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Higher Education - 2. Higher 2

Hey, Carlson, wait up!” Jayson turned away from the people he was talking with and jogged over to his friend. “You wanna grab a beer at The Plough and Stars tonight? There’s supposed to be a good band playing.” He hooked his thumb towards the group he had left. “A couple of us are meeting up there later.”

“You trying to butter me up, Salvaggi? Better not have gotten anything less than an A on this week’s exam.”

“Asshole. You already know I aced it. So, what you say? Gonna join us?”

“I guess I can. Hope I don’t have to carry your drunk ass back to your apartment.”

“When have you seen me drunk? On second thought, don’t answer that.” Jayson’s grin was brilliant. “Come to think of it, you’re the one who’s always responsible with your drinking. Not sure I’ve ever seen you even buzzed. Are you sure you’re really a college student?” He dodged the hand aimed for his head. “Oh, and why you thinking about my ass again? Thought you said you weren’t interested in it.”


“Sorry, bud. Not sure why, but you bring that teasing out in me. And what with your buddies back home, I know you won’t get overly pissed about it.”

“You remind me of one of them.”

“Because I’m just as studly? Guessing you mean the one with the two boyfriends? He was cool. I liked meeting him. Hope they come back again.”

“Yeah, that’s the one. And they’re not his boyfriends, but as close to husbands as you can have with more than one.” Trevor eyed his classmate carefully. “You know I’m cool with everyone’s orientation, no matter what. Doesn’t matter to me if you’re straight, bi, or gay. Just sayin’ some of your comments lately, I’m wondering if you’re testing the waters. If you’re trying to come out to me, or even to yourself, it’s all cool. We’re still buds.”

“What? No, no, no. I’m not…” He gazed at a spot on the ground that seemed to hold great importance at that moment. “Well, I don’t know. Maybe. It’s kinda gotten to where sex is sex to me. I’ve usually gone for the ladies, but lately, guys have been catching my attention more. I don’t get lucky as often as you, but some of the women here want to get me in bed. If there’s a more urgent need, one of the glory holes on campus gets the job done. And I don’t have to buy anyone dinner.” He finally glanced at Trevor. “Sorry, that was probably TMI. If a guy’s hot and it feels good... I guess I might qualify as bi. I’ve wanted to try something with a guy. Just a little scared going beyond sliding my junk through a hole in a wall.”

“You’re still my friend, Jayson. And for the record, I already knew.”

“Really? Am I that obvious?”

“I grew up watching Casey check out guys, though honestly, he never once tried to hide it. When we study, or while just standing here, I can see your eyes watching everyone. Sometimes the ladies, others a guy. Usually checking his crotch or ass.”

“I need to work on subtlety, I guess. Maybe that’s why that guy asked me out last week.”

A smirk crossed Trevor’s face. “So, if I get blown in a bathroom, do I need to ask if it’s you on the other side?”

“Dick.” He looked at the ground for a moment. “Can I ask you something?”

“No, I won’t whip my Johnson out for you to see right now. But if it’s, have I ever been with a guy? I have, sort of.”

“What’s that mean? I always thought that was a yes or no answer.” The two sat on a bench in the shade to escape the sun beating on them.

“In Australia, I was in a club with all my friends after the fires were finally out. It was mostly gay, but some of everything. I met a beautiful woman. She told me right after we met that she was trans. We danced, made out, and had sex.”

“I get confused with that sometimes. I understand the basics, but not completely. As far as I know, I haven’t met anyone whose gender doesn’t match how they were born. It’s something I need to learn more about. Especially with trans athletes gaining more attention.”

“When I met her, she was physically male still and trying to decide on surgery. Hormone therapy caused some changes to the body, but her description at the time was a chick with a dick. I’ve since heard that’s a derogatory term here in the US.”

“Okay. I can see that as workable.” Jayson reached into his pocket. “Hot woman who says she likes it from behind.”

“Like you, I don’t mind getting my dick sucked anytime, even if it’s in the men’s room. So, you got asked out by a dude? First, did you accept? And second, did you enjoy yourself?”

“Yeah, I actually did. He…” Jayson glanced at his phone. “Oh shit, I’m gonna be late. The band goes on at ten o’clock, so we’re meeting at the pub around nine. I hope you show up.” Jayson abruptly stopped. “And Trevor… Thanks.”


The Plough and Stars Irish pub and restaurant had been a Cambridge, Massachusetts favorite since 1969. Popular with locals, tourists, and students from the various universities, it offered multiple beers on tap, good food, a warm, cozy atmosphere, and live music nearly every night.

Trevor walked in and ordered a pint before finding Jayson and the group. Seven people had commandeered a table near where the band would play. He knew most of them and was happy he had decided to enjoy a Thursday night out.

“Glad you could make it.” Jayson stood to give him a bro hug as fist bumps followed from the others.

“Grab a seat.” A female he recognized but did not know by name scooted over to make room along the wall. “I’m Deanna.” She tipped her head to her left. “My friend, Alex.”

“Trevor. I’ve seen you both enough in classes or around campus. I’m surprised we hadn’t officially met.” He instinctively scented the air confirming no shifters nearby, though Deanna had likely been Dean at some point, and Alex probably was born Alexis. “Don’t think we've crossed paths at any parties either. I’ve seen Alex at the gym. You’ve got great form while pumping weights.”

“Nice to meet you. And thanks” The dark-haired man held out his hand. The body would make most men envious, but they might hesitate to emulate him due to the time required to sculpt it. The facial hair and what showed over the top of the t-shirt added to the overall display of masculinity. His appearance hinted at Latin heritage and completed the overall package nicely.

“If Jayson hadn’t insisted, I probably wouldn’t have come tonight. I almost chickened out, but Alex promised to come with me. And I’m not big on parties.” Deanna gave him a half-hearted smile. “We only have a few classes together and don’t seem to have many crossovers in friends, but it’s nice to finally meet the legend.”

Alex laughed at the comment.

Trevor nearly coughed out the beer he was sipping. “Excuse me?”

“Sorry. I don’t mean that in a bad way. You’re very popular with a lot of women on campus. Word gets around.”

“Oh, I guess that could put me in a bad light with some.” He managed to swallow his drink on a second try. “But it’s not all about the next conquest with me. Though at times, I admit it does look and feel that way. I like to meet new people and have a good time. If it leads to a repeat, all the better.”

“Nothing wrong with consensual fun. Isn’t that part of the excitement of university life? Guys like you rarely go after people like me. But it’s still enjoyable to watch the mating dance take place.”

“Not sure why you’d think I wouldn’t go out with you. You’re beautiful, obviously smart given where we go to school, and the conversation’s good so far.” Trevor leaned in close to her ear. “And the fact you’re trans has no bearing on whether I’d flirt or hook up with you. Try not to sell yourself short.”

Her eyes opened wide. “How? Wait, you think I’m beautiful?”

“I’m open-minded, and given my reputation with the ladies, I notice things that others might overlook. And yes, you’re a beautiful woman.”

“Good god, Carlson. Are you flirting already? Careful Dee, my buddy here’s a walking love potion. Nearly irresistible to anyone he turns his eye on.” Jayson playfully hit his friend’s arm.

Deanna stared at Trevor with a confused expression. “Did he say, anyone? I guess I mistakenly assumed you were as straight as they come based on your rep.”

“I am. But occasionally, I seem to catch a guy’s attention regardless. I think if I was going after a man, Alex might be more my type. That is, if I was his.” Trevor smiled at the wink he received. He whispered in Deanna’s ear again. “I’ve been with a trans woman before who was completely pre-op. I don’t know you well enough to ask how far along in the process you are, but to me, it doesn’t matter. You know you’re a woman, and that’s enough for me. Jayson and I had a similar conversation earlier, and he mentioned he’d never knowingly met someone who’s trans.”

“Thank you.” She leaned in and kissed his cheek.

Trevor moved to get up, when Jayson grabbed his arm. “Dude, the music’s about to start. Where you going?”

“Restroom. The rent on my beer’s up. Were you wanting to hold it for me?” The friendly smirk let his buddy know he was not being malicious. “Plus, getting another pint. You need anything while I’m at the bar? Deanna, Alex, how about you? Your drinks good? All three indicated they would take a refill.

The band was warming up as he carried four glasses back to the table. When he arrived, Shannon had shown up and straddled a very nervous-looking Jayson, trying to get him to make out.

“Trevor!” Shannon tilted her head back and puckered up for a kiss. He gave her a light one on the lips. Her eyes and scent pointed to a mild level of inebriation.

“She just sat down. It’s not what it looks like.” There was fear in Salvaggi’s eyes.

“Oh, he doesn’t mind. We’re not exclusive, and you did ask him to hook you up with me.” She moved to Jayson’s ear. “I like that you’re going commando. You’re hard enough, I bet I could slide you in right here and ride you to the music. Wanna try?”

“Don’t sweat it, bud. She can do what and who she likes.” Trevor leaned against the wall beside Deanna.

Jayson was visibly shocked by her suggestion, and his friend’s response did not put him at ease. He squirmed as her hands dropped to his lap. “Not here. Not in front of my frien—” A heated kiss silenced his protests. Sweat formed on his brow as the buttons on his shorts were undone. “There’s no… Oh, fuck.” He closed his eyes as she fished him out, her hand rolling protection down him. His eyes grew once again as she repositioned herself. The loud music mostly covered the stifled moans emanating from the pair as she gave him a lap dance he would never forget.

Trevor finally took a seat between Deanna and Alex. “I hope you don’t mind me separating you two. I’d like a chance to get to know both of you better.”

“I’d like that. And for the record. I’m trans too and consider my orientation to be gay since men are my thing.” Alex chewed on his lower lip for a moment. “I heard her say you’re straight, so please consider this a compliment. You are scorchin’.”

“It’s never an insult to me when a guy finds me sexy.” He could feel his wolf perking up under the attention. “I know less about men than I do women, so if I say something wrong, please correct me so I can learn.”

“Thank you. I like you don’t add trans into the gender even if it applies. Instinct is to kiss your cheek, but I’ll adhere to decorum and behave myself.”

“Trans may be a designation, but you’re a man, and she’s a woman. To me, anything more is unnecessary.”

Nodding, Alex looked at his friend on Trevor’s other side. “I like this guy, Dee. He’s definitely the cool kind.”

“Yeah, I think so too,” Deanna whispered to Trevor as she side-eyed Shannon. “Girlfriend or soon-to-be ex? Sorry for being nosey. Not trying to be judgmental, but that girl’s obviously crazy if she’s willing to go for one of your friends instead of you. And I like Jayson a lot. That boy can be clueless at times, but he’s hot.”

“I guess you could say we’re regular sex partners. Not sure it goes beyond that.”

“But you’d like it to. I can see it in your eyes.”

“Won’t say you’re wrong. We’re good when we’re together. I think she’s the female version of me. High sex drive and doesn’t mind multiple partners. If Alex flirted with her, she’d be all over him too. But on the flip side, I’ve been hitting on you.”

“You’re being friendly while engaging in fun and suggestive conversation that’s being reciprocated. You’re not going overboard with PDAs or trying to get my clothes off me.”

As the night progressed, he had fun getting to know the people at the table better, especially Deanna and Alex. On the way out, Trevor gave both her and Shannon a kiss goodnight. Alex fist-bumped him and promised to text about meeting up. He winked at Jayson before pulling him into a bro-hug. “The music and company were great. Thanks for inviting me. Just be careful you don’t knock her up when you nail her again tonight.”


The silver and black wolf tore through the countryside east of Durham, New Hampshire, running slightly behind a sand-colored lycan. Over thirty others surrounded them. Trevor led the informal pack made up of shifters at Harvard, MIT, and other Boston area universities. The Massachusetts group had been invited by a similar club at a local school. They were all staying at a campground outside the college town.

The weekend’s events were part of an initiative spearheaded by Trevor, with the support of his friends, Aiden Jacobs and Ethan Tucker. While at Penn State, he had described to them how wolves or other shifters at school had difficulty gathering for social runs due to existing territorial laws. In his senior year, he wrote a proposal with the assistance of other shifters at the school. His two powerful friends submitted it to the North American Council with the support of several alphas they knew. Soon, numerous packs willing to implement the program started to work with the students in their territories. At major universities across the country, it became just another extra-curricular club to join.

A couple of observers from the area’s pack followed, but did not interfere with the student’s activities, only offering guidance when needed.

Trevor huffed and filled his lungs with air when he came to a stop alongside his host. They had arrived at the university sailing club’s recreation center. “I needed this run.” He took a moment to appreciate the environment. “Nice place, Axton. Thanks again for the invitation and for leading the run. I’m surprised people aren’t out here this weekend. The weather’s great.”

“Bro, it’s probably a little after 2:00 a.m.” Turning to Trevor, he smirked. “There’ll be people out after sunrise.” The chuffing from some of the others made Axton growl. “Cut it out, guys. You know he’s not someone to laugh at.”

“Don’t worry about it. People should laugh more. Anyways, we’re out, and the sailors should be too.” Trevor barked his enjoyment, loving his surroundings, and the half-moon reflecting off the water. “I thought maybe people would camp along the lake.”

“Naw. They want the comfort of a bed and usually drive over in the morning. We could probably get them to take a few of us out if any of your pack wants to try sailing.”

Head shakes were near universal from the group. “Yeah… Like, no. Swimming now and then’s fine, but if I want to be on the water, it’ll be on something like a Sea-Doo or powerboat, not a sailboat. Besides, our paws are meant to be on land.”

“Or in the air, for those of us who have feathers instead of fur.”

“Your wolf’s improving much faster than my falcon, Tiffany.” Trevor raised his right-front paw as she slapped her wingtip to it.

“Just wish it qualified for a language course credit.” The female avian squawked in laughter.

“When the local pack authorized us to organize a group, I wasn’t sure what would come of it.” Axton sat as the others enjoyed a short respite. “This has been a fun experience, hosting other schools, or traveling to them. I was a little nervous when I got elected president of the club. Gotta say, that title pales in comparison to meeting someone ranked as high as you. I never thought I’d meet an actual beta in this program.”

“Meeting others, making connections, and expanding our understanding of other packs and species is the goal. It’s nice our schools aren’t all that far away. Being in an urban center, we’ve got to travel no matter where we want to run.” Trevor stalked around the group. “Anyways, I’m just a fellow Uni student here, no more, no less.”

“Says the best friend of the two best-known wolves in the world. Okay, I promise not to go all fanboy on you this weekend.” Axton instinctively lowered his head just a little. “I kinda want to hear what it’s like for you to hold the position you do being so young. I promise none from our school will ask about your bosses. I’m sure you get that all the time.”

“As long as you tell me about you and your home pack.” His stomach growled, causing more chuffing around them. “Not sure what there’s to hunt around here, or if we’re even allowed to.”

One of the observers took a step closer to the group. “Sorry, but hunting isn’t permitted. At least not yet. We’ve made arrangements for food at your campsite, though.”

“Thank you. How about we head back and get something to eat? I can hear I’m not the only one who’s hungry.” The howls around him confirmed everyone agreed with his suggestion.

“Oh, I think we could allow these students to hunt if they don’t want a prepared meal.” Everyone turned to the new voice as five wolves stalked out of the shadows. “Especially since the visiting leader is such a dear friend to me.”

“Alpha Ryan.” A surprised and delighted Trevor bared his neck to Karissa Ryan, the only female alpha to lead a pack in the North American Lycan Council. Quickly the rest of the group followed suit.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be here to greet you in person when you arrived. It’s wonderful to have you all in my territory.”

Axton and the rest of the university group looked on slack-jawed. “Alpha, you honor us, and we’re grateful for all you’ve provided us this weekend. And the support to our club.”

“I didn’t mean to interrupt your fun. Mostly I wanted to stop by to say I’m pleased with this program and to welcome you all. Well, and to see you, Trevor. A mutual friend asked me to say hello. When your studies permit, Axton, I’d like you to visit my office so we can discuss how I can better help you and the other students living here. I want this program to be a success.” Karissa took a moment to gaze at the moon. “Now, since some of you are hungry, let’s hunt.” The silver and white wolf took off into the night, flanked by her bodyguards.



Grabbing dinner and a beer at a sports pub between their apartments, Trevor and Alex relaxed in their booth, watching games on several televisions. “You’re fun to be around. Pretty sure all my buddies would like you too.” Trevor was enjoying himself.

“You mean the five you mentioned that are married?”

“Yeah. Your sense of humor’s similar to theirs. I like people with a quick wit.”

Alex watched his dinner companion for a moment before taking a drink from his beer. “It’s nice being around someone who lets me be me.”

“What do you mean? You’re Alex, the dude I see at the gym. Why should I think or expect you’d try to be someone else?”

“And that’s what I’m talking about.” The smile on his face grew. “The gay guys I’ve gone out with, sometimes get weirded out that someone who looks like me doesn’t have a dick.” Alex became rather animated. “The straight guys usually get uncomfortable when I bench press more than they can or when they find out I pee sitting down. What I wouldn’t give to be able to just whip it out and aim at a wall.”

“Sitting down’s easier, especially when you’re half asleep. Also means you don’t have to mop the floor as often.”

Alex’s chuckle resonated in the corner they sat in. “Yeah, that’s what I mean. I’m sorry for directing the conversation where you weren’t taking it. I’m used to it going there with others, but you act the way I wish people would. Two guys out for a beer. Even if one of us wouldn’t mind having sex with the other. I know you’re straight, so that’s only meant as a compliment.”

“You heard Deanna’s comment about me being a player with the ladies. It’s one hundred percent true. I still find myself curious about you, as a best of both worlds kind of thing, but my mind still says this is a guy. It’s the same as any other gay man finding me attractive or wanting to fool around. It’s a total ego boost, especially from a hot guy.”

“I respect your honesty, and I don’t want to try to push you into something that’s not for you.” There was a mischievous twinkle in Alex’s eyes. “Though I bet I could do a few things the other guys couldn’t do.”

“Oh, trust me. My mind’s gone to all those places.” Trevor winked. “Since we met at the Plough and Star, I’ve wondered what it would feel like with you.”

“Well, I wouldn’t make you buy me dinner first.”

“Oddly, that’s never been a requirement for me to get a woman in bed.” Trevor reached down and adjusted himself. “If we stay on this subject much longer, I’ll have to excuse myself to see if there’s a glory hole in the men’s room.”

“Oh, those can be fun. If you find one and the other side isn’t occupied, text me, and I’ll see if I can direct someone in there for you. Let’s see, the code is tap foot twice and run finger around the hole if I remember correctly.” Alex suggestively licked his lips, causing them both to laugh. “Regardless of anything else, and how fun our mutual flirting is, I value the fact you want to be my friend.”

“Someone as cool as you, I’m definitely staying friends with.”


“Dude. I know summer break’s getting close, but you think you could make that smile any bigger?”

“What?” Trevor remained focused on what he was doing before glancing at Jayson. “Don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Bullshit. You’re finally dating her. Aren’t you? It’s about fuckin’ time. So please don’t tell me that look’s just because you only stopped by the library bathroom this afternoon instead of actually getting laid.”

Trevor punched his friend on the arm and grinned. “I’m sure you’d know from being the one who blew me at the glory hole on my way here. And I’m not dating anyone.”

“Why the fuck not? We all see you together often enough. I know you’d be with her now if we weren’t studying, not that I’d mind if you brought her along. And you both have that post-sex glow all the time. Not that I’d say no to taking a turn or joining you if I could.” Jayson laughed hard as he blushed. “Oh, and trust me. If I was on the other side of the hole, I’d make sure you knew.”

“So not talking about my sex life with you right now. Wait, did you just suggest a three-way? Funny, when I first mentioned you wanted me to hook you up, she asked if that’s what you wanted. She even asked if she’d need to put on a strap-on so we could tag you at both ends.” Trevor stopped and shook his head. “On second thought, I don’t want to know. We have to finish this project, and I don’t need that kind of image running around my head.”

“Your loss. With how much you’ve helped me, I just might be willing to blow you. Or more.” Jayson’s constant laughter drew glares from others trying to study. “Wait, she seriously brought up all three of us doing it?”

Trevor rolled his eyes while nodding. “I’d say you really need to get laid. Just not with me. But Shannon mentioned you’re pretty good in bed.” He smirked at the deer-in-the-headlights look. Jayson was obviously surprised she had shared details. “Don’t sweat it. She’s got as high a sex drive as me, and like I said a bunch of times, we’re not dating. When someone like that offers it up on a platter, you’d be a fool to say no. Even if your friend’s also nailing her.”

“I kinda wanted to tell you what was happening but felt guilty about it. I wouldn’t be passing all my classes if it wasn’t for your help. But when Shannon tells you what she wants, it’s kinda hard to say no.”

“Way I look at it, she went to one of my best buds to keep it in the family.” Trevor pointed at their books. “Now get your ass in gear and finish the work you have, or I’ll make sure you don’t get laid.”


Trevor propped himself on a pillow and pulled Shannon against his chest. “We’ve gone out off and on since just after fall term started. It’s been pointed out to me by several people that we’ve been inseparable for the last month. Sex with you’s always incredible. Why haven’t we taken it to the next level?”

“Well… Umm… I don’t know.” She rose and stared at his face. “I just thought you liked things the way they were.”

“I do like. I’ve played the field for quite a while and haven’t been exclusive with anyone before. I know it’s the same for you.” His thumb circled the sensitive tip of her nipple. “We’ve been upfront about that, and the communication’s one of the things that makes this work so well. But I’m realizing maybe I’d like something more.”

“We’ve both been focused on our classes. I love spending time with you, and I think the sex helps both of us deal with the stress and pressure.” Shannon moved from lying on his chest and straddled his abs. “But I’m heading to California at the end of term before leaving for a nearly three-month dig in Mexico. I’m not sure it would be fair of me to lock you down to your hand until we’re back in the fall. Or me to use a toy or two instead of the real thing.” She stroked him a few times for emphasis. “Hot, sweaty men and women making archeological discoveries sometimes leads to sizzling times on those digs.”

“I guess my timing wasn’t the best.” He hoped he did not look too dejected. “I just wanted to make sure you know how I felt about you. Keep me in mind when you’re surrounded by all the buff, California surf boys or sweaty studs where they’re sending you.”

“Don’t worry about that. I doubt any of them would have that sexy growl I love so much.” She appeared to try and distract him by playing with the hairs on his chest.

Trevor reached for another condom and held it up. “I’ve got time to growl for you once more tonight before I have to go. Want to?” His wolf assured him they had not imprinted on her, and it was not that big a deal they would not be dating.


“Fuck, it’s good to have you home.” Casey Tucker pulled his best friend into a bone-crushing hug seconds after the door opened. The auburn haired construction worker had known Trevor his entire life.

“Let the man breathe.” Darius McDonnell walked into the room and offered a bro-hug. He had become an intrigal part of their tight-knit group years before when the army officer arrived at Parker Valley to take a job as a hunter, ending up as Ethan Tucker’s beta. “How’s the big Harvard man?”

“I’m good. You keeping your boys out of trouble, Dari? I notice you’ve let Casey off his leash.”

“I got your boy right here.” Casey grabbed his crotch. “Oh wait, you’re our token straight friend.”

“Same ol’ Casey. Damn, I’ve missed you.”

“Hey, did I hear… Trevor! Welcome home, buddy.”

“Wondered where you were, Cody.” The fist bump was slapped away as Trevor pulled the coyote into an embrace. Like Darius, Cody Marshall had come to the pack as a hunter after his time in the Marine Corps. He soon found himself integrated into the group and assumed the role of enforcer to Casey’s brother, Ethan. “Where’s the other two?”

“Should be home in about an hour. They’re at Alpha Stockdale’s office for a video conference with Wade and Thad. I don’t envy those two as betas for Pit River Pack, but they like it.” Darius wrapped an arm around both his husbands. “How long are you in town for?”

“I guess I’ll find out as soon as they’re back. In the meantime, fill me in on what I’ve missed around here.”

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6 hours ago, WolfM said:

Well now everyone knows she was talking about Dorian. lol.

Some of us knew this from the story. Though @Carlos Hazday shouldn't have given it away so soon!

OK. I'm hooked.

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13 hours ago, centexhairysub said:

Let's hope that Trevor gets to spend some time with the guys on this break.  I just love the core group so much.  

Sort of sad that Shannon was going to be gone; she and Trevor do seem to have more than just a physical connection.  That said, she is right, being long distance at the start is such a no go.

There are some freaky vibes with Jayson; and I just know he is way more bottom than he appears.

Love how Trevor handled meeting both Deanna and Alex both.  He is so open and honest and you can rarely go wrong with that as a guide.

Trevor is very open to different encounters and that makes him very sexy.

So glad we got to see Karissa Ryan, always nice to get visits from friends.  And really loved how Trevor handled Axton.  You can tell that Axton expected Trevor as a beta to take charge more; but instead, Trevor just encouraged him more.  That is what a good leader does.

Already in love with this story...

Thank you, Centex. :) I guess I could have had some additional fun with her making a mold of Trevor to take with her, as an additional toy for when there isn't flesh and blood to see to her needs. ;) It was the right decision though.

LOL. You're probably right about Jayson. Even Shannon picked up on that. I kind of picture him as vers/bottom with guys. Maybe going to full vers as he has his fun.

So far, Trevor's encounters have been limited to women, with the exception of the trans woman in Sydney and an unknown number of trips to the campus glory holes. He is open minded though about the people he's around. Still, if it happened in Australia, Deanna has at least a shot.

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