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A Cook's Tale 2. Ship Logs of the Santa Claus Premium

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Erron Murfin is the newest crew member on board the Santa Claus, piecing his life back together with the help of the crew and the chef, Gamin, a long time family friend.

Sometimes starting over is easy. Other times the past and secrets of others make it much more difficult. Erron simply wants to belong. Shouldn't that make it simple?

Welcome to a new story about the crew of the Santa Claus. Characters from The Luxorian Fugitive will appear from time to time, but it's not necessary to read it first. However I highly recommend it. (Yes,... it's a shameless plug.)

This is a smaller more personal tale that I hope you enjoy. Read and review! I love getting the feedback.

Special thanks to MJ85 to all his hard work in bringing this to life.

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