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Higher Education - 13. Higher 13

“Hey, it’s Skyler.” He held the phone to his ear. “I’m in Lassen Park with Trevor and a buddy. We just left the Bumpass Trail parking lot.” His hand motions indicated he wanted the person on the other end of the phone to get to the point. “Right after I saw the text we started for home. It’s probably going to take a half hour to get to the park exit and another forty-five minutes after that to reach you guys.” One hand rose to rub his temple. “No, my phone was on mute while we hiked. You told me I didn’t need it on, and I should enjoy my day off.” Both his companions saw the eye roll. “Yeah, I’ll meet you there as soon as we’re back.”

“Everything okay?” Randy leaned forward, curious about what had happened.

“Umm. Thad was in an accident. A bunch of us that work with him are getting called in. They want you to come in too, Trev.”

“Damn, how bad? Is Wade okay? I like those guys.” The rapid fire questions distracted Trevor momentarily, and he was thankful for that.

“Not sure yet on Thad. Wade’s shaken, but sounds like he’s fine.”

“You alright, Trev? You’re real quiet.” Randy placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Sorry, just trying to focus on what I’m doing.” Trevor glanced in the rear view mirror and nodded when their eyes met. “I’m scared for Thad and worried about Wade.”

Skyler’s phone buzzed with another message which he wolf-whispered to Trevor. “Alphas are in the air. ETA four hours.”

“They’ve gotta be on the Gulfstream at near max speed. It must be bad.”

Skyler’s left eyebrow rose. “Drive. Don’t speculate. We’ll find out what’s going on when we get back.” He glanced at the phone again. “And it looks like they took off a little while ago.”

The ride back to Burney was mostly silent with the exception of the redhead occasionally tapping away to answer a text or take a call. The lack of chatter seemed to increase the amount of time it took, but finally the town sign came into view.

“Want me to drop you at the office or your house?”

“Office please. Wade’s at home, and they’re asking you to go there. Sounds like a few board directors are there already.” In a few minutes, Skyler hopped out of the SUV as Randy moved to the front seat. “I hope I get to spend some more time with you soon, Randy. Today was fun, and I want to get to know you a lot better. Maybe find out how randy you get.”

“Sorry the day had to end with a downer, but I had a blast while the fun was going. I’ll catch ya soon, Skyler.”

“Okay if I drop you at home?” Trevor glanced to his right as he pulled away from the office. “I have a feeling it’s gonna be a zoo at the house for a little while.”

“Oh, uh, yeah.” Randy sounded dejected and his scent reinforced that assessment.

“Hey, don’t take it as me pushing you away, because I’m not” Trevor reached over, gripping Randy’s leg. “I’ll text and let you know what’s happening.” He sighed as they pulled up to Randy’s place. “I don’t know what all’s going on, but it’s serious enough my friends who inherited the company here are flying out from Pennsylvania.”

“Just let me know how Thad is. It sounds like you’re gonna be real busy.” Randy reached behind Trevor’s neck and pulled their foreheads together. “Things are starting to go good for me. I’m here for you when or if you need me.”

“The one positive thing in all this, no matter what this is between us right now, I get to introduce the guy who took my last claim to any kind of virginity to my closest friends in the entire world.” Trevor could not contain the smile accompanying the thought. “Two of the five are my size, one’s bigger and likes to hug. I’ll let you know when I hear something.”


Pack security was heavy around the house. That gave Trevor a reason to be glad he had dropped Randy off. One less thing to try and explain. Still, he wished the man was with him. Fortunately, few humans lived on the street to pay attention to the increased activity which could be passed off as a party. He knew Skyler would be busy for quite a while, cutting off a second line of support if he needed it. Holding the position of Aiden’s beta would press him into the leadership role, if Wade or Thad were unable to carry out their duties, until the alpha pair arrived. He hoped it would not cause friction with outranking the enforcer. Pushing everything else out of his mind, he walked into the house, prepared to deal with what was needed.

He found Marshal Holmes talking to another council member in the dining room. Several people Trevor recognized were gathered in the living room. Sarah Holmes was in the kitchen apparently making tea. Scanning the rooms, he did not see Wade. There was a tightening in his chest as his mind jumped from one thought to the next. He was startled when a hand touched his shoulder.

“He’s on the patio.” Sarah’s eyes were soft as she nodded towards the back door.

“You’re stealthy and quick. I just saw you in the kitchen.” Trevor’s quip brought a smile to her face, even if it was a grim one. “Why do I feel like I just walked into a funeral?”

“A fraction of an inch, and you would have.”

“At least he’s still alive.”

“That he is, and he’s a fighter. Marshal can give you the details.” She looked behind her. “Honey, the beta’s here.”

The older gentleman approached and took his mate’s hand.

“I know the alpha pair’s inbound.” Trevor fixed his eyes on the council member’s. “Although I’m not technically a member of Pit River, I need to know if both the local betas are compromised. Yes, I know one’s been shot. If so, is there anything critical that needs to be taken care of.”

“Wade mentioned you’d step up.” Marshal took a deep breath. “Is he compromised? Most definitely. As for the rest, our contingency plans are in motion. As of right now you are the ranking member of leadership, making you acting alpha.”

“Where’s Grant?” Trevor looked around. “I figured he’d be here.”

“The enforcer’s coordinating with the hunters.” Marshal pulled out his phone. “We can get him here if needed.”

“No, he’s where he needs to be. Okay, I’m going to go check on Wade. When I come back, I’d like a rundown of what happened, status of the gunman, and most of all Thad’s condition and prognosis. I also need an updated ETA on the alphas and what security’s in place at the airport. Are they landing here or Redding?” Trevor turned and walked out through the sliding glass door and onto the patio. Wade sat with his back to the door, an elbow on the table with his head leaning on his hand. Several people were around the perimeter of the yard. He moved around in front of his friend and knelt, wrapping his arms around him. “Are you physically okay?”

“Nice choice of words since mentally I’m not.” The exhale was heavy and filled with pain. “I am. It was… inconvenient and annoying when I got shot at the beginning of the year, but it wasn’t like this. Have they briefed you yet?”

“I already figured you’d need me to assume your role for now, but my priority was checking on you first. Family takes care of its own. I’ll see to everything while you see to your husband.”

“I’m sorry this wrecked your day. Two hot men all to yourself. The possibilities were fun to consider.”

Trevor returned Wade’s grin. “Perv. There’ll be other days for me to get with them. Randy said to tell you he’s thinking of you both. The guy’s fond of you and Thad. Do you need anything from me?”

“You’re already doing it. Go deal with your briefing. Thad and I have gotten used to having you around, so knowing you’re in the house’s making me feel a little better.”

Trevor gave the man another hug before returning inside. “Okay, briefing time. Who’s up?”

“Beta Carlson, I’m JT’s deputy, Will Turner.” The man seemed to force a grin and shook his head. “Please, no Pirate’s of the Caribbean jokes. I’ve heard ’em all. Betas Roslin and Richards were in Alturas to meet with a group from the pack. Prior to the meeting they stopped to pay respects to former Luna Wagner and escorted her to the gathering.”

“I’m going to stop you for a moment to clarify. The luna’s the mate from two alphas ago, correct?”

“Yes, Beta.”

“Sorry for interrupting. Please continue.”

“At approximately 11:35 a.m., during the meeting with twenty wolves, four felines, and three avians, another shifter approached that was assumed to be late to the meeting. Thirty in total were expected. The shifter pulled two pistols from behind him and fired five times before he could be tackled. The gun pointed at Beta Roslin worked, the one pointed at Beta Richards malfunctioned.

“All five rounds struck Beta Roslin’s center mass, I mean in the chest and abdomen. There was only one exit wound. The slugs appeared to be silver hollow points to maximize damage and inflict as much pain as possible. He was taken immediately to Modoc Medical Center for emergency surgery where a lycan doctor was able to remove two that entered the abdomen.” The man paused to take a breath. “The other two bullets are the problem. One’s pressed against the left ventricle of his heart and the other’s lodged between the aorta and the superior vena cava, nicking both. A few millimeters either direction, and it would have killed him almost instantly. The burn from the silver’s apparently cauterizing the arteries, but like the second one, it’s also slowly burning away the tissue. The attending doctor didn’t feel he had the expertise for the delicate operation that would be needed. Especially given the way they deformed.

“We’re trying to locate a shifter who’s a heart surgeon. There are none in the territory, and we’ve put out an emergency request across Northern California, Nevada, and Oregon. As soon as Beta Roslin was stable enough to move, he was airlifted to the hospital in Fall River Mills, putting him twenty minutes away from us.”

“Why wasn’t he just flown to Redding? There has to be a cardiac specialist there.” Trevor felt that was ridiculously obvious.

“One, it’s almost two miles outside the territory and has no shifters on staff. And second, the slight physiological differences between us and humans was felt to be too risky for someone to see. Plus, there’s a heightened risk of exposure to the Lycanthropy virus by coming into contact with his blood. And finally, the human authorities would end up getting involved and want to investigate the shooting. In Alturas and here we have enough control at the hospitals; it isn’t an issue. Unfortunately, in a case like this he’d be allowed to die to avoid the risk of exposing us.”

“Sorry, I should have considered that. Please continue.”

“We’ve gotten responses from several packs, saying they have no one. It isn’t something that comes up usually for our kind. There hasn’t been any word from the Sacramento or San Francisco area packs yet. Those groups aren’t exactly friendly to this part of the state.”

“How about Columbia River Pack? Portland’s in their territory. Has anyone heard from Alpha Jennings? He’s friends with my alpha in Pennsylvania and would likely help.”

“They were a no. Plenty of doctors, just no heart specialists.”

“Okay, that explains Ethan coming. If the bullet deformed, I doubt he could push it out like he did in the past. Let me try someone.” Trevor pulled out his phone and scrolled through his contacts. “Brandon, it’s Trevor. I’ve got an emergency here. I’m putting you on speaker.”

“What do you need?” The casual tone Trevor first heard when the call was answered was replaced with concern.

“I don’t have Alpha Hampton’s contact info. I need to know if there’s a cardiac surgeon in your pack or anywhere in SoCal that’s a shifter. Doesn’t matter what species. If so, are they willing to fly to Pit River immediately?”

“Hang on. Alpha just walked in.” Muffled talking could be heard in the background.

“Trevor, it’s Tom. None of our members are, but there’s a couple of them in San Diego Pack, and I’m pretty sure there’s a few in some of the LA area packs. I’m calling the alpha of SDP now.”

“I’ll stay on the line with you while he’s talking to them, Trev. What’s going on?”

“Thad Roslin, one of the betas up here, was shot. Silver bullets to the chest. Two rounds are against his heart.” The information could be heard getting passed on.

“Trevor, their alpha approved the request. He owed me a favor. They have access to jets for medical flights. Where exactly are they going?”

Will Turner provided the answer. “Fall River Mills Airport, Alpha. The FAA LID is 089.”

“They said the surgical team will be wheels-up in forty-five minutes or less.”

“Thank you, Alpha Hampton. Now Pit River Pack, me, and especially my alphas, owe you. Could you text me the contact information so I can have the medical team here brief the surgeon in flight and coordinate what they need from our side?”

“Getting your info from Brandon and sending it to SDP, plus sending theirs to you, and mine as well. I hope everything turns out well.”

“Are you okay, Trevor? I know these are your friends.” Brandon’s tone was softer. “Anything else I can do for you?”

“Yeah, I’m okay. Want to move up here and take over a pack?” Trevor chuckled. “If not, I need to get to the next project. I probably shouldn’t be trying to give Pit River away. Thank you, Brandon. With luck, you’ve saved our beta’s life.” He ended the call and shoved his phone back in his pocket. “Okay, what’s next? Did the gunman give up anything? You said he was tackled?”

“He bit down on a wolfsbane capsule before anyone could do anything. He had a note from the McKinney family saying this war’s far from over. They’re resorting to kamikaze attacks, which indicate they’re getting desperate.”

“What’s the status of the hunters, Thad’s protection, and arrangements for the alphas to arrive?”

“Hunters are at threatcon delta. Their highest alert if you’re unfamiliar with the term.” Will hesitated. “Sorry, that came out wrong, Beta. We’ve put all off duty bodyguards on standby. The alphas said they’re traveling with their own security so as not to pull ours away from anything. And to your earlier question, they’ll be landing here, not Redding. The two men behind you, along with me, will be with you for the time being. There are three more outside should you leave the house. By morning we’ll be set up with a three shift rotation on your security.”

“I’m going to update Wade on the surgeon.” Trevor felt his phone vibrate and glanced at the message. “Here’s the text with the information to have our doctor talk to theirs. I know our people at the hospital are busy­­–it’s funny a couple days ago I didn’t even know it was there–I’d like status updates every thirty minutes as long as it doesn’t disrupt them taking care of him. Make it happen.”

“Yes, Beta.”

Trevor turned to Marshal who had been standing quietly nearby. “I need you and the rest of the council to keep me informed of anything that comes up. You’ll likely hear about it before I will. Also, whatever pending projects Thad or Wade were working on, if it can’t be delayed and needs my attention, I’ll take them in order of priority. Otherwise, have it staffed out or placed on hold. Notify any relevant departments.”

“Yes, Beta Carlson.” Marshal and the other councilors present dipped their heads respectfully.

“Don’t start the protocol crap right now. It might help get my mind wrapped around what’s happening, but it’ll get old fast.” Trevor stepped outside into the fresh air. The house had felt stuffy and confined with so many people around. Now he understood why Wade chose his sanctuary to sit. Pulling a chair beside his friend, he took Wade’s hand. “I’ve got a surgeon flying in from San Diego. I probably could have gotten one from San Francisco or maybe Sacramento, but I don’t know anyone there who’d do me a favor. The team will be in the air in approximately forty minutes or less. Flight time should be under two hours. Closer to one if they’re on something similar to Ethan and Aiden.”

“So it’s a race against the clock to see if they can save him before the silver kills him.”

“I know you’re trying to stay strong for everyone around. If you need to cry, don’t hold back. It isn’t a sign of weakness. I need to head back inside for a few minutes.” Trevor waved over his shoulder, “Sarah, would you sit with him, please?”

“Of course.”

“Marshal, what’s the protocol in this situation for when and how to send out a pack wide message?” Trevor glanced between the gathered council members. “I know how quick the rumor mill can operate and that misinformation is more dangerous than not saying anything. I’m trying to figure out if I should do it now to reassure people that he’s alive. Also, that there’s continuity in leadership. Or perhaps wait until the alphas get here. I would like, no, I need the council’s recommendation.” Trevor moved around the room, and one after another, people would grab him as soon as they noticed he was free. Time felt like it stood still.

“Beta. You’ve got a text.” Will handed Trevor’s phone back to him.

“Thank you.”

<Haven’t heard from you. How’s Thad?>

“I can smell you wanting to answer that.” Marshal placed his hand on Trevor’s shoulder. “I’ll discuss messaging with the others, and we’ll give you options when you get back. Delegating and asking for assistance as you have is a sign of leadership, and we’re lucky to have you here.”

“Thank you.” Trevor looked down at his phone again. “The one drawback to going out with a human’s not being able to tell them everything when there’s a problem. I’ll be in my room for a few minutes if you need me.” Two of the guards followed him down the hall until he stopped them. “My bedroom, my private space.”

“No disrespect, Beta, but we’re supposed to keep you within sight at all times until the threat level is lowered.”

“This house,” Trevor waved his hands around, “is literally the most secure place in the entire territory right now. Good thing I don’t need to piss or shit.” He gave a sigh when that did not appease the guard. “Fine, I’ll leave the door open, but I need to make a private call. And I’m sorry, you don’t deserve me directing my frustration at you. We both have jobs to do.”

“We’ll be as respectful of your privacy as possible. And thank you, Beta.” One of the guards returned to the living room while the other moved as far as he could while still seeing into the bedroom.


“Trevor. Things must not be good since I haven’t heard from you.”

“No, they’re not, and I’m sorry for not calling sooner. Time seems to have gotten away from me. Thad’s hurt a lot worse than they let on earlier. I guess no one wanted to scare me.”

“What happened?”

“They were in Alturas to visit a friend. Someone tried to rob them and shot him in the chest.”


“They somehow got him back to the local hospital, but he’s not stable enough to be flown to Redding. So they’re waiting for a surgeon to arrive that can remove two of the bullets. There’s a ton of people here from the company, trying to take care of everything. It’s fallen on me to oversee stuff since Wade’s in no condition right now.”

“I wish I could hold you and let you know everything’s gonna be alright.”

“Me too.” Trevor noticed movement in the hall and saw the guard put his hand on someone’s chest to block them. “I’m getting flagged down, I’ve gotta go. Is it crazy that I miss you?”

“Take care of what you need to. I’m not going anywhere.” There was a sigh that somehow calmed Trevor slightly. “And no, it isn’t.”

“Bye for now, Randy.” Trevor turned his attention to the door. “What is it, Will?”

“Beta, the alphas’ plane’s approximately thirty minutes out and the surgical team should arrive shortly after that. The pack doctor says Beta Roslin’s slowly succumbing to the silver poisoning. They’re pumping him full of the counter agent, but it’s no longer having the desired effect.” Will swiped through several messages. “I’ve got conflicting reports we’re trying to clarify, but we might have run out of the drug for treating silver poisoning. I’m not sure if it’s at the hospital or the territory.”

“Thank you. I can probably get some if we need an emergency supply. Between the alphas being media whores,” Trevor smiled for the first time in a while when Will choked, “and Alpha Stockdale from back home, I’ve got several contacts. What’s the drive time between here and the airport or hospital?”

“About twenty-two minutes. Likely less since we can request a police escort.”

“Then I want to be on the road in five minutes.” Trevor did a quick mental check to try and make sure he was not forgetting anything. “I’ll confirm what Wade wants to do, but have a team ready to drive both of us to Fall River Mills. Confirm which report on the silver treatment’s accurate so we can attend to that.” He paused for a moment. “Screw it, I’ll put in for resupply in the truck. We’ve burned through a lot anyways.”

“Yes, Beta.”

Kneeling once more in front of Wade, Trevor took the hand Sarah had been holding. “I’m headed to the airport soon to meet Ethan and Aiden. Do you want to come, or wait here? I don’t know what facilities that hospital has to keep you comfortable while he’s in surgery.”

“Likely the same as they had in Alturas, cramped and institutional.” Wade looked exhausted. “I’ll ride with you.”

Trevor glanced over his shoulder and nodded at Will. In the background he heard “Ares and Prometheus are moving.”

Will and three other guards piled into the SUV with Trevor and Wade in the middle seat. Two more trucks flanked them fore and aft as they pulled onto the street. Trevor tapped out a short message to Randy.

<Friends and surgeon are landing soon. Headed to meet them>

<K. Let me know what happens>

<I will>

<Hug Wade for me>

Trevor showed Wade the last message and gave him a hug. He cocked an eyebrow then realized how often he had been doing that lately. “So, Will, just out of curiosity, which one of us is the titan and which one’s the god of war?”

“We figured Ares was appropriate for you, Beta. Especially since someone mentioned how protective you are of your friends.”


The convoy pulled onto the airport grounds minutes before the private jet made a pass over the runway. Circling around and coming in from the west, with the setting sun at its tail, the aircraft seemed much slower. The rear landing gear touched down just past the threshold marks. The engine pitch changed quickly as the thrust reversers were engaged at full power to slow the plane on a runway not meant for jets. It took until it reached the far end to finally slow enough to take the last exit to the taxiway.

As the plane came to a stop on the parking ramp, a second jet made a similar flyby before circling around. Its final approach was much slower with one of the onlookers speculating they were just above stall speed. The door opened on the first as the second turned off the runway.

Ethan was out the door before it was fully lowered. “Wade!” He appeared to run full out and stopped just short of tackling the man he wanted to get to. His arms though did envelop his pack’s beta.

“Aiden. Good to see you. Just wish it wasn’t like this.” Trevor bro-hugged his friend and proceeded to Casey. A few more people in dark suits got off before he saw Darius and Cody come into view.

The second jet came to a halt beside the first. There were a good number of SUVs and pickup trucks lined up. Trevor waved Will over to him. “Surgical team takes priority over everyone here except Wade, his detail, Ethan, and Cody. Get them and any equipment the doctors need loaded up and to the hospital. If people have to wait for a ride, so be it.”

“Yes, Beta.” Will quickly executed his orders.

Trevor looked around him. “Ethan, get in that truck with Wade and be ready to move out.” Seeing Casey and Cody following, he stopped them. “One of you goes, one waits. You guys pick.” Casey hopped in the vehicle.

Aiden inspected his friend carefully. “Something’s changed about you.”

“Not really. Just having a dictator moment and making the most out of calling the shots. Even with you on the ground.” Trevor held up a finger. “Hold that thought. Be right back.” He sprinted over to the second plane as equipment was being handed down and carefully loaded into waiting vehicles. “Which one’s the surgeon?”

“We are. Doctors Welborn and Kardell at your service.”

“I’ll skip the pleasantries for now other than to say I’m the lead beta at the moment, and I’m beyond grateful you’re here. One of our alphas will be going with you, Ethan Tucker, to provide his healing abilities. All I can say is he’ll know when he’s needed, but he won’t get in your way. As soon as your gear’s loaded to your satisfaction, the drive’s basically to the end of the runway.” Trevor pointed at the hospital.

“The local doctor’s been in contact with us, giving updates during the flight along with images of the bullets. The patient should be in pre-op now. I know the silver counter agent stopped working about an hour ago. Honestly, it’s a crap shoot at this point, but we’ll do everything we can. We’ve only heard of Alpha Tucker’s gifts, so this will be a new experience.”

“Anything you need, just ask. As soon as you’re ready, this man will drive you.” He nodded to the lycan beside him.

The doctors got a thumbs up from their team. “That’s it.”

“Medical team. These two SUVs.” Trevor’s volume rose “Everyone else, wait your turn, and we’ll get you there as soon as possible. Move out.” He ran back over to Aiden and instinctually bared his neck. “Around any other alpha, I’d be considered disrespectful by now, so I’ll say I’m sorry even though I’m not.”

“Bro, you’re taking care of what needs to be done, just like I always knew you would. And you know a little more about what’s going on than us.”

There were still several vehicles waiting once the important people were on their way. “Will.”

“Yes, Beta.”

“Please get Alpha Jacobs and his people into the remaining trucks. The rest of us will wait for the first cars to come back.”

“Belay that.”

“Alpha?” Will froze in place.

“This man’s been calling the shots for the last couple hours. Since none of us are a priority for what’s happening at the hospital, I’ll wait until my beta can travel with me.”

“Yes, Alpha.” Will coordinated with the rest of the security staff to get the remaining people where they needed to go.

“Ya know, we could actually walk over. It’s not that far.” Trevor nodded towards the aircraft. “New paint job or is that a different jet? It looks smaller.”

“It’s a G400.”

“Slumming? The other Gulfstream feeling old already?” Trevor shook his head. “I know how your attention span is with toys. Or did someone say you had to start paying for your own fuel?”

“Asshole.” Aiden shoulder-bumped his buddy. “Remind me again why I like you.”

“Pay up, Dari.” Cody Marshall and his mate, Darius McDonnell, came up behind Trevor.

“Nothing to pay up since I didn’t take that bet. I knew what he’d say.” The lion pulled his friend into an embrace. “Missed you, Trev. You doing okay?”

“I haven’t given myself time to figure out if I’m good or not. Just trying to get through the day.” Trevor let out a heavy sigh. “But I’ve missed you too. And even you, Cody.” He pulled his phone out of his pocket. “I gotta send someone an update.”

<Doctors arrived. Surgery starts soon>

<Hope all goes well>

“Aiden. While we wait, I haven’t sent out a pack-wide message about Thad’s condition yet.” Trevor took a quick glance at his phone again. “The council was going to give me an opinion on it, but other things kept popping up. Then we got the notice you were close, so we held off. You’re the alpha, so it really should come from you.”

Trevor’s lifelong friend nodded. “I always knew you had this side in you. You took command when needed and didn’t relinquish it until the doctors were on their way. If it’s waited this long, it can wait until he’s out of surgery.”

“Excuse me, Alpha Jacobs, Beta Carlson. We’re ready to take you all to the hospital.”

“Thank you, Will.”


The operation moved into its second hour with no word for those hoping for news. An already unusual occurrence for a lycan to go through. Many of those waiting had to stand outside as there was not enough room inside the small medical facility for everyone. Both inside and out people paced. The human staff tried to convince those not directly related to the patient to go home and could not understand why they remained. Wade sat stoically with Sarah Holmes on one side of him and Trevor on the other.

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