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Hubris: Patrick 2. Hubris Nemesisverse

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Even though he knew it wouldn't last, Patrick is devastated when his first real relationship comes to an end. Lucky for him, his cute roommate Ali is more than happy to comfort him, though soon enough, Ali is in need of some comfort of his own.

A side piece to the Nemesis trilogy.

This story is set during Nemesis: Loud Like Love, the final book of the trilogy, and contains some spoilers. It's probably not necessary to read the books to read this, but if you intend to read them, I suggest you do so first if you want to avoid spoilers.


I've decided to start posting these as separate short stories instead of as one book, since that means I can change the order in the series as I go instead of getting stuck trying to write these stories chronologically. 

Copyright © 2019 Thorn Wilde; All Rights Reserved.

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Table of Contents
  • 1. Patrick
    • 3,486 Words

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