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Higher Education - 16. Higher 16

Trevor leaned back, patting his full stomach. “That was incredible, Aiden. I’ve missed the way you and Ethan cook.” He draped an arm over Randy’s shoulder and explained. “Their barbecues have become legendary among our friends in Pennsylvania.”

Casey and his guys offered to handle the clean-up.

Returning from taking the last of the dishes inside, Aiden nodded for Trevor and Skyler to follow him. “Could I talk to you guys for a sec?”

Ethan took the comment as his cue to entertain the human and struck up a conversation with a concerned-looking Randy again. “I’m sure they’ll be right back.”

Following Aiden to the far side of the yard, Trevor was curious. “So, what’s up?”

“I didn’t think I’d be having this conversation this soon. Honestly, not at all. I figured it would fade away with time.” There was something in Aiden’s eyes Trevor could not place. “I talked to Skyler about your request before dinner and with Ethan and the others quietly throughout the afternoon and evening. To say everyone was shocked would be an understatement. But they did as I asked and kept an open mind, talked to Randy, and really tried to get to know him as much as you can in about five hours.”

“When you mentioned it to me this morning, I thought you were crazy, Trev. Humans just aren’t turned. There are reasons those laws were passed.” Skyler averted his eyes for a moment. “I told the alpha–” A growl stopped the redhead mid-sentence. “Fine.” He side-eyed the source of the noise. “I told Aiden as much when we talked.

“Actually, the laws were passed to prevent non-consensual turning.” Trevor crossed his arms. “They technically don’t say anything about when it’s consensual beyond needing the permission of the alpha and all parties being over eighteen. Yes, I looked up the statute before asking, but that’s not really important.”

“What Skyler isn’t adding is that he also agreed with you.” Aiden winked at the redhead. “Like you, he said wanting to turn Randy makes no sense, but he thinks the offer should be made.”

“You do?” Trevor rapidly glanced between the two men. “I was kinda hoping one or both of you would talk me out of it, not encourage me.”

“I know you don’t take the idea of turning someone lightly.” Aiden shoulder-bumped his buddy. “While Ethan and I were cooking, we discussed it further. And the guys gave their opinion when I was inside a minute ago. I’ve gotta say, you’re right. He should be offered our gift if he can handle finding out about us.” He still appeared apprehensive, but nodded. “Since Skyler’s in favor, you have our permission. I’ll enter it into the pack logs. If anything negative comes of it, Ethan and I will deal with it. It’s our responsibility as alphas. Well, technically Ethan, since he’s prime alpha here. I didn’t expect it to be a unanimous decision. I was sure Darius would have a logical argument against it.”

“Even Dari was in favor?” Trevor felt shocked. “Would you mind if I discuss it tonight, with you all here?”

“Damn, Trev. Not even going to let the idea settle in for a few days, maybe go through more discussion? I can see in your eyes the decision’s made. Skyler?” Aiden arched an eyebrow.

“It’s a good, friendly environment with people he’s having fun around. From his scent, he feels safe here. Though that could change when it hits him he’s surrounded by predators. And if he doesn’t totally freak out, he should see it’s something the group supports, and wants him to be a part of.”

“We’ll wait until the cleaning crew finishes in the kitchen. It’s three weeks until the last full moon while you’re in town, but it doesn’t have to be done this month. It might take him a little time to wrap his head around the idea.”

“Thank you, Aiden.” Trevor turned and passionately kissed the redhead beside him. “You too, Skyler. And no, I don’t think it should happen that soon. He’ll need time to prepare if he accepts. It took you and Ethan months.”

“What can I say? I thought about it, plus being around him… I see your illogical logic, and it’s the right decision.” Skyler held his boyfriend close to his chest. “I never thought I’d advocate for turning someone. It’s driven into us from the time we’re pups, don’t bite a human.”

“I can’t describe how my wolf’s reacting.” Trevor’s excitement was tempered by uncertainty about how things would turn out.

After placing a kiss on Trevor’s temple, Skyler pulled back. “I’m pretty sure I understand. Mine’s excited about the prospect of running with Randy and you.”

“Okay, this brings up another question. I’m leaving town next month. Do you think it’s possible for you and Randy to imprint?”

“It’s possible, in time. Why, Trev?” Skyler cocked his head. “If this is what I think you’re thinking, I’m pretty sure he’d want you to do it. You’re first in his mind at this point.”

“Maybe so, but if you and him were to end up in any type of relationship without me, it should be you who does it.”

“We’ll cross that bridge when or if he says yes.” Skyler pulled Trevor into another embrace. “But it makes me like you all the more for considering that. And yeah, my wolf was thinking about some options with him and all three of us. He’s the first local I know who has my interest. All because of you.”

“I don’t mean to be a dick, but it’s fun to see you working through all this. You’re going through the same swings of confidence and uncertainty I did with Ethan.” Aiden smirked. “But I had it easy. Find boy in woods, realize he’s destined mate, bite and breed him at the same time, done.”

“Yeah. You’re an ass, Aiden. But I still love ya.” The three walked back to the lounge area with Skyler’s arm around Trevor.

“What was all that about?” Randy pulled Trevor against his chest when the college man sat.

“Discussing an irrational thought I had.”

“You’re the most level-headed guy I’ve met. Even when you were furious at Cassidy, you kept your cool. Well, mostly. And you explained your point and why you wanted nothing to do with her, while poetically burning her in front of her friends and parents.”

“I have my moments.” Trevor settled back, enjoying how tactile Randy was. His smile grew as he remembered their first meeting when Hannah called him handsy.

Ethan stood and grabbed his phone. “I want to check on Thad’s condition real quick.”

Casey stuck his head out the back door. “Hey, anyone need a beer or drink before I come out?”

There were nods all around. “Bring enough for everyone.”

“Thad’s improving and they hope to move him out of ICU tomorrow.” Ethan wolf-whispered to the others, “The doctors want to do two more transfusion procedures during the middle of the night while the moon’s near its peak. Silver levels are coming down, but still too high.”

Accepting fresh beers, Trevor smiled as Randy lifted the bottle to his lips as let the sweet liquid flow into his mouth. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be sitting around with a group of guys married to other guys, while holding one to my chest and having my arm around another.”

Trevor could smell the happiness coming off Randy.

“I thought quick hook-ups with guys were fine. This is overwhelming in so many great ways.” The human grinned.

Trevor filled his lungs with a deep breath and held it as minor alterations to his plan coalesced. He turned so he could see the man’s eyes. “I haven’t known you long, Randy. Meeting you a short time after I did Cassidy. The thing is, with her, it was the first person in town I’d met outside of work. Someone to hang out with and take me sightseeing. And yeah, easy sex. With you and Skyler it’s on another level. I want to share all parts of my life for as long as I’m here.”

“If you’re about to propose, you better get down on one knee, mister.” Randy gave a nervous laugh.

“Trust me, if I’m on my knees anytime soon, it’ll be for another purpose. You two might get me addicted to that flavor.” Trevor smiled when Casey cheered. “You know almost everything about me, but there’s one thing I’ve held back, and it’s pretty major. Mostly because I didn’t know how you’d handle it. Honestly, it makes me afraid I’ll lose you.”

“Don’t think anything would chase me off. You’re irresistible. Both of you are. The fact you’re saying this to me in front of your closest friends means all the more.”

“That’s the way to stroke his ego, so you get everything you want.” Cody teased.

“Would it be easier to do this in private?” Randy appeared curious now.

“I’m hoping that the support of my friends helps me get through this. Remember you telling me on the summit of Mt. Lassen, you felt safe coming out to me when we flirted?” Trevor smiled as Randy nodded. “Well, that’s how I feel about coming out to you now.” He kissed Randy on the lips then leaned back so he could clearly see his entire face. “Okay, here goes. I’m not entirely what I appear. No, that’s not right. I’m much more than I appear.”

“I don’t follow.”

“I’ve run this speech through my head so many times on the off chance I’d need to give it, but now that I’m doing it, the words I want aren’t coming out the way I’d like. There’s no simple way to do this so I’ll just say it and hope for the best.” Trevor inhaled and let out a large sigh. “I’m what’s called a lycan. I appear human, but I can turn into a wolf at will.”

“Way to ease into it.” Casey laughed at getting flipped off.

Randy looked around at the group, then back to Trevor. The shaking head and furrowed brows were as expected. “Okay. I’m trying to figure out how this works into a practical joke, but I don’t see it. What’s with the bullshit line?”

“I’m not joking. I want to spend the remainder of my time here with you knowing exactly who I am. It’s important to me to share this side of me with you, because I don’t want there to be any surprises between us later, and I seriously hope there is a later for us.” The confidence in Trevor’s voice grew stronger. “No matter what, I know this is a shock and there’s no way to avoid that.” He rested his hand on Randy’s thigh. “It’s something I’ve never told anyone else I’ve dated. You’re that important to me, and I need you to know. I want you to know me for who I am from the start. Or at least as close to the start as possible.”

“Werewolf stuff’s Hollywood fantasy.” Randy pushed Trevor’s hand off him. His scent had changed to annoyance, bordering on anger, and it worried Trevor. “Why does this feel like some stupid precursor to you dumping me for Sky? He’s got a hell of a lot more to offer than me and already knows your buddies.”

“We like you better, Randy. Gingers are soulless bastards. Trust me, I’m married to one. Ouch!” Cody rubbed his arm where Casey had hit it.

The briefest of grins formed on Randy’s face as his scent changed slightly before reverting to his icy glare.

“Thanks, but not helping, Cody.” Trevor shook his head. “I’m not trying to push you away or dump you. On the contrary, I’m trying to get closer to you. I don’t care who has what to offer because all I’m interested in is you. You could live in a cardboard box for all I care, and I’d happily sit next to you in it.” Trevor gave a little smile in hopes of salvaging what he had started. “I’m proud to say in front of everyone here that you’re the first guy, the first person I made love to instead of it just being sex.” He glanced over his shoulder. “That means he fucked me, Casey. And I loved it.”

“Fine. If you want to go with this bullshit stuff about wolves, put up or shut up. Show me, or I’m out of here. Go on and turn into a wolf.” Randy pulled away from both Trevor and Skyler, crossing his arms.

“I just don’t want to lose you, Randy. No matter if it’s as a friend, lover, whatever. Being close to you makes me happy.” Trevor pulled off his shirt and toed off his shoes. When his shorts dropped to the ground he held the man’s eyes.

“Didn’t expect you to get naked, but bad joke or not, you still look hot as fuck. Obviously insane, but damn…” Randy’s scent shifted to major arousal, and Trevor knew his pheromones were giving him an unfair advantage. “I’ve seen porns on pup play. Is this whole thing part of that?”

“It kinda shreds my clothes like the Hulk if I don’t strip first. And we can discuss fetishes later.” Trevor dropped to a crouch, keeping his eyes locked on Randy. He activated his shift. Fur spread across his body as it quickly transformed. The eyes he looked back at had grown wide. Arousal had been replaced by fear, bordering on terror.

What the fuck!”

“He’s not going to do anything to hurt you.” Skyler’s voice was soft. “That beautiful animal only wants to be close. I know you’re scared and your first instinct’s to run, but you’re safe.”

The silver and black wolf rested his head on Randy’s leg startling him. Trevor edged his nose towards the trembling hand. Needing more contact, the wolf stepped up onto the patio sofa his two men sat on and laid across Randy’s lap. Even though it embarrassed the wolf doing this in front of his peers, he rolled so he could look up and pawed at his lover like a playful dog would.

The gentle tone of Skyler’s voice had a calming effect. Because of his connection to Randy, the others remained quiet. “He kept saying it was incredibly important to him that you knew. That he share this secret with you.” With a tender grasp, he guided Randy’s hand and set it on Trevor’s fur.

Shaking, Randy brushed it over the animal. Each stroke was a little calmer, letting the dense coat run through his fingers making Trevor think of his enjoyment doing that on Randy’s chest. The wolf remained motionless as his lover’s hand seemed to be on autopilot. Randy moved to the massive head, scratching around the ears and watching them twitch. His other one rubbed the beast’s chest causing a happy murring from the animal.

“Look into his eyes and think about them when you two were kissing, or staring at each other earlier. They’re exactly the same. That’s Trevor looking back at you now. You know it is.”

“You knew he could do this?” Randy finally pulled his eyes away from the dark orbs and turned his head towards Skyler

“I did.”

“How the fuck did you already know, Skyler?” Anger and hurt filled Randy’s voice. “He said I was the first person he’d dated, he tol…” The color drained from his face.

“Randy.” Aiden got his attention away from Trevor and Skyler. “We all knew, because we’re the same as Trevor.”

What?” Randy’s voice almost squeaked with fear. He made an attempt to push the wolf off his lap, but the heavy animal refused to budge. Trevor raised his head enough to wink at Aiden, remembering what his friend said he had done years ago to make sure Ethan did not flee in panic.

“He’s right, Randy.” Darius had stayed in the background until that point. “All of us except Ethan were born this way.”

“No, no, no. This can’t be real. Werewolves aren’t real.” Randy shook his head vigorously. “I’m drunk, and I passed out. That’s gotta be it. I’ll wake with a hangover and feel bad about embarrassing Trev in front of his friends, but this has to be alcohol talking. Werewolves aren’t real. This is not real.”

“You’ve had four or five beers since you got here.” Aiden looked like he thought the decision to allow this discussion might have been a bad one.

“If this is for real, why tell me instead of keeping me in the dark?” Randy was shaking badly. “I didn’t need to know werewolves were a real fuckin’ thing.” His breathing increased along with the scent of fear. He tried again to push Trevor off him with no luck. “Who’s to say I won’t go tell everyone there’s a bunch of werewolves around here?” The widening of his eyes tipped the others off he was about to go into full panic even before his scent did. “Oh shit. I didn’t mean that. I won’t tell. Please, don’t kill me. I won’t tell anyone.” The big, muscular guy sounded as terrified as he smelled.

“No one. And I mean absolutely no one will harm you in any way, Randy. I promise you that.” Aiden’s tone left no doubt he meant it. “I think I can say with certainty Trevor and Skyler would protect you with their lives.”

“Damn right we would.” Skyler rested his hand on Randy’s shoulder, causing another jump.

Trevor rubbed his head along his scared lover’s body until he felt the shaking slow. He stood and licked the man’s neck where he usually kissed it and purred at the shiver he caused. Stepping down to the ground, he returned to human and pulled on his shorts, opting to leave his shirt off. “Just so you know, werewolf is the equivalent to us as the bitch calling Seth a faggot.”

“Umm, I-I’m sorry.” Randy’s voice was shaky. “I, umm, d-didn’t know.”

“There were a couple reasons it was so important for me to tell you. One, Wade and Thad are like us. When Thad was shot, there were so many members of our pack at the house, there was no way I could invite you over.” Trevor let out a sigh. “No matter how much I wanted your or Skyler’s arms wrapped around me for support to do what I needed. I had to hide everything that was going on instead of sharing it with you. I knew you’d ask who those people were, and I’d have had to lie. I already did that when I told you was going on, and it bothered me. I wanted to be fully honest with you.”

“Okay, I guess I could see that. And the other reason?” Fear was still in Randy’s voice and scent.

“Our animal’s a semi-independent part of us. I can always hear him in my mind, we talk, but we’re still one being. With lycan, the voice in our head is real.” Trevor gave a small chuckle but stopped when it did not elicit a smile from Randy. “My wolf wanted to be with you since our first night together. I wanted to invite you to stay the night, but was unsure about taking that step with a guy.” Trevor glanced at the redhead for a moment. “Yeah, Skyler spent the night first, but I knew things were going to go further with you. My wolf convinced me it was the right decision, and I’m so glad he did. Being in my fur with you, even for the short time I just did, is an extra level of intimacy that lets all of me spend time with you.

“My last reason’s a little more complicated and likely selfish. It could also freak you out worse than I already have. I asked Aiden and the others if I could offer you the chance to someday become one of us. The decision would be totally yours, if you ever got to the point you wanted it.”

The mouth opened and closed several times, but no words came out. Randy seemed dumbfounded.

“You don’t have to answer that now. Or ever. I told you before I was being illogical, and all of them agreed with me. But after meeting you, they also agreed that, even though we almost never turn a human, you’re one who’s truly worthy of our gift.”

“O-okay. Not only are you… You want to make me one? Holy shit!”

“I don’t want to make you do anything. And I’m not saying right now. I wanted to give you an option to someday be one of us. A member of our pack family.” Trevor felt guilty for dumping this all on his unprepared lover. “This also goes to another reason it was important you know about me. Even though I’m extremely careful around humans, there is a risk, no matter how small, if you have a cut or something like that of my saliva getting into it and causing an unintentional effect. I’ve never heard of it happening, but it’s a risk.”

Ethan had been quiet up until this point. “I was human when Aiden met me.” Coughing made him glance at his brother. “Shut up, Casey. Stories of wolves were a major fantasy of mine, and he was in his fur, not skin, when we met. So it was the opposite of how you’re finding out. I thought a beautiful wolf had taken a liking to me when I was camping. It was a while later I got to see him in this body.” A smirk crossed his face. “When he shifted it freaked me out, but I had a hot, naked man in front of me.” He paused for a moment. “Getting turned isn’t an easy process. It might have been a dream for me, but even then, I’m still thankful I went through with it every day. And for what I’ve become.

“If at any point you accept the offer, either Trevor or Skyler would be the ones to turn you. Unless you meet another local wolf you’d like to be the one to do it. It would make you a part of the pack that lives here in Burney. It’s like an extended family for most of us since we’re social creatures.” Ethan nodded towards Cody and Darius. “There’s always a weird uncle or crazy aunt, maybe a few cousins you don’t want to deal with, but still a nice family. I’m sure you’d know some of the people in it. You might have even gone to school with a few, like Skyler. All seven of us would be with you the night you had your first shift and help you in any way you needed.”

“All of you can seriously do this?” Randy sounded incredulous. “Turn into wolves I mean.”

“Well, technically Darius and I can’t, but that’s because I’m a coyote, and he’s a lion.” Cody’s sheepish smile earned him a double head-slap from both his mates.

“I was gonna ease into that, Cody. But yeah, we can. And as he said, some shape shifters are not wolves.”

“Sorry.” Cody rubbed his head.

“Mind totally blown.” Randy stood and paced in the middle of the seating area. “And there’s more of you living in Burney?”

“Yes, there are. Ethan and I are the alphas. That means we’re the leaders of the pack here.”

“It might have helped him relax more if you’d have sung that line.” Ethan moved to hide behind Casey.

Aiden rolled his eyes. “Anyways, Thad and Wade manage things for us when we can’t be in town. Because of Thad getting shot, there’s about a dozen wolves roaming around the perimeter of the house to make sure we’re secure.”

“Is it safe for me to walk around outside?” Randy looked at each man, not letting his eyes settle for long. “Am I gonna get attacked if I head home?”

“They’re only around to insure our safety.” Aiden used his most calming voice. “It’s kind of like the Secret Service for the president. You’ve lived around people like us your entire life and nothing’s happened to you.”

“So what really happened to Thad? You said you lied to me about it.”

“Can I tell him?”

“Go for it, Trev.” Aiden shook his head. “We’re long past the point of no return here.”

“Remember when you said a bunch of people left Burney real quick when Mr. Jackman, who owned the mill, died?”


“He used to be the alpha of the pack, but was killed by a family in town that wanted to take over. They were exposed after his death and ran to escape.”

“How does that tie in with Thad?”

“I’m working here this summer to help find and recover money that family stole from the pack. Funds that caused a lot of the businesses to close. Not only in Burney, but all over the territory the pack covers. Those people struck out and tried to kill Thad and Wade because we’re making progress on taking back what they stole. Injuries aren’t usually a problem for us, but this was a little different. If Thad had been human it would have been a simple task of flying him to Redding for surgery. But because of some differences with us not being completely human, we had to wait for one of our own doctors who could handle the operation.”

“What happens if I say yes to you–what did you call it–turning me?”

“Ethan? You know this better than anyone.” Trevor reached for Randy’s hand, but stopped short of touching it. “Would you let Sky or me hold you?”

“Not quite yet. I’m trying not to be a dick about this, but I need some space. Hell, I’m still in denial even after what I saw, and not convinced I didn’t pass out.”

“Aiden turned me about five years ago.” Ethan stared lovingly at his mate for a moment. “He had to bite me to do it. That sounds bad and there is pain involved, but it can also come with incredible pleasure when done right. You’ll feel your body go through changes. Stuff like you get stronger, eyesight improving, hearing getting better. Some of those things take a little adjusting to and can be disconcerting. Sounds you’ve always heard can become a little loud until you learn to tune them out, but that doesn’t take long. You’re taught those skills from people like us who help guide you.”

“Doesn’t sound too bad.” Randy crossed his arms. “So what’s the downside?”

“The first full moon after you’re bit is when you’d turn into a wolf. We aren’t forced to change to our animal every time it’s full, but the first time always happens on one.” Ethan paused until the human nodded in apparent understanding. “The days leading up to that you would likely be moody as hell.”

“With Ethan, he made me almost regret biting him in the last three days before the moon.”

“You may be my mate, but I’ll get you back for that later. I know where you sleep.” Ethan cast a glare at Aiden. “Anyways, I won’t lie. The first change’s agonizingly painful. But it is for the born lycan their first time too. I watched Casey’s younger brother shift before I was turned. Even with what I saw, I knew it’s what I wanted.” A smile, possibly at Ethan’s memories, formed. “When the wolf emerges for the first time, it’s disorienting.

“You’re aware of everything around you, but it’s like you’re only along for the ride since the animal’s in control for a bit. Everything at that time’s instinct. It helps you figure out how to stand without hands, and walking on four paws is weird to start with. Not to mention having a tail. Within a few minutes of getting furry and taking my first few steps, I was running with the pack.

“Over time, things feel more blended when you shift, and you and the wolf share control over what you do.” Ethan seemed to focus more on Randy. “I can see the worry on your face, likely fear of doing something bad while the animal’s in charge. The wolf’s born out of you and from my experience has the same morals the human side does. It’s a part of me now, and I wouldn’t go back to how I was for anything.”

“And you guys want me to be a part of this?” Randy’s eyes moved from the alphas to Trevor. “The pack thing? Why me? I get the part about me dating Trev and Sky, but it kinda feels like I walked into a horror movie or something.”

“We can sense a lot more about a person than a human can. Little signals that people give off. Have you ever heard people say stuff about dogs knowing if a person’s good or not? It’s kind of the same thing with us.” Aiden seemed pleased Randy had calmed down. “One of our highest laws is not to reveal ourselves to humans. It’s caused problems in the past and sometimes leads to them trying to hunt and kill us.

“Spending time with you and talking today, we know you’re a good guy. The fact Trevor made the request speaks volumes, because he wouldn’t have if he didn’t completely believe in you. Me and Ethan being alphas, we can pick out more than the others, and we thought it was a good idea after getting to know you.” Aiden winked at Trevor. “If any type of romance builds between you and either or both of them, they’d have had to tell you at some point, or you’d never forgive them for hiding that part of them from you.” His eyes were drawn to his mate for a moment. “And even though you guys are still new to each other, there’s obviously some romance going on.”

“That part makes sense.” Randy finally sat between Trevor and Skyler. He turned towards the redhead. “You haven’t said too much since I yelled at you.”

“I’ve spoken up when I needed to and let the others do the talking.”

“Why would you want me to do this?” Randy cocked his head.

“Same as Trev. There’s something about you that makes me want to share who I am with you. I want to get furry and run through the forest with you. Hell, maybe just sit at the house with you and have you scratch my ears or rub my belly.” Skyler took Randy’s hand and set it on his tight abs. “I want you to know me for exactly who I am. It’s crazy to me since it’s just past twenty-four hours since the first time I was around you in several years. But my wolf and I want to be with you.”

“You can seriously do that too?” Randy’s scent shifted back to curiosity.

Skyler stood and started to strip.

“If nothing else comes of this, thank you for getting the hot ginger naked for us.” Ethan grinned from ear to ear.

Randy watched as his second lover changed into a reddish wolf. There was still fear rolling off him as his eyes went from the animal to Trevor, and then the rest of those present. “I’m probably being a dick, but I need some time to myself. I’ve gotta get out of here.” He headed for the house and the last thing Trevor heard was the front door closing.

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