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Higher Education - 20. Higher 20

Trevor watched the younger blond wheel himself into the Alpine Drive Inn in a newer chair. The pink A-frame façade and exterior never failed to catch the eye of a passing traveler. The restaurant had become a favorite lunch time spot of his. It had been a fixture on Main Street since 1956 due in no small part to top-notch burgers and shakes. The wheelchair was not as bulky as the one provided by the hospital after his injuries and did not block the aisle when he pulled up next to their booth.

“Seth. I was hoping you’d join us. Looks like you’re getting around better in that chair.” Trevor fist-bumped his friend. “This is my supervisor, Tanner.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Seth.”

“Hello, sir.” The teen’s smile seemed to get brighter each time Trevor saw him. “You sure you didn’t arrange this chair for me, Trevor?”

“I already told you it didn’t come from me. I’m not an expert on this stuff, but I think the reason for being an anonymous donor is that they didn’t want to be known.” Trevor ruffled the kid’s hair. “It looks more comfortable than the one you were in.”

“It is. I’m still self-conscious about everyone looking at me because of the wheels, the casts, or the other thing.”

At that moment, Skyler walked into the diner and came to stand beside the table. “Hey there, Wheels. Yeah, but unlike the first two you mentioned, the other thing isn’t going away. That’s no reason to be self-conscious because it’s just who you are. No different than you being blond. Good to see the black-eyes have almost faded. How ya doing, l’il bro?” He finally leaned down to lightly hug the young man.

“Hey, Skyler.” The teen beamed under the attention from the two handsome men.

“Was that Glenn I saw driving off? Did he give you a ride, Seth? At least it looked like his truck when I was turning into the parking lot.” The redhead had a conspiratorial smirk.

“Yeah.” A deep blush rose from the neck to cover the blond’s face.

“Rumor has it he’s sweet on you.” Skyler winked.

“He asked if I wanted to go for pizza Friday night.” The blush extended to the teens ears, but his smile increased in size.

“What would you like to eat, Seth? It’s my treat” Trevor stood to place their order and Skyler waited to go with him.

“Can I have a cheeseburger, fries, and a strawberry shake?”

“Coming right up, buddy.”

“So, how long are you going to be in the chair?” It was easy to overhear Tanner’s conversation with the teen. Especially since the inside of the restaurant was small.

“The doctor here said maybe another two or three months, if everything heals right. But I’ve got to go see a specialist in Redding again. It could be longer or forever.”

“A friend of mine down in Los Angeles takes his chair to the skate park.” Tanner eyed the young man. “He’s pretty good with the tricks he can do.”

“I never thought about that. But there isn’t a skate park around here, and I was crappy on a skateboard anyways.”

“Just remember, no matter how long you’re in it, that thing doesn’t limit you.”

Once back with their food, Skyler settled into the seat next to Trevor. “I’ve got the afternoon off and wanted to spend some time with you, Seth. I know you liked going out on a jet ski, but that’s kind of a no-go with your casts. How would you feel about being on a boat instead?”


“Yes, really. A couple of the guys Trev introduced you to are gonna meet us there. Ethan and Cody. Casey might be able to make it too.”

“Oh man. That would be cool. Those guys are almost as much fun as you.”

“Good. It’s settled then. And we can get some sun on that lily white body of yours. Maybe you won’t look like a vampire from being indoors so much. I almost need my sunglasses now.” Skyler winked at the teen

Tanner covered his mouth and coughed.

Trevor did not even try to hide his laugh. “Ya know, Sky. People in glass houses… Being a ginger, you shouldn’t tease others about being rather pale.”

“Hey, I just haven’t had a chance to work on getting a nice, all-over, golden tan like you.”

“Full body tan?” The corners of Seth’s lips turned up.


Once Skyler and Seth had departed, Trevor and Tanner headed back to the office. “It’s really nice what you’re doing for that boy.”

“I saw someone hurt real bad and wanted him to know the entire world wasn’t against him.”

“Still, there can be a small town mentality that prevents others from doing what you and your guys did. Hell, even in a big city the narrow-mindedness can be just as prevalent if not worse. Apathy and bigotry aren’t limited to any particular demographic. Someone may want to step up, but they’re afraid of guilt by association.”

“True, and that’s why the friends he grew up with abandoned him. Or they’re part of the problem and worried they’ll be named as one of the people who tossed him out of a moving truck in the parking lot.” A smug grin formed on Trevor’s lips. “Speaking of which, a couple arrests are scheduled to be announced shortly. Anyways, the three of us want to make sure word gets around that a bunch of big guys are looking out for him. Say something or touch him at your own risk.”

“And that, my friend, is one of the many things I’ve grown to like about you. There isn’t any stated threat, but your presence implies one all on its own. You’re not in anyone’s face about being nice to Seth. You’re beside him and make sure everyone knows he’s your friend.” Tanner glanced over before returning his gaze to the road. “You evaded nicely regarding the wheelchair, saying it didn’t come from you.”

“What do you mean? I didn’t dodge the question since I didn’t get it or arrange for it. If you and Sidney wanted him to know it came from the two of you, I’m sure you’d tell him. I’m still grateful for what you did.” Trevor was silent for a moment. “I may be a predator, and in the grand scheme of things he might be the weakling that’s meant to be culled, but sometimes it just takes a little push for self-confidence to take hold and get someone to stand and be strong.”

“Yep. You use the same logical and methodical approach to people as you do with numbers. After what they allowed the McKinney family to do to them, granted there were extenuating circumstances, this pack appeared to be weak. Yet strong people stepped in, the betas returned, and the alphas accepted a dying friend’s request. You’ve all shown the community possibilities and given it a little push towards being strong again.”

“It’s just how my beliefs formed as I grew up.”

“And I, for one, am happy about that. Especially with a wolf as powerful as yours.”


“Dude, we could still be in bed.” Randy sipped his coffee in the back seat of Trevor’s Chevy Tahoe. “It’s your last weekend here.”

“I know. I thought about spending it inside with you two, but wanted to get out and do one more thing. That’s why I slapped your ass and told you to get moving. Well, that and I can’t get enough of my hands on those sexy, rock-solid glutes.”

“We’re headed west, but that leaves a lot of options open.” Skyler watched the landscape pass by.

“You’ll find out when we get there. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.”

A little over an hour after leaving Burney, Trevor turned north on Interstate 5.

“Hmm. Going to Lake Shasta?” Randy seemed to perk up


“You and your surprises. Were you like this with the women you dated?”

“Not really. Never dated someone I wanted to surprise, Sky.” Trevor kept his eyes on the road. “Those were hookups. Dinner or movie, get laid, and go home.”

“In that case, I’ll relax and wait.”

When Trevor flipped on the turn signal to exit the freeway, both Skyler and Randy smiled. “What is it with you and caves?”

“Just another wolf den to me. If you’d rather just do stuff around the lake that’s cool with me too” Trevor had turned onto Shasta Caverns Road, headed towards the water.

“So far you haven’t steered us wrong with any of the places you wanted to see.”

“Randy’s right. Besides, even though you’ve been here for a couple months, you’re still a tourist. So you’re supposed to see this stuff. Hell, you could even expense it to Aiden as going out to inspect the pack’s territory.” Skyler grinned and Trevor could not hold back his laughter at the thought of his alpha’s expression.

“So wait, the area your pack controls comes all the way out here? And we were still in it while we were camping? How big’s this, umm, what did you call it? Territory?”

“I-5’s the western border. The other side, where the trees start north of Redding belongs to our neighbor. And because of Trevor’s position, he should have notified them he’d be this close. It’s more of a courtesy thing than a requirement.”

“Fuck. I forgot about that.” Trevor glanced at Skyler. “Umm, would you text someone to let them know.”

Skyler held up his phone. “No need. Will did it as soon as we hit the freeway. Along with telling any hunters in the area.”

“Guess that means I didn’t lose them. I did tell him where we were going.” Trevor saw the black SUV that had been behind them since leaving Burney. “Have either of you been here before?”

“Not me.”

“Me either.”

“Good. Another first for all of us.” Trevor parked and hopped out and approached the tailing vehicle. “Will, I’ll pay for the three of you if you’re shadowing me the entire way.”

“I’ll send Sanders across with you if that’s okay. You won’t even notice he’s there. Mark and I will stay here with the trucks.”

“Are you sure? It’s kinda hot today.”

“We’ll be fine.”

“I don’t say it often enough, but even though it annoys me having security, I do appreciate what you guys do for me.”

“Thank you, Beta.”

The men bought their tickets and walked around the visitor’s center looking at the useless trinkets on sale for the tourists.

“Hey, they’re calling our tour.” Trevor led the way outside as they waited their turn to board a bus. “This should be fun.”

At the bottom of the hill, a covered catamaran barge waited to ferry the group on the roughly ten to fifteen minute and 4000 foot transit across the lake.

“The water’s beautiful today. Nice and calm.” Randy stood between the men at the railing. “Bet it would be nice, just the three of us out on this.”

“I thought about a houseboat weekend after we went camping, but none had a bed that would fit all three of us.” Skyler leaned in to kiss their human companion’s temple.

On the opposite side of the lake, they were met by yet another bus.

“Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome aboard the Shasta Cavern express bus. Please keep arms and legs inside the bus at all times.” The driver soon was off and moving, rapidly climbing the steep and winding road. The skill to maneuver the vehicle up the mountain and through sharp turns was only matched by the driver’s wit. “Hope you’re enjoying the ride. I’m happy to say we’re at six days accident free which is a new record for us, well for me anyways. We haven’t even had a brake failure this week. Don’t worry though. I’m pretty sure we’ll make it to the top. And the lake always manages to stop the bus on the way back down. But just in case, your seat cushion can be used as a flotation device if this turns into a boat. Make that a submarine.”

Chuckles rang throughout the vehicle.

In what felt like no time at all they were disembarking about 900 feet above the lake.

The three were the last passengers off the bus. Trevor stopped next to the cute driver and could pick up his arousal. “Love seeing someone have fun with their job. Thanks for giving me and my two guys a nice thrill. Wouldn’t mind returning the favor.”

“Damn, Trev. Way to hit on the hot guy in front of us. But can’t really blame you. Definitely very nice. What do ya say, Skyler?”

“Like my boyfriends said. Fun ride and really sexy view.”

“Anytime, guys. Absolutely, any time. Hopefully I’ll be going down with you at the end of the tour.” The fair-headed driver with the swimmer-type body was all smiles.

Their tour group waited in the warm sun as the guide gave a history of the caverns. While this was going on, she opened the door to the subterranean space, blasting the visitors with wonderfully cool air. There were several comments about the natural air conditioning and what the temperature inside was. “For those of us who spend a lot of time in the cave, this feels good while we’re waiting in the heat. It stays at roughly fifty-eight degrees year round.” She went on to explain how the caverns were roughly 200 million years old and had been carved by water running through limestone. Discovered in November 1878, it was not until 1964 they were opened to the public. The original small fissure providing access was no longer used. Instead, a new entrance was created by blasting an opening lower on the mountain, big enough for visitors to easily enter. The cave had eight known rooms containing multiple types of formations. The sights inside were breathtakingly spectacular.

“Ethan would love this. He’s much more in tune with spaces like this than the rest of our friends.”

“How so?” Randy glanced over his shoulder.

“That will take some time to explain, but we’ll get there eventually.”

They followed at the back of the tour, enjoying the scenery as it unfolded before them.

“This is incredible.” Randy did not know where to look, and he was not alone. “It’s so much different from the lava tubes. That’s just a tunnel, but this, it’s like the rock melted. And awesome how it’s always changing and growing.”

“I know. It’s so cool. Ethan, Aiden and a group of people we met at a convention in Canada toured some caves there. So much is similar, yet beautifully different.”

“Is that where you all met Dorian?”

“It was, Skyler. I’ll apologize now, but he was such a dick. It was funny when Ethan kicked his ass.”

“No worries. A lot of people thought that about him. Holy shit! Look how far up the ceiling is in this room.”

“Ethan? Small guy and Aiden’s husband? He kicked someone’s ass?”

“Yeah. It was definitely something to see from what the guys told me. Regardless of his size, he’s not someone to piss off.” Trevor winked at Skyler.

The tour wound through different rooms along concrete paths and stairs. The remnants of early cave exploration could be seen in a few areas with the name and date of its first white explorer signed in carbide from the man’s mining lamp. A ladder fixed to the side of a narrow passage, called The Chimney, led up to the fissure originally used to enter the cave. The tight space was thankfully no longer needed. After an hour underground, the tour emerged back into the sunlight.

“I’ve seen more stuff in the area since you arrived than I have in years.” Randy pulled Trevor against his chest as they waited for the bus. It was the same driver as before. “Looks like it’s your lucky day. All three of us again and you going down.” He winked as the other two pushed him to the back row.

“Are those the lines you use on the truckers at the mill?” Skyler had a smirk that would not quit. “Can’t say I’d object to those lips wrapped around me.”

“Okay, both of you are getting me horned up, as if his scent didn’t already do that.” Trevor grasped a hand from each and placed them over his firm shaft. “If that guy doesn’t blow me, you both are before I drive you anywhere else.”

“Guess we’ll have to take care of that for you then.” Randy licked his lips.

“I bet he’d be even more fun than Tina was.” Skyler gave a low growl. “And that was pretty damn hot. Still can’t believe we all shared a woman.”

The cashier from the grocery store had flirted the last time she saw Trevor and Randy shopping together. She extended an invitation to the men to come by her house the next night she had off. It was countered with a request to bring Skyler along, and Tina quickly agreed. The experience left all four panting for breath and their needs fully sated for the night.

Down at the water, the three were surprised to see the bus driver also get off and high-five another employee who took his place. He followed the men to the back of the catamaran. “I’ve got to head over to the other side. Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all.” They surrounded the guy as far from other passengers as they could.

“I’m Dave. You three are the hottest guys I’ve had in a while.” The arousal coming off him was having a major effect on the two lycan. Randy’s own scent at the prospect of what could happen did not help his two companions.

“I’m Trevor, he’s Randy, and big red there staring at your ass is Skyler. And you haven’t had us. Yet. But if you’re a good boy, you could.”

“Give the man a chance. It looks like he could handle the three of us. All at the same time if that grin on those sweet lips is any indication.”

Skyler leaned back again and gave another low growl. “Oh yeah. Randy’s right. And that perky ass just begs for my tongue and well… You know.”

“Where you guys visiting from? And are you really all boyfriends?” Dave’s eyes were jumping from man to man. “Do you have a hotel or campsite nearby? Please say yes.”

“We are.” Skyler looked proud saying it. “And we’re from Burney, so only an hour away.”

“So fuckin’ hot. Hope you guys won’t mind that I’m a total bottom. If you’re interested, I am. Even better if you have any friends who look like you and want to join us. I love hairy, muscular guys like you.”

Trevor and the other two glanced back and forth in silent conversation which left them all with a smug look. “We’re all tops and only flip for each other.”

“Yep, and we like to take care of an eager, sexy bottom.” Skyler put a hand on Dave’s shoulder as he leaned into his ear. “So tempted to push you to your knees right now, but since this is where you work, I’ll do my best to behave. Pretty sure you’ve got all three of us hard and wanting to make you one happy boy.” His and the other two’s grins only grew when the man moaned.

After they got off the boat and made their way up to the visitor’s center, Trevor and Randy nodded to Skyler who again put his hand on the employee’s shoulder. “Guys, I’ve gotta take a piss before we leave. Would you mind showing me where the bathroom is, Dave?”

“I’ve gotta piss too. Follow me.” The lopsided grin on the blond quickly grew. “Only safe to have one of you at a time, but wish I could have you all at once.”

Nearly thirty minutes later, Trevor was the last of the three to walk out of the bathroom, followed by a slightly disheveled and grinning Dave. “You’ve all got my number. I hope you can say you fully enjoyed your experience at the Lake Shasta Caverns.”

“We most definitely did. If you decide to accept our offer, since tomorrow’s your day off, we’ll see you in Burney. Just be ready to prove how much of a total bottom you are.”

“I’ll be there, Trevor. Great meeting you also, Skyler, Randy.”

The happy trio made their way back out to the trucks as Sanders, their security team member who had been nearly invisible as promised, followed with a bemused grin.

“Hey, do any of you know a good place to stop for lunch?” Trevor patted his stomach. “I’m kinda hungry now.”

“Yeah, I think I do, Beta.” Will pulled out his phone. “I’ll text the location to Skyler”

“Thanks.” Trevor jumped in and started the engine. “That was a new experience for me, but I’ve been having a lot of those with you guys. And it was way hotter than I expected. Guess it’s similar to hitting one of the gloryholes on campus. Though it was fun getting to watch the guy for a change. That plus knowing you’d both just been in his mouth before me.”

“Yeah, know what you mean. Was sexy to see you put the moves on him first. Kinda how I always picked up guys at the mill after the first couple put the moves on me. I’m so proud of you. And damn, that dude could earn Olympic gold if cocksucking was an event.”

“Not what I expected for today, but yeah, it was as scorching as the outside temp.” Skyler reached down to adjust himself. “It’s about the same way I’ve picked up guys too.”

“You weren’t exactly subtle with me, but nothing like what we just did.” Trevor’s chuckle filled the vehicle.

“I knew your reputation, plus your rank meant I had to tread carefully. Randy, you should have seen the way Trev’s eyes were locked on my bulge.”

“Wasn’t sure how I’d feel, even if I did kinda start this. You know, all taking a turn with a guy. So fuckin’ glad we did.” Trevor turned the truck onto I-5 south. “Kinda hoping he shows up tomorrow to see how it compares to us sharing Tina.”

Skyler put his hands behind his head as best he could in the SUV. “If he shows up tomorrow, it could be fun. If he doesn’t, we’ll still have fun. Just like we will tonight.”

“Maybe we should see if Dave wants to help out your buddies. Somehow I doubt he’d say no to five more studs.”


“I can’t believe we’ve already reached the end of your employment. I’m sorry to be losing you, Trevor. You’ve become a valued member of the team.” Sidney shook his hand as he prepared to leave work for the last time.

“Thank you, ma’am. You said I’d learn a lot, and I most definitely did.” Trevor’s coworkers gathered around to wish him well. “This experience reinforces why I enjoy finances.”

“I bet you didn’t expect to recover as much as you did in stolen funds. That software of yours’ a valuable tool. Good thing you and your buddy copyrighted it.” Tanner held out his hand. “Our firm wants to be first in line to license a copy.”

“You’ve shown yourself to be a capable young man with a bright future. Not just your work with us, but the way you had to split your time with the business side of the pack. I think you’ll have a lot to teach your fellow classmates and perhaps your professors this coming year.” Sidney’s praise filled Trevor with pride. “You’ve got my card. If you want a job when you graduate, give me a call. I would be happy to have you back with the team.”

“Don’t forget, everyone, Trevor’s going away dinner’s tonight at the Rex Club. Sidney’s paying which means she’ll expense it to Aiden.”

“Hey, I heard that, Tanner. What, you think this pack’s made of money?”

“Well, maybe not made of money. But since you authorized the shift in tactics, and got Council approval regarding McKinney family finances, it could be. It’s fun for me as a money-hunter knowing anytime your people eliminate one of them, all the accounts of the deceased are fair game. The first one since the change in strategy fetched a nice amount. It was generous he conveniently left everything to the pack. I think you can flip for dinner this once.”

“Fine. Just means we need to find a couple more for the hunt team to knock off.” Aiden pulled his wallet out and glanced at the badge inside. “I probably shouldn’t be saying that as a sheriff’s deputy though.”

“Were you able to convince Brandon to come up?” Trevor walked alongside his friend. “I was hoping to see him and meet his mate before leaving the state.”

“His phone kept going to voicemail so I checked with his alpha. Tom said Brandon deployed a couple days ago to the group of fires around Napa and Lake Berryessa. I guess it’s the third or fourth fire he’s been assigned to since July 31st.”

“Are you and Ethan going to help with those?”

“We offered. Local alphas declined and the North American Council forbid us from intervening while they study the results and possible repercussions from Australia. All we can do is sit back and watch the real firefighters do their job.”

“What if one breaks out in the territory?”

“If it has supernatural assistance in burning, we’re allowed to try and capture or eliminate the threat. Beyond that, it’s still hands off unless the Council gives the okay.” Aiden sighed. “We helped rebuild the governing body. I may not like it, but I won’t undermine them and act like I’m above their rules.”


“Trevor, the house’s going to be real quiet without you and these two in it.” Wade stood with his arm wrapped around Thad’s waist as they mingled at Trevor’s going away party at Aiden and Ethan’s home. “Skyler and Randy, we expect you to come by regularly.”

“I was already planning on it. Talking to you guys while hangin’ naked in the hot tub’s become one of my favorite things.” Randy winked at the men. “Not only do I get to learn from a great couple, but the more I know about the changes I’ll go through soon the better.” He moved his focus between the older couple and his boyfriends. “I want to be ready when I get turned and can join the pack. I’ve been excited about it since I accepted Trevor’s offer. When we were standing together on Glass Mountain, it no longer scared me. Well, most of the time it doesn’t.” He smiled at Trevor and Skyler. “I know this is where I belong.”

“Like Wade said. You guys are welcome anytime.” Thad pulled Trevor to him. “You’re my friend, equal, and I couldn’t be more proud of you if you were my actual son. Gonna miss having you with us, Trev.”

“Thanks guys. I’m beyond happy you talked me into staying with you. We’ll be talking on Zoom from time to time. At least until I get back here.” Trevor wrapped an arm around each man. Hearing Ethan’s voice across the yard caused him to turn and head in that direction.

“Oh hell. They found out we’re in California and asked about getting together.” Ethan groaned.

“Who?” Aiden glanced at the text when Ethan turned his phone. “Nope, not happening.”

Trevor snickered. “More of your fan club?” He took the phone when offered and immediately gave it back, taking a few steps to distance himself from the device. “I see what you mean. That makes me glad I’m leaving the state. At least they’re over 400 miles away.”

An arched eyebrow from Skyler had the three friends laughing. Ethan took pity with a vague explanation. “A guest from our wedding lives in SoCal now. Another ginger who’s become somewhat of a friend. We actually went to his wedding in the UK. That was fun. They want to get together with us while we’re out here and it’s become... complicated.”

“Let me guess. You don’t get along with the mate?” Skyler held up his hands before anyone answered. “Sorry, I’m asking something I don’t need to know.”

“Honestly we liked her, still do, but it’s just too much drama from both of them, and we’ve got our limits. We don’t want to get pulled into their family crap. Let’s just say the way they’re acting makes the Kardashians look classy and respectable. Odds are one of them just wants a picture with us for their social media. It’s only going to get worse, you know?” Aiden shook his head vehemently. “You have to wash your hair, I stubbed my toe, our pussycat’s having issues with hairballs...”

“Hey!” Darius glared at his boss.

“Sorry, but not sorry. Don’t care what you tell them.” Aiden crossed his arms. “Maybe if you don’t respond they’ll get the message. Between the way those two are acting and us hiring PR staff following Brandon’s assessment of us in Australia, at least we don’t look like attention whores anymore.”

“Bro,” Trevor draped an arm over Ethan’s and Aiden’s shoulders, “they didn’t get the message when you kind of suggested they forget you ever met.” The mischievous grin as he grabbed the phone and typed out a long message had the others worried. “There, done. And I even indicated the response was staffed out due to your extremely busy schedule.”

Aiden and Ethan burst out laughing as they read what was sent, while Skyler remained confused.

Trevor kissed the redhead’s neck while looking around for Randy. The man was walking towards them. “I’ll explain in private.”


Casey pulled Trevor and his boyfriends away from the others as the party carried on. “Bro, it’s been great hangin’ with you whenever we found the time. Randy and Skyler, you guys too.” He leaned in close. “I didn’t think Cody or Dari would even consider Randy’s offer, but gotta say, that was aces tappin’ that tight swimmer’s body. That boy moans more than Cody. Or me.”

“You’re still talking about that, Casey? Thanks for reinforcing why you and Trev are called man-whores.” Ethan snuck up and turned to Trevor. “But yeah, it was hot spit-roasting him with Aiden. Like Darius said, he’s not from town or pack, so why not just this once. Or maybe twice if he comes back.” He leaned into Aiden’s embrace as their little group increased in size. “I’m gonna make sure to spend more time with your friend, Seth, when I can. Hopefully, little by little he’ll get the use of his legs back.” He winked. “I like him.”

“I appreciate everything you’re doing for him. He’s a cool guy and deserves a happy life.” Trevor still had not explained Ethan’s abilities to Randy. That conversation would happen at a later date. “Getting to be around so many gay guys has been a treat for him. Especially with how much he likes furry men.”

“The guys from the hunters who volunteered to escort him around even pull off their shirts when they’re driving.” Skyler chuckled. “A couple said it was fun flirting with Seth.”

“Yeah, we’ve all been shirtless in front of him.” A grin crept across Ethan’s lips as he trained his attention on Trevor’s guys. “We’ve really enjoyed getting to know you better, Randy, and you too, Sky Guy.”

“Sky Guy? That’s a new one for me.”

“Ethan, Cody, and I were bingeing episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It’s what Anakin’s padawan called him.” Aiden kissed the top of his mate’s head. “Skyler, would you be pissed at me if I asked JT to take you off protection detail for Thad and Wade? You can speak freely.”

“It falls under the duties of a hunter. So even though I’ve got two men in my life now, I’d rather you didn’t. After all, two of your closest friends are bodyguards for you and Alpha Tucker.” The growl made Skyler laugh. “Okay, Ethan. Jeez.

“Anyways, my duty’s to provide security for the betas or anyone else who needs it.”

“Fair enough. You can’t blame me for asking. You and Randy are as close to in-laws as we’ve had from Trevor.”

“Stop hogging them, guys. Darius and I want to say goodbye too.” Cody pushed in. “Trevor, our visits are never long enough, but you won’t be in school forever. Love ya, bud. We’ll see that your men are taken care of while you’re gone.”

“Though not quite in the way my mate made that sound.” Darius shook his head. “Give me a hug, Trev. You too.” He grinned at Randy and Skyler.

Randy leaned in close to Skyler’s ear but didn’t try to hide what he said. “So you’re sure that’s the one pussy we’re not allowed to chase after? ‘Cause even though there’s several in town that want it from us, this one looks fun.”

“Yeah, I’m sure. But unlike the women with their long, fake nails, this one really does have claws.”

“Okay, just making sure. He is kinda hot.”

“Randy, you’re gonna fit in perfectly with our family.” Darius fist-bumped the lone human of the group.

“Aiden, Ethan, dinner was great as always. No one barbecues the way you do.” Trevor placed a hand on the pair’s shoulders. “I love you guys. I’ll see you on your next trip to Boston or over Halloween out here. Whichever comes first.” He turned and looked longingly at Randy and Skyler. “The party’s been incredible, but now I want some uninterrupted private time with my men until they drop me off at the airport tomorrow. Aiden, if you call, text, knock on the door, or even drive past the house, there will be an incident. Do you remember me telling you no one will find your body? I’ve got a spot all picked out.” The bro-hug between two lifelong friends would have been bone crushing to anyone else.


“I can’t believe the way you changed our lives by coming here for the summer.” Randy held Trevor from one side while Skyler did from the other.

“Yep, still remember the hot visiting beta, unable to take his eyes off me when I stripped for a run, and teasing him about why he was watching.” The smirk from Skyler was priceless.

“Hey, I don’t seem to remember your eyes looking away when I dropped my shorts.” Trevor shot back.

“Nope, I wasn’t gonna miss that show.”

“I’m looking forward to the first time I get to run with you guys. Still scared about getting turned, but I want to do it, and that isn’t gonna change. I’ve been talking to Ethan some more about it.” Randy chuckled. “It’s blown my mind a couple times when guys I’ve known my whole life stopped me somewhere and said they were glad I was joining the club.”

“Ethan and Aiden announced it at a pack meeting. All the locals know you’ll be one of us soon.” Trevor sighed. “I wish I was going to be there when you get bit. Knowing it’s Sky, well, my wolf’s as happy about that as if I was going to be the one.”

“Unless there’s a change in plans, we’ll do it just after the full moon completes in early October.” A smirk formed on Skyler’s face. “We could always Zoom the bite so you get to watch.”

“I like that idea. With how strong of a human you are, I’m still relieved you’ll get a full lunar cycle for the changes to take effect in you before your emergence ceremony. And I will be here for that.”

“You better be. After all, you’re the one who offered me this choice.”

Skyler stepped away and pulled a box out of a drawer. “Trevor and I have a small gift for you.” He opened it to reveal a flat, black and red obsidian chip about an inch long. The semi-triangular glass was surrounded by a platinum frame that held the pendant to a chain of the same metal.

“That’s incredible. I love it.”

“He might have accidentally picked it up when you found the large piece. That was a special day for many reasons, but mainly when you said you wanted to be turned.” Trevor held the jewelry box while Skyler put the chain around Randy’s neck.

“I wish I had something for both of you.”

“Well.” Trevor withdrew two more matching boxes from the drawer. “The piece he stole was large enough to make three pendants. I sent it to a jeweler my alpha from back east knows and had one made for each of us. For me, it means I’ve got something from both of you while I’m at school.”

“Both our DNA in you isn’t enough?” Randy chuckled while Skyler unsuccessfully tried to hold it in.


Randy clasped the chains around Skyler’s and Trevor’s necks, marveling at the different shapes for each.

“Wolves rarely wear jewelry of any kind because it can be lost if we do an emergency shift. You’ll never see one with a ring on.”

“I don’t care if it needs to be taken off or not. It’s from you both. And we found it together.” With his arms wrapped tightly around the other two, he buried his face in their necks. “Thank you. Both of you. For coming into my life. And bringing me into your world.”

“I came here thinking maybe I’d have a summer fling to get over the breakup with what I thought was my girlfriend. Instead, I learned a lot more about myself than I ever thought I would. And I have each of you to thank for that. Randy and I talked about this the day we met. You don’t have to go to college to get a higher education. I’ll miss being close, but I’ll never be far from either of you.”

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