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    AC Benus
  • Author
  • 145 Words

The Great Mirror of Same-Sex Love - Poetry - 33. ...the secret tear...


'Tis love that murmurs in my breast

And makes me shed the secret tear;

Not day nor night my heart has rest,

For night and day his voice I hear.


A wound within my heart I find,

And oh! 'tis plain where love has been;

For still he leaves a wound behind

Such as within my heart is seen.


Oh, bird of love, with song so drear,

Make not my soul the nest of pain.

Oh, let the wing which brought thee here

In pity waft thee hence again.





[Thomas Moore]





Copyright © 2021 AC Benus; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

AC, let me comment with something out of my writings:

The river flowing by your side,
breathing with your heart,
is never twice the same.

The days where you flow
from past to present to future
are never twice the same.

The light which welcomes you at dawn
and bids you farewell at dusk
is never twice the same.

They may look and feel similar,
but a kiss, a song, a wish, a love
will not ever be twice the same.

Because even though
your name and soul remain the same,
you are just not today like the you
who yesterday went to sleep.

Thanks for spreading beauty in words around. 

All the best,


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