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    Mark Arbour
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Millennium - 42. Chapter 42

December 24, 1999


Christmas Eve, and ‘not a creature was stirring…’ I thought to myself humorously. It seemed unusually quiet as I sat in the kitchen, drinking a Fruit2O and reading the newspaper. Everyone had slept in or disappeared after breakfast, and Robbie was out doing some last minute shopping. The peace and solitude was refreshing.

Stef came over looking for lunch just as the doorbell rang. No one else was around, not even Jeff, so I sighed and got up to answer the door. I opened it and found myself greeting a FedEx deliveryman. Even on Christmas Eve they were delivering the overnight express stuff. A quick signature on his usual form and we were staring at a FedEx envelope addressed to me. “Maybe it is more information on Omega,” Stef said.

“I don’t think so. This is from JP.” He looked at me nervously. “What would he have sent me, express mail?”

“We will not know until you open it up.”

I rolled my eyes and tore open the packet. There were two envelopes in there, one addressed to me and the other addressed to Stefan. I handed his envelope to him, and we just stood there, staring at them. “I wonder if it’s good news or bad news.”

“Let us see,” Stef said, as he opened up his letter. I opened mine up as well. The letters were identical.

“I need to get my reading glasses,” Stef said. I started laughing.

“Old man. I’ll read it.” I looked at the letter and my mouth dropped. “It’s addressed to Brian.”

“To Brian?”

“Dear Brian,” I read. “I have tried to help you, to make your life better, and to incorporate you into my family. I have been gravely disappointed in you. I keep hoping you’ll have an epiphany, where you’ll find some goodness inside you and it will come out. As I watch you wreak havoc on my loved ones, I am now of the opinion that that is impossible because there is no goodness in you. Recently, when we were assembled as a family, everyone voted to exclude you, to in effect, disown you. I did not concur at the time, as I wanted time to ponder their decision. As I have, I have come to the conclusion that they were right. As far as I am concerned, there is no family bond between us. You are on your own. If your latest venture fails and you find yourself starving on the street, do not contact me. I will not be there to help you, to bail you out. I will not be there for you ever again. JP.”

“He has disowned him,” Stef observed unnecessarily.

“It just takes him some time to get through things,” I said. I pondered my feelings. I felt sorry for him. This always happened when I had conflicts with JP. Even when I was right, I’d feel bad that I’d hurt him. Even when he was being a nitwit, I still wanted to reach out and help him. And when he finally figured it out and acknowledged that I was right, if I was, I ended up feeling guilty. How fucked up is that: To end up feeling guilty for doing the right thing? It was probably a good thing that I was down here in LA and not living in Paly.

“Well, you got what you wanted. You got your guarantee that he will not help Brian after you destroy him. I still do not see any form of apology in there,” Stef said, adamant.

I ignored his issue for now. “He addressed it to Brian in Connecticut,” I said, looking at the address. “How did he find out where the Carmichaels live?”

“Brian may have contacted him,” Stef said.

“Why?” Like with most things having to do with Brian, I became paranoid.

“Let us not think about that, about Brian. Let us focus on the holiday. We will have a nice time, with just our group here.” Claire and Ace weren’t coming down until tomorrow.

“We will,” I said, and smiled at him to try and make him happier. It was strange. This would be the first Christmas I could remember that I hadn’t spent at Escorial. I usually found traditions to be pretty important. This was really bothering me, much more than I’d let on. “It’s just weird to not be at Escorial.”

“This is a unique year, with the big New Year’s party coming up soon,” Stef said, giving me the rationale I needed to work beyond it. We threw together some sandwiches and enjoyed the distraction of a quick lunch.

I went upstairs to relax by myself. I had relished my solitude and I wanted more. I was enjoying it, enjoying the peace and quiet, until it was totally shattered in a good way when Robbie came bursting in. I was lying on the bed, so he jumped right on top of me.

“You’re in a good mood,” I teased.

“I am so ready for Christmas,” he exclaimed, and then stopped abruptly. “What’s wrong?”

“We got a copy of a letter JP sent to Brian, disowning him.”


“Stef and I.”

“Isn’t that good news?” he asked, confused.

“Yeah, but I feel guilty now. This always fucking happens when I get into a fight with JP.”

He pulled me to him tightly. “I’m sorry. Here I am, all keyed up, and I didn’t even realize that you were dealing with this. I feel so bad...” he was doing this babbling thing he did sometimes, where he just kept chattering away to hide his self-perceived fuck-ups. I kissed him to shut him up.

“It’s OK. That’s not the biggest thing though. It’s just that this is the first Christmas I haven’t spent at Escorial. It seems like there’s something missing.”

“All of the emotional bullshit we’ve handled this year, it would be nice for you to have that stable thing to rely on,” he said, getting it completely. And somehow, the fact that he understood me and how I felt made everything OK.

“Sometimes change is good. We’ll have a good time tonight, and then tomorrow we’ll have a great time at the Mission. Stef made sure we got presents for all the guys, and even picked up some extra stuff in case some more show up.”

“That’s awesome,” Robbie said, and then got a little apprehensive. “You won’t get your present from me until tomorrow. Is that alright?”

“Baby, you bought me so much shit this month. I don’t need anything else.”

“Good. I still got you something.” He dragged me into the shower and washed my whole body sensuously, then finished it off with a great hand job. I led him back to the bed and gave him a really long, slow blow job, then curled up on his chest. We actually dozed off, and woke up just in time to get dressed and go downstairs to enjoy Rosa’s Christmas Eve dinner. She made a turkey, since we’d be having ham at the mission tomorrow.

“Turkey enchiladas tonight?” Robbie teased. He and Rosa got along really well.

“No, they will make you fat,” she said, and poked him in his tummy like he was the Pillsbury Dough Boy. There was a ton of food, way more than we could eat, even considering the appetite of Robbie and three teen-age boys. We sat down, with me symbolically at the head of the table. I was worried that would bother Robbie, but he seemed fine with it. Sometimes trying to keep track of other peoples’ insecurities got a little tiring.

I held up my glass to get their attention. “I’d just like to take a moment to welcome Tiffany into our family.” She blushed and everyone else chimed ‘hear hear’. “And I’d like to thank you all. I’m a lucky man, to have such a wonderful family, and a wonderful partner.” Robbie beamed at me, and we all drank to that. We were just about to start eating when the doorbell rang. We all looked at each other curiously.

“I’ll get it,” Will said somberly. He was still down about Drew not being around. That was pain I could understand. We started to eat while he went to the door when a whole series of voices came cascading into the dining room. That got us all up out of our seats. I turned and the first person I saw coming around the corner was JP.

“I hope it is alright that we came down. It just didn’t seem like Christmas without you all with us.” I felt the tears flowing as I pulled him into a big hug.

“I love you, Dad,” I said in his ear.

“I love you too,” he told me. We didn’t say it all that often, but when we did, it had such special meaning. Claire and Jack were there, along with John and Marie, as were Ace and Cass, with their daughter Courtney. My mother and Frank made the trip too, and that made Robbie really happy. And finally Matt and Wade came in. I gave them all big hugs, so happy to have my family with me. Claire pinched me and nodded toward JP, where the drama was unfolding as he cautiously approached Stef.

Stef had remained in the background, aloof and severe. I watched JP walk up to him and say something to him. Stef’s expression softened a bit. Then JP dropped to his knee and took Stef’s hand in his. “You think he’s proposing?” Jack whispered, making me giggle. We couldn’t hear their conversation; we could only see JP’s back and Stefan’s face. I watched as Stefan’s face gradually softened. He could get angry, but he would always forgive the transgressions of the people he loved. It was how he was. “You are an idiot,” he said loudly, then pulled JP up and gave him a big hug. I watched them hugging, and it occurred to me that Stef needed JP as much as JP needed Stef. Neither one could survive for long without the other. I looked over at Robbie and winked at him.

He came ambling over. He had such a masculine walk; he didn’t quite strut, but there was a spring of confidence in his step. “What?”

I smiled. “I was just watching them and I realized how much they need each other. Almost as much as we do.”

He grinned, a huge grin, and kissed me sweetly. “I have never been so in love with you.”

We devoured the food Rosa made, and much to her chagrin, we had to supplement it with some pizzas. I didn’t give a shit, and neither did anyone else. It was just good to be together. “You know,” I told Robbie. “It wasn’t Escorial that I missed. It was all the people in it.”

The kids were eager to open presents, but Jeanine was a good hostess, and she made sure that everyone had a room to stay in first. In the end, the teen-age guys decided to crash in the great room in our house, while Courtney and Marie shared one of their rooms. With that accomplished, we opened our presents.

Jeanine and I had managed to get all of the shopping done for the boys. She got me a Tsar Alexander Mont Blanc pen, and a Ramses Mont Blanc for Robbie. Mine was green, his was blue. I thought it was cute that the card said it was from Jeanine and Tiffany. JP’s present to Stef was by far the most expensive. He bought Stef some sapphire cufflinks. “Can’t have you slumming when you’re with Brad,” he joked.

I handed Robbie a small box and he looked at it oddly. “Car keys?” he asked.

“Cars don’t like me,” I joked. He opened up the box and smiled. Inside it were two rings, just like I’d gotten us when I’d first proposed to him back in 1986. Only this time, the rings had square emeralds and tanzanite set side by side so they ran around the circumference of the ring.

“I can’t put this ring on this finger,” he said, gesturing at his ring finger. I just stared at him, stunned. I was about to really freak out, when I saw him grin. “There’s already a ring there, and I’m never taking it off.” Instead, he put it on his right hand, and I did the same with mine. “You are so gonna get laid tonight,” he joked.

We all drank lots of eggnog, and then the kids went next door to hang out while a group of us migrated to the patio to smoke a joint. “Thanks for coming down and bringing everyone with you,” I told JP.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get your point sooner,” he said. “It’s really hard for me to turn my back on someone I’ve adopted.”

“That’s really good news for the rest of us,” I said. We went inside and everyone headed to their rooms. I noticed Matt and Wade over in the corner, talking to Tiffany. It looked like a pretty intense conversation. They finally smiled at each other and headed over to our house.

“What was that all about?” Robbie asked.

“I don’t know. Whatever it is, it’s probably really hot.” He laughed.

“I’m going to bed. You coming?”

I winked at him. “Not too long after I get there, I hope.” He snaughed. “You go ahead. I want to go around and make sure everyone is settled in.” I watched him, his handsome form, as he strode toward the stairs and climbed them. He was such a walking work of art, with his muscular body that was so soft and inviting. I shook thoughts of my hot partner aside, and went up to check on everyone. I walked into the room where all the guys were, but none of them noticed me. I just stood there and listened while Darius regaled them with tales of his latest conquest; some girl named Shadow. It was hilarious to see him turn bright red when he saw me watching him.

“And what’s the lesson here?” I asked.

Darius rolled his eyes. “Always use condoms.”

“And make sure she’s OK with it,” I added.

“They always are,” he said, being cocky, and making us all laugh. I watched Will, and he seemed to be doing better. Having John here seemed to help him out. Those two were pretty tight.

I wandered back over to my house and saw a solitary shape on the deck. I went outside and found Jeanine, huddled up, smoking the roach I’d left. “Here’s a new one,” I said, lighting up a new J and handing it to her.

“Thanks,” she said.

“What’s wrong?” She was going to argue with me, to play it off like it was nothing, but she knew better. She knew I knew something was bothering her.

“I’m pissed off.” She never used that term. I just waited for her to go on. “Tiffany wants to have a baby. No, that’s wrong. We both want her to have a baby. But I wanted to talk to you and Robbie about it first, and be all above board about it.”

“I’m fine with that,” I said. “I’m sure Robbie is too.” I didn’t want the two of us to cause her and Tiffany problems.

“She wants Matt to be the father. So I figured we’d do the artificial insemination thing, but he and Wade show up, she’s at her most fertile, so she decides to do it the old fashioned way.”

“Didn’t she ask you first?” I knew how much that hurt, having your partner want to go fuck someone else.

“Yeah, but what was I going to say? No? I’d look like a shrew. So she cornered Matt and Wade, and asked them to fuck her. Matt’s been trying to get into her pants since he met her, so that was a no-brainer.”

“I don’t know about that. It looked like a pretty intense conversation. I mean, a fuck is one thing. Having a child with someone is entirely different.” She nodded. “You were right about this. They left a lot to chance. I’m assuming they didn’t have a discussion about parental rights.”

She smiled, and then laughed. “I doubt it. So they’re all up in my room, probably fucking like crazy. She asked me to join them, but I’d feel like an idiot. I’m so much older than them.”

“You’re really attractive. Tiffany’s with you, and she adores you.” It was obvious in the way she looked at Jeanine. “Matt thinks you’re hot too.”

“Sure he does,” she said sarcastically, but I could see that did her ego some good.

“He told me after he met you that he could see why I took a walk on the wild side.” She laughed at that, her beautiful laugh.

“That’s really flattering. I guess if I want a place to sleep, that’s my best bet,” she joked.

“I have a better idea,” I said, and stood up and held out my hand.

“Come on Brad. We haven’t had sex in 14 years. It’s not part of our relationship.”

“I’m not promising to keep you satisfied on an ongoing basis,” I teased. She smiled and shook her head. “It’s Christmas Eve. Robbie always fantasized about having a threesome. Let’s give him a nice present.”

“What about Tiffany?” she asked.

“You can tell her that you didn’t do anything she didn’t do. Although I bet we’re more creative than those young guys.” She laughed and took my hand.

“You sure Robbie won’t mind?”

“Nope. I remember when we were on our flight back from Paris. He asked me if I slept with anyone while he was in jail, and I told him I had. He got all upset; because he could tell it was more than just a fuck. I told him he was right, that I slept with you. After he reminded me that gay men are supposed to sleep with other men, he asked me if you’d be up for a threesome.”

She laughed, but followed me up the stairs. I could tell how nervous she was, so I stopped in the middle and pulled her to me, kissing her gently but lovingly. “We were good together, or don’t you remember?”

“I remember,” she said, smiling. We got to our room and I opened the door and guided her in. Robbie was lying on the bed stark naked, his dick standing straight up and erect. He saw Jeanine and freaked out, trying to grab a blanket to cover up.

“You remember that threesome you always wanted to have? Tonight’s the night,” I told him. He got that huge grin he gets when he’s really excited, and tossed the blanket aside.

“Damn. That’s almost as good a present as the ring.” He held out his hand to her and she took it. I smiled as he pulled her to him. He kissed her gently, just as I had, then started to undress her. I watched him do it, while I pulled my own clothes off. It was so exciting to watch the two of them, it was hard to focus on what I was doing. I kept pausing to watch. They were two people who loved each other deeply. For them, this was a chance to show that physically.

I moved up behind her and kissed the back of her neck and nuzzled behind her ear while I unhooked her bra. After I loosened it, I ran my fingers around her back and under her cups, gently fondling her breasts. They were beautiful, the perfect shape and size, and they were even that way naturally. I pulled her onto the bed and onto her back, and then it was my turn to kiss her. I watched Robbie’s mouth move to suck on her nipples, and felt her moan into my mouth. Then Robbie’s mouth moved lower until he got to her groin. Now her moans were intense. I broke our kiss and smiled down at her, watching her enjoy Robbie’s skill at oral sex. I knew he gave great head, I just didn’t know he was this good at eating pussy.

He moved back up, sliding his mouth across her abdomen to wipe off her moistness. I reached down and grabbed his dick, lining it up with her as he moved forward. He kissed her as he pushed in. “I’m gonna fuck him while he fucks you,” I whispered into her ear. She let out a loud moan at that. I ubed myself up, then got behind them. I worked Robbie’s hole with my fingers, and it was cute the way he broke off their kiss to turn around and smile at me. For other guys, when they fucked me, it took some time for me to get ready. For Robbie, I opened right up. I wondered if he did the same thing. I sure slipped in easily tonight.

Now I was in him and on top of them, holding myself up with my hands and arms, while I slowly fucked his ass. It took us a little bit to get into a rhythm, to get to the point where all three of us were moving in unison, but once we did, it was awesome. I went slowly, letting him set the pace, knowing this wouldn’t set me off, and finding that a relief. I could just relax and enjoy the sensation. Robbie put his head on Jeanine’s shoulder as his stimulation intensified. She looked up at me and smiled. Then Robbie came. He grunted loudly, and I felt his ass quiver as he blasted his load in her. I stayed in him the whole time, until I felt him collapse on top of her, spent.

I pulled out of him and he rolled off of Jeanine and smiled at me, as if to say ‘your turn’. I didn’t need any encouragement. I lined my dick up with her soaking wet pussy and pushed in, remembering the last time I’d done this and how good it felt then, as good as it felt now. Her eyed bulged as I plunged in and out of her.

Robbie’s mouth was next to my ear, whispering things like “doesn’t her pussy feel good”, or “that’s it baby, fuck her hard”. His words were driving me wild, and her body was doing the rest. She shrieked and began to writhe beneath me, quivering and thrusting as her own orgasm took control. Then I came. For some reason, being with the two of them, and being the focus of their attention, just set me off. I yelled, roared, as I blew my load into her. I kind of lost track of where I was and what I was doing, I just let my body take control; let it run me, until the ride ended. Robbie was lying on his side on her left side, so I pulled out gently and lay on her right side.

“I know we’re not girls, but I hope that was fun anyway,” I said.

“That was a lot of fun,” she said. “I should go.”

“You’re not going anywhere,” I said, putting my leg over hers. Robbie did the same thing to her other leg, pinning her beneath our bodies. “You’re not done yet.”

“I’m not, eh?” she asked.

“Nope.” We lay there, just enjoying being together; enjoying this bonding experience, for what must have been a half an hour. I felt myself getting horny again. “You want me to show you how I can really make Robbie lose his mind?” He looked at me nervously, worried that I was talking about fisting. He wasn’t ready to go there with her, or with anyone else for that matter.

“How do you do that?”

I held up my hand and flexed my fingers. He looked at me, lust overwhelming his expression. I briefly made the shape I used when I fisted him, and watched him get really excited. I winked at him, and then wiggled my three fingers. “I stick these three fingers up his ass and make him lose it. Don’t I baby?”

He blushed, he was so adorable. “Yeah.”

“I’d love to see that,” she said to him. “Show me Robbie. Show me how hot Brad can get you.”

He rolled over onto his back and she snuggled up to his chest, stroking his nipples and his abdomen. “I’m gonna make you feel so good baby,” I said to him. He moaned, and his cock got really hard. “Good like only I can do.”

“Yeah,” he said. He wasn’t into it yet. He would be, soon enough. I grabbed Vaseline this time and lubed my fingers up well, then pushed his legs apart. I pushed two fingers in effortlessly.

“Is that good?” Jeanine cooed in his ear. He loved it when people talked to him.

“Yeah, real good,” he panted. I slid them back, not out, and began to push the third one in. He grunted with the pain of being stretched, but not too much. I pushed in and flicked at his prostate. He moaned loudly.

“Yeah baby. This is where we show Jeanine how hot I can make you. You feel my fingers? You know I’m gonna make you feel so good.”

“Yeah, yeah, so good Brad. Damn.” I started to work him, work him like only I knew how to do. Jeanine kissed his nipple, his neck, his face, his lips, whispering into his ear how hot he was, how amazing to see him get this worked up. I loved doing this. I could get him as excited this way as I could when I fisted him. He lay there, gripping the sheets and moaning.

“Slide down on his dick,” I told Jeanine. “He’s gonna blow like a volcano. You want to see what his dick feels like when it explodes like that in your pussy?” Her eyes got really big and she straddled him. I thought about how similar this was to when Kevin lowered his ass onto Robbie when I was fisting him. I smiled when I discovered this didn’t bother me at all. Now he was really losing it. The feel of her pussy wrapped around his dick while I probed his ass was too much. I moved in for the kill, really working his prostate, and that did it. He came. He roared and pushed himself up off the bed by at least a foot, pushing Jeanine up with him as he blasted his load into her. I worked him with my fingers, and kept him going as long as I could. This time, when he was spent, he collapsed onto his back like a dead man, a dead man who was panting to catch his breath.

I slowly pulled my fingers out, making sure he could feel my love by the caring way I did it. Jeanine moved forward, letting his cock pop out of her, and there was her pussy, right in front of me. She lay on top of Robbie, hugging him, while I pushed into her. She wasn’t expecting that, but she got into it fast enough. It didn’t take either one of us long to cum after the intensely erotic experience of giving Robbie that orgasm. I blasted my second load into her, and then lay next to them. Robbie looked sideways and smiled at me, and I leaned in to kiss him.

We fell asleep that night with Jeanine in my favorite spot, her head on Robbie’s chest, and me spooning up behind her. I’m sure Tiffany had fun with Matt and Wade, but it couldn’t have been more fun than we had. For some reason, that seemed really important, especially to Jeanine.



Copyright © 2011 Mark Arbour; All Rights Reserved.

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I don't care how hot Matt/Wade/Tiffany was, the best sex that night was in with Brad/Robbie/Jeanine. I just have a sneaking feeling that Tiffany isn't going to be the only one that ends up pregnate.

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How disgusting! Gays and dykes! And that all on Christmas Eve! Tsstsstss. And (in round two) no mention of condoms either!

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This appears to be shaping up to being a very merry Christmas for Brad. He got the guarantee that JP wouldn't help Brian out in any way when he gets what he deserves after the family's done with him and the Charmichals because of the trouble he has started this time.


I think even Jeannie had a great Christmas eve with Brad and Robbie having a great time with each other in a three way sex a thon.


Merry Christmas to you and yours and Happy New Year as well.

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I really hope that both Tiffany and Jeanine end up pregnant at the same time. Hope they both have their kid on the same day also. Matt will probably be the Dad with Tiffany because we all know how those Hayes boys can get a girl pregnant on the very first encounter. Great story.

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