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  1. Mark Arbour

    Mark Arbour

    • Author: Signature Author
    • 29 Stories
    • 13 Reviews
    • 5,472,865 Words
    • No website available

    Mark Arbour writes historical fiction about gay and bisexual characters painted on the canvas of the past.
  2. Headstall


    • Author: Signature Author
    • 23 Stories
    • 40 Reviews
    • 796,145 Words
    • No website available

    A proud father of four, Headstall's personal journey has been a series of twists and turns, and his stories often reflect his experiences. He is an unapologetic romantic who writes from the heart. You will find this in his fiction and his poetry. They are both emotionally driven, and men who aren’t afraid of their feelings often populate his work. If you’re looking for happily ever after, you will likely find it here.
  3. Mikiesboy


    • Author: Promising Author
    • 38 Stories
    • 73 Reviews
    • 370,103 Words
    • No website available

    Mikiesboy’s journey as a writer began when a generous woman gifted him a book of poetry while still a teenager. It started a period of earnest reading and writing, which became a warm refuge in an otherwise cold reality. Much of his remarkable early work was focused on aspects of survival, and he’s brought this clear-sighted, journalistic approach to all he continues to do. Now, all his works are injected with humour and realism as he explores the human condition and many aspects of love.
  4. Carlos Hazday

    Carlos Hazday

    • Author: Promising Author
    • 29 Stories
    • 37 Reviews
    • 839,068 Words

    A reader commented Carlos practices socially engaged storytelling. Not preachy, but raising awareness of issues facing the GLBT community and humanity in general. These are tales grounded in real life, featuring gay men dealing with everyday concerns about family, friends, and relationships. Characters are men who tackle challenges instead of backing away from them. The author’s love of motorcycles and travel and his contempt for social injustice often play a central role in his stories.
  5. Cia


    • Admin: Site Administrator
    • 58 Stories
    • 11 Reviews
    • 1,680,305 Words
    • No website available

    Cia's writing involves stories with budding relationships. She doesn't allow herself to be boxed into one genre, instead her stories can be spread out through multiple categories, including: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Modern, and even mixes of those and more. The common thread that binds them all is the realization that you never know what is going to happen next.
  6. AC Benus

    AC Benus

    • Author: Signature Author
    • 70 Stories
    • 31 Reviews
    • 1,618,574 Words
    • No website available

    With a degree in Fine Arts, and a long professional career in design, AC brings unflinching attention to detail to his writings and poetry. He strives for emotional realness in all circumstances, and excels at structure and dialogue. A love of history, philosophy, and the humanities informs his work, while having honed his craft from his adolescence has allowed him to delve into the workings of the human heart. He also has a wicked sense of humor.
  7. Sasha Distan

    Sasha Distan

    • Author: Promising Author
    • 65 Stories
    • 19 Reviews
    • 1,612,844 Words

    Sasha writes romantic fiction for men who love men, and everyone else who likes that too. Mixing the beautifully mundane with the outlandish and fantastical, Sasha generally just wants everyone to end up happy and in love, and sometimes the characters play along too. There is often, but not always, a fairly healthy amount of sex involved.
  8. Parker Owens

    Parker Owens

    • Author: Promising Author
    • 22 Stories
    • 26 Reviews
    • 454,237 Words
    • No website available

    Parker Owens writes poetry about the natural world mathematics, and heartache. His stories speak of loneliness, longing and love. Follow him on the back roads to places you've never stopped to visit.
  9. Nephylim


    • Author: Signature Author
    • 50 Stories
    • 13 Reviews
    • 2,300,057 Words

    If you want something a bit different then you are sure to find it here. From vampires to bondage, to rock stars with issues and a whole host of characters who jump off the page to grab you by the throat and draw you in. This is Nephy's private world where an unique mind and vivid perspective is let loose to produce stories of gay and straight love, loss and laughter set in a variety of, sometimes highly unusual situations and locations.
  10. craftingmom


    • Author: Promising Author
    • 18 Stories
    • 22 Reviews
    • 714,832 Words
    • No website available

    Stories crafted here are going to be filled with angst. You'll find abused, hurting characters who feel lost and just want to be safe and loved, whether they are human, neko, or something in between.
  11. Timothy M.

    Timothy M.

    • Author: Author
    • 16 Stories
    • 25 Reviews
    • 404,090 Words
  12. Mann Ramblings

    Mann Ramblings

    • Author: Signature Author
    • 13 Stories
    • 6 Reviews
    • 566,158 Words

    When I grew up, there weren't any heroes I could relate to while I tried futilely to hide the person I am happy to be today. I finally found my voice, the voice that says it all right to revel in the so-called inappropriate joys, laughs and loves that storm inside my head, and I can't wait to share them. It took a long time to find that courage and now that it's here, I plan to use it well.
  13. comicfan


    • Author: Signature Author
    • 73 Stories
    • 14 Reviews
    • 596,253 Words
    • No website available

    Fairytales, fables, myths, nightmares, and more are what I write. Escape from the mundane and enjoy new and familiar worlds.
  14. Comicality


    • Author: Signature Author
    • 150 Stories
    • 39 Reviews
    • 5,729,798 Words

    Comicality's Shack Out Back The Shack Out Back tells stories of teen romance, angst, confusion, and the occasional heartbreak. Tales of love that you will hopefully enjoy and take to heart. Over 50 different stories and series are waiting for you! Stop on in!
  15. Cole Matthews

    Cole Matthews

    • Author: Signature Author
    • 35 Stories
    • 6 Reviews
    • 812,687 Words
    • No website available

    A former bartender and restaurant cook, Cole is now a paralegal for a nationwide law firm. He loves writing mysteries, love stories, and tales about gay men and their view of the world. Currently, he's working on a novel/mystery which is called So Weeps the Willow, a story in three parts. He's also going to Florida to do research for his next novel, set in the Sunshine State. He collects antique cookbooks, gardens and loves travel and biking.

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