stored inside of your mind. Looking forward to reading.
  20. And we were all so excited here to get a large thundershower here yesterday after no rain in two weeks, and over one hundred degrees. HOpe u get your sunshine soon.
  21. joann414

    Moving On

    Good luck Wayne! Choose ur own destiny, and be happy.
  22. I know exactly what u mean Wayne. Hot as hell here. The devil was even sitting on the steps of the church this morning when I drove by, waiting to get in. That is hot. I hope u feel better. Glad u are having success with your weight loss. That is always an accomplishment to be proud of. HUGS
  23. I think defining love would almost be impossible, without just reading it from a dictionary, blah, blah, blah. The reason I say this is because love has so many faces, and we all wear them at one time or another in our lives. We do so many things with love, and never really think of what the most important facet of love is. We make love, feel love, speak love, look for love, but a lot of people never realise to really do any of these, they have to show love, with gestures, writings, emotions, just a look in your eyes that leaves a person without a doubt what that look is saying. IMO, yes love affects us in our daily lives, and I think any facet of love you are in, always be sincere.
  24. As u know Yetti, I am bisexual, and seeing the responses, u don't choose what u are going to be or do, feelings and love choose your destiny, as it does in many gay relationships. It is not choosing gay or straight in my opinion, it is finding the right partner, male or female, when you are bi. My first kiss was a girl, and I knew I was attracted, and for the next few years, I was totally confused, but u come to a point in your life that u know what path that u are going to take. I don't care what all the damn people say about it being a sickness. My dad was a deacon in a southern baptist church, but was the least judgmental person that I ever knew. He would stand beside me all the way, and I know it.
  25. Beautiful pic. U r so talented. Keep living your dream. Hugs
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