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  1. lamadoggy

    Chapter 30

    Great story.
  2. lamadoggy

    Chapter 29

    Great story, love every minute of it. You have very complex and well cited material. i hope you continue the line wherever it takes us. keep up the great work. many thanks
  3. Happy Birthday!

    1. lamadoggy


      thanks you


  4. Have really enjoyed your stories. Your writing style is very good and well suited for all. Thanks for sharing your creative talents with the community.
  5. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  6. lamadoggy

    Chapter 5

    Looks like Arad may be in for an unexpected surprise. Good or Bad at least it is better then slowly wasting away on the streets. lets hope his fortune is changing for the better.
  7. What happened to Jerry? I so want to see him be happy and secure for once but want to know why he is in jail.
  8. In the new notifications tab it only says Wesley8890 posted chapter 10 to Back To School . but what it does not do that the old notifications did was tell you what story it came form. i find this a bit frustrating as i follow multiple content for the same or similar authors and i would like to keno what story it is that has been updated. in the old version it did and it was great. know i have to back track to figure out what story it is not very user friendly at the minute. please correct this. thanks
  9. You are right he did a great job and I commend him for doing it. I know I would have issue trying anything like that. I am sorry if my comment came across as anything negative towards the audio book or it reader. It just my point of view. I have now re-read to GFD 11 and the voices I hear are still the same and much clearer but I guess hearing them in a voice I did not associate with the ones I imagine was a bit confusing to relate to at first. I have now listened to the audio sample again and it does sound much better then I original thought. Keep up the great work. I look forward
  10. I liked the audio book but was kind of disappointed that the voice was the same for all the characters and that the voice was very even on all the out spoken words. I was hoping for more involved and emotional tones in this. I have not really listened to many audio books so I am guessing that this is common in them but I think that it should be read like it was coming form the heart an not just the TelePrompTer. The story is great and I think when I read it I use different voices in my head with the different characters. I am sure that I am not alone in this and I think the audio books shou
  11. lamadoggy

    Chapter 14

    ugh, so many good stories just dropped for no apparent reason. I wish the authers would either finish them or write up a final summery to give some sort of closer. I think i will just stop reading stories form authors that stop stories mid way and think maybe in a year or so i will write some more. so very frustrating to read this and and 2 years on nothing more. errrrrgggg
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