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  1. damack1957

    Chapter 2

    I am really being drawn into your story. Not sure of enough things to ask question, but I am going to read the series. Best Wishes
  2. damack1957

    Chapter 3

    WOW, I almost want to squeal in excitement. I just love this family. Visions of 'Birdcage' running through my head. So glad I started reading this from the beginning.
  3. damack1957

    Chapter 33

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story. Please keep writing as I will surely keep reading.
  4. damack1957

    Chapter 8

    I feel like I should have seen this coming. Learning about the sexual background of Anton and other previous remarks he has made shows his lack of proper judgement. I sure hope that Rup is up to par on his fencing.
  5. damack1957

    Chapter 6

    Very nice! I can't wait to find out what state the manor is actually in. Could have a lot of adventures possible.
  6. damack1957

    Chapter 8

    Wow, waiting with bated breath for the next chapter. So glad to see things sorting themselves out. What is with two Seraei not allowed to mate?
  7. damack1957

    Chapter 3

    Oooh, How I love a cliffhanger! I have really enjoyed reading your adventure. I am so glad I found it. Best Wishes Don
  8. damack1957

    Queen of Alduin

    I think you had as much fun writing this as we had rereading it. I hope you think to follow these characters forward to a new series. Best Wishes to you Don
  9. Thank you for reading The King's Mate series and all the likes! Chapter seven of Kabal is about to be uploaded soon. 

    1. damack1957


      Hi, I really love this series! Thank you for creating it.


      Best Wishes


  10. damack1957

    Chapter 19

    Thank you Rilbur! You created a wonderful spinoff of 'The Million Dollar Man'. Best Wishes Don
  11. Happy New Year Myr and all others on this site. Looking forward to reading more of your work.
  12. Thanks for reading "Bound & Bound"! I hope you are enjoying the ride :) 

  13. damack1957

    Coming Home

    Having read this after reading Guardian Force, it is nice to see that Aeris is allowed a life and a fulfilling one at that. Nice touch to give us this view of a character who I want to follow closely. Great work BHopper2!!!
  14. Very compelling read! Looking forward to your next instalment. Aeris is becoming a favorite.
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