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Higher Education - 11. Higher 11

Trevor watched his bedmate’s peaceful face while propped up on an elbow. The sight of Randy sleeping beside him and the brown-fur covered chest rising and falling was enjoyable. He could not remember doing this with the women he spent the night with. Not even with Shannon. The events of the previous night replayed in his mind and caused a grin to form. There had been a lot of chatting with his wolf about their mutual desire to spend the night with the man next to him. Yet as Trevor and his beast reached a consensus, want shifted to uncertainty, then fear of the unknown. His rumination was interrupted when brown eyes slowly opened to the new day and fixed on his own. “Good morning.”

“Good morning to you too.” Randy stretched his arms out and wrapped them around Trevor, pulling the slightly bigger man against his chest. “Gotta say, waking up to those eyes looking at me’s nice. How’d you sleep?”

“Better than I thought I would.”

“Think that’s how I’d describe it too. I’ve never actually spent the night with a guy before. Well, not since a sleepover with a friend growing up. And that wasn’t in the same bed.”

“Any regrets about anything we did?”

“None. How about you?”

“Only one.”

Randy cocked his head. “Care to share it?”

“Yeah, I regret not using enough lube to start with. Or maybe it wasn’t enough time getting me ready. I’m still a little sore.” Trevor gave into the feelings that made his smile widen. “But it’s a good kind of sore, so not a complaint. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d do that.”

Randy let out a hearty laugh. “We used lots of lube before you did me, and I can still feel it. You’re sore because it was your first time riding a dick. For me it’s because that baseball bat you’re swinging is a thick bastard. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve taken it. I’m happy I got to be your first.” He rose up for a kiss that was enthusiastically reciprocated. “Think it’s something you’d want to do again?”

"You're not exactly small either." Trevor rolled them over so Randy’s head was now resting on his chest. He brushed his fingers over the short hair. “Maybe. Probably. With you, definitely.”


“What do you guys have planned for the day?” Thad poured coffee for everyone while Wade made blueberry waffles.

“Randy and I were thinking of heading back over to Lassen and hiking the Bumpass Trail.”

“Is that the one with the mud pots?”


Thad set plates with scrambled eggs and bacon on the table as the others took a seat. “You know, the park’s going to be packed because of the holiday weekend.”

“He’s got a point. Man these are good.” Randy savored the bite of waffle. “You said you got a summer pass, so we can go hiking there anytime.”

“We’ve got the day off, but apparently Cassidy and Hannah both have to work. I’m sure we’ll think of something to do or someplace to get hot and sweaty.”

“Thad and I need to be at the Lions Club’s chuck-wagon breakfast tomorrow morning.” Wade cocked an eyebrow when Trevor snickered. “It’s at the Chamber of Commerce, Trev. You guys are welcome to join us, and can bring the girlfriends along too. Unless you’d prefer it to be just the two of you. It starts at seven, but we’re going around eight o’clock.”

“Sounds fun. I can’t speak for Randy, but Cassy’s not my girlfriend. Just a friend with benefits.” Trevor briefly glanced to his right. “I’m curious to see how Burney Basin Days’ big events stack up to Parker Lake’s Independence Day celebration.”

“Don’t look at me like that, mister. I’m not your girlfriend either.” Randy did not duck fast enough to avoid the light slap to the back of his head. “Probably best to bring the women. Gotta keep them happy too and maintain appearances in town.”

“Randy,” Thad took on a serious expression, “if you ever need a, well, safe place for anything, our home’s always open to you.”

He blinked a few times and took a sip of coffee before clearing his throat. “Thanks, guys.”


“They don’t joke around with the chuck-wagon stuff. Do they?” Trevor watched the cooking line fry eggs, bacon, and sausage, while others flipped pancakes and hash browns.

“Not on your life, Trev.” Randy patted his friend’s back while his other arm was around Hannah. “This is the big time in Burney.”

“Oh, there’s four seats over there.” Hannah pointed to one of the tables. “We’ll grab the coffee and save the spots while you two get our food.”

About thirty minutes after they had taken their seats, Trevor dropped his paper napkin on the plate and patted his stomach. “Damn, that was good. What do we want to do now?” He glanced between his companions.

Cassidy had a sparkle in her eye and winked at Hannah. “We could always walk through the craft fair at Safeway before the bed race starts.”

“Oh god. Not the craft fair. Anything but that.” Randy’s feigned dramatics did not impress the women.

“If you’re a good boy, I’ll give you a nice reward after.” Hannah ran a hand under Randy’s tank top. “We’ll have a couple hours between the barbecue at the Vets Hall and the fireworks tonight.” She pulled him down for a loud smooch. “Well, the second fireworks of the day anyways.”

“You can park at my apartment, Trevor.” Cassidy twirled her finger through the chest hair that was showing over the top of his muscle tank. “Hannah and I packed drinks and snacks to keep us happy during the parades.”

“Fine, we’ll do the craft fair,” Randy chuckled as his hand got slapped away from the breast it cupped, “but you and Cassy have to pull the ice chests part of the time.”

They spent an hour walking through the booths set up in the grocery store parking lot until they noticed people moving towards the Main Street edge of the site. Cassidy grabbed Trevor’s hand. “Come on, or we won’t get a good spot to see the bed races.”

“What exactly is a bed race?” Trevor was perplexed.

“Big city college boy doesn’t know, and us simple country folk have to explain everything to him?”

“Be nice, Randy. I thought you two were starting to get along.” Hannah elbowed the rock solid abs.

“We get along just fine, babe.” Randy gave her a light slap on the butt while winking at Trevor.

“People take a bed or make one and fix it up with wheels. Then they get a group of people to push it while someone rides. You’ll see. They have a lot of fun with it.” Cassidy found a spot on the curb and sat on the ice chest, patting next to her for Trevor.

“I don’t think that thing’s gonna hold us both. I’ll take the ground.” He looked to his left where Hannah and Randy had settled in the same fashion.

More of the local trio’s friends joined them. Some people Trevor remembered from the lake, and others were new. The scent of shifters was heavy in the air, but other than a few people he recognized from pack meetings, he could not tell who was who. The bed race was oddly fascinating. It was followed by a kiddie parade and four people Cassidy or Randy knew were in it with their little ones.

At 11:00 a.m. sharp the main parade began. The high school marching band was in the lead with floats, horseback riders, classic cars, bagpipers, and all sorts of festive flare following.

Trevor recognized one of the riders as Skyler and waved. He noticed a grin form on Randy’s face when the redhead waved back and gave an almost imperceptible nod.


Trevor and the group that made up Cassidy’s and Randy’s friends walked to the Veterans Hall where a Barbecue Lunch was held. When they were all stuffed people went their separate ways with a wave goodbye.

“We’ll see you at the football field around five. A bunch of the others are gonna join us. In the meantime,” Hannah leaned into Randy’s broad chest and put her hands behind her, smiling impishly, “he’s been a good boy all day so… Yeah, don’t bother texting this afternoon.”

“Want to go back to my place to rest up?” Cassidy pressed against Trevor.

“Lead the way.”


Arriving at the Burney High School football field, they found some of Cassidy’s and Hannah’s friends had already staked out an area for their group. Ice chests were filled with water and other beverages, blankets had been spread out, and low lawn chairs quickly built into rows. The ones in the group with kids tried to keep them entertained while live music was starting at the end of the field. Trevor saw Thad and Wade arrive with their bodyguards and noticed Skyler was not with them. In small groups Cassidy’s friends left the area they had claimed to get root beer floats.

“I can’t remember the last time I had one of these.” Trevor scooped some ice cream from the cup and ran his tongue over it.

Most of their friends were doing the same as they savored the treat. “They sell these every year. I think it’s the only time any of us have them now.” Trevor could not remember the name of the one who answered.

“Yeah. We always got these as kids while waiting for the fireworks and have to do it now. It’s tradition” Randy took a big lick then pointed his spoon at the friends with children. “They’re getting the little ones hooked on them already to continue the cycle.”

Skyler walked past on his way to join friends from the pack, but stopped when he saw Trevor. “Hey, bud. Enjoying our small town festivities?”

“Hey, Skyler.” He bumped the extended fist. “Today’s been great. You looked good on your horse in the parade.”

“Thanks. I always enjoy doing that.”

“These are my friends, Cassidy, Hannah, Randy,” he winked after the third name, “and I still can’t remember most of the names for the rest.” Several balled up napkins were tossed at him. “This is my buddy, Skyler.”

“I know most of you from around town. Pretty sure you were all freshmen or sophomores when I was a senior. I’ve got to get over to my friends. Good seeing you all.” His eyes zeroed in on Randy for only a moment.

The fireworks impressed Trevor. In Pennsylvania they had several communities who came together to put on the show, and it might have been a little bigger, but Burney’s was just as spectacular. As the festivities ended and the field lights came back on, the group waited around and talked, instead of fighting the crowds to the exits.

A middle-aged couple with a boy who looked familiar and a younger girl in tow stopped in front of them. “Cassidy, we’ve got mail for you. Would you like to come by for dinner tomorrow?”

“Trevor, this is my mom and dad. This is my friend Trevor. He’s spending the summer working in Burney.”

“Nice to meet you, young man.” Her father offered his hand as Trevor stood.

“Likewise, sir.”

“This is Cassy’s brother, Seth,” Mrs. Murphy placed a hand on the boy’s shoulder, “and little sister, Ann.”

“You were on the jet ski a couple weeks ago when we were at the lake.” Trevor extended his hand to the twinkish blond and noticed the boy’s eyes never left his, along with the hand shake lasting longer than would by typical. “Cool to meet ya.”

“Where’ve you been hiding this one, Cass?” The grin on Seth’s face was that of a little brother dying to embarrass his sister. He had not withdrawn his hand from Trevor’s who watched the sibling exchange with some amusement.

Cassidy tensed and anger flowing off her in waves caused Trevor to look back at her. Pushing Seth away, she let loose. “Get your fucking hands off my boyfriend you pathetic little faggot.” Her voice was loud enough that most everyone in the immediate area turned to see what the commotion was. “Shouldn’t you be out along the highway trying to find strangers to have sex with? People like you shouldn’t be allowed to exist. I wish you’d just get AIDS and die.”

As Seth stumbled back, the look of terror was accompanied by the scent overwhelming Trevor’s nose.

Cassidy!” Her mother looked furious and scared as more people stopped to stare.

Her brother ran off, vanishing into the crowd with their father giving chase. “Seth, come back!”

“No, Mom. I’ve fuckin’ had it with that little pervert.” Cassidy’s face was contorted as her voice dripped with venom. “Didn’t you see what he was doing? Trying to hold on to Trevor’s hand. As if a real man would want anything to do with someone like him.”

The group of her friends had a mix of expressions from shock to what seemed like revulsion. In the overlapping comments, several derogatory epithets made it to the lycan’s ears. A few parents tried to shield their children from hearing any more colorful language.

Trevor turned to the woman he had befriended and been having sex with since shortly after arriving in town. “What did you just say to him?” He cocked his head and knew there was a definite growl in his voice. Closing his eyes he turned away feeling his eyes were about to flash.

“He was trying to flirt with you. Holding your handshake way longer than needed.”

“He was not flirting, Cassidy.” Trevor gritted his teeth. “Is he gay? If so, was he out?”

“Of course he’s not out.” She stood defiant and indignant. “The pathetic faggot’s been hiding to save us all the embarrassment of people finding out we’re related to one of them.”

“Cassidy Murphy!” Her mother scolded.

Trevor crossed his arms over his chest. “So, because you’re uncomfortable with his existence, you just outed your own brother at one of the biggest events in town, even though you didn’t want people to know. And on top of that, you act like you don’t give a damn? How the fuck could you do that to anyone? You even said you wished he’d get sick and die. He’s your fuckin’ brother!” Trevor’s rage was growing exponentially. He shut his eyes again, shaking his head, and knew they flashed once more. As he reopened them, Skyler and a couple pack members stopped a little ways behind him so he knew he had backup if needed.

Wade and Thad had been leaving but also stopped as the familiar voice shouted, though they could have heard their house guest from their living room a mile away with how upset he was. Trevor heard several of the background conversations as he tried to keep it together, but focused on Wade’s voice. “He’s pissed off enough he might lose control of his wolf. This could get ugly. Maybe we should try to get him out of here before he accidentally shifts.” He realized just how close his animal was to lashing out and looked in the direction of the two men before nodding he had heard.

“Big fuckin’ deal. He had it coming.” Cassidy’s anger seemed to shift to smugness as she crossed her arms to match Trevor’s stance. A couple of her friends nodded while others watched in shock. “Don’t tell me someone like you’s going to defend those perverts and pedophiles.”

A few people nodded and threw in the occasional, “Damn, straight. You tell’em, Cass.” Two men got to their feet and appeared ready for a fight.

“Someone like me?” Trevor cocked his head as his frown deepened. “You mean a person who’s respectful and accepts others for who they are?” He rubbed his temples and took a breath. “About ten of my closest friends are gay. They are some of the nicest people you could ever hope to be around. Not one of them matches the sick stereotype you just spewed.” His fists clenched and teeth ground together. “And you’re damn right I’ll stick up for them. Every last one, including your brother who I don’t even know.”

The growl and volume of Trevor’s voice increased, but the wolf was reined in. “I can’t imagine anything worse to do to a person then force them out if they’re not ready or feel scared to do so because of hateful people like you. Or do it with the hope it leads to that person getting hurt. You work in medicine, do no harm. Remember that? Maybe try not to drive someone to suicide.” He had to take a couple deep breaths.

At the mention of suicide, several people averted their eyes. A few of the glares softened, if only for a moment.

“I thought you were a great person and fun to be around, but despite what you think, you are so not my girlfriend.” Trevor held up his hand to silence the impending response while shaking his head vigorously. “You never were, and it will never happen now.” He fixed his eyes on the ones glaring daggers back at him. “What you are is nothing more than a bigoted bitch. An easy cunt to slide my dick into when I’m horny. And no amount of sex is worth being around someone like you.”

Hannah jumped to her feet with a scowl. She raised her hand, pointing angrily. “You fuckin’ asshole. How dare you…” She fell silent when she became the target of Trevor’s fierce glare.

“If you’re gonna say anything to defend what she did to her brother, just stay the fuck out of it, Hannah.” Trevor was pleased the slack-jawed woman remained quiet as he turned to Cassidy’s mother. “I’m sorry for saying that about your daughter in front of you, Ma’am, but I’m angry, and I feel it’s an honest opinion rather than being vindictive like her.”

One of the men who stood, took a step forward. Lycan senses were not needed to pick up the animosity from him as he wrapped something over his knuckles. Trevor shook his head. “Trust me, you’ll regret it if you do. I have no problem spending the night in jail after beating your ass.” It might have been the snarl in his voice, but the man backed down.

The shock of getting yelled at seemed to finally wear off. “You actually hang out with people like that?” Cassidy looked appalled. “I feel like I don’t even know you.” Her hands moved to her hips. “Faggot lover.”

“Oh, real original.” Shifting his eyes to Randy, Trevor could see the man appeared scared to death to say anything even as Hannah seemed to be prodding him. He gave him a subtle head shake to stay quiet before turning back to the object of his ire. “Is that the best insult you can come up with, Cassidy?” He paced around for a few steps. “It’s pathetic you obviously feel so insecure about yourself and threatened that your brother might somehow be able to steal away the guy who’s been nailing you for weeks with a simple touch.”

Cassidy moved to speak, but was quickly cut off. “No, shut it. Still my turn to talk since you have nothing positive to add to the conversation.” Trevor tried his best to keep the growl in his voice under control. “Yes, I support my friends or anyone else that’s a cool person gay or not. I don’t give a fuck who someone loves or has sex with as long as it’s consensual. It sure as hell isn’t hurting you.”

Trevor turned his attention to the rest of the group, not caring who approved or not. His voice finally returned to a normal volume and the growl at last subsided. “I know I’m not from around here, and I’ll be leaving by the end of next month. It’s been cool meeting most of you. If any of you want to remain friends, fine. If you don’t want to be seen with someone who’s friends with gays, I’m good with that too.” Several angry stares were directed at him along with under-the-breath insults, and he knew those people would not be missed in his life. “I don’t want to be around anyone who thinks the way she does.”

Randy remained silent, but still had a deer-in-the-headlights look. A few nodded after Trevor’s speech and took a step back from the others.

“You got your car here or need a ride home, Trev?” Skyler was standing behind him. “You’re way too pissed to get behind the wheel.”

“I drove, but think I’ll walk. It’ll help clear my head.”

“I’ll join you. Give me your keys.” Skyler whispered something to one of his friends and handed over two sets of keys.

Cassidy’s mother put her hand on his arm before he could walk off. “He was always scared to come out in this town. Thank you for what you said. I only wish Seth had been here to hear it.”

“If I get the chance, I’ll tell Seth myself.” Trevor nodded to the woman before directing his glare back to its target. “I know it’s a small town, but I seriously hope I never see you again, Cassidy.” He almost smirked at the look Hannah gave him as she helped Cassidy look like the victim. “Randy, the rest of you, ball’s in your court if you want to hang out or not.”


The approximately one mile walk was quiet. Neither Trevor nor Skyler spoke. When they reached the house, the redhead followed the younger man inside.

“You okay, Trev?” Wade and Thad were waiting like expectant parents.

“Not really. Still pissed off at her. How the fuck does anyone do that to their little brother?”

“For what it’s worth, we’re both proud of you.”

“I am too, bro.” Skyler shoulder-bumped his friend.

The initial calm Trevor managed during the walk faded as anger resurfaced. He hoped Seth was okay. His eyes flashed yet again, though he did not try to hide it anymore. Instead he walked out into the backyard and stripped. Soon the silver and black wolf stalked around the yard.

Car doors closing in the driveway put a smile on Skyler’s face. “That should be my friends with our trucks. We’ll take Trev for a good, long run to work out some of his frustration.” Glancing out the door and seeing the wolf’s ears locked down and forward, with teeth showing, he returned his attention to the beta couple. “Umm, I wouldn’t wait up.”


“Have you talked to Randy since the fireworks?” Thad appeared concerned by Trevor’s continued moodiness.

“Only to tell him to lay low. I don’t want to make his life miserable by people seeing us hanging out yet. It has to be when he’s ready and comfortable.” Trevor let out a sigh, but refused to verbally admit he missed the guy. “I know you guys love it here, but sometimes small town people piss me off.” He set his tablet down on the coffee table and let out the breath he realized he had been holding. “I think some of his friends would be okay, but others wouldn’t. I got the impression he’s already lonely at times. I won’t add to that.”

“He could also need an understanding friend more than ever. If he didn’t already know, he just got confirmation of what they’d think of him if they knew about the two of you.” Thad rested a hand on the younger man’s shoulder. “It’s been four days.”

“I know, and you’re right. I’ll text him after dinner to make sure he’s okay.” Pushing out of the chair, Trevor slipped on some sandals and grabbed his wallet and keys. “I need to run to the store. Want me to pick up anything?”

“Maybe some garlic bread. I forgot it earlier.”


Trevor parked on the side of the grocery store and made his way through the aisles picking up things he had run out of, plus what he wanted to make for dinner the following night.

“Hi, Trevor.”

“Hey, Tina.”

“I heard you’re not seeing Cassidy anymore.”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure everyone who was near the football field heard that shouting match.”

She gave him a sympathetic smile. “Let me know if you want to hang out sometime. I’m sure I could help you relax and forget all about her. Or maybe we could go riding.” She winked and handed him a note with her number.

“I bet you could.” Trevor returned the grin. “Know we’d both enjoy that.”

Placing his purchases into the back of his SUV, he walked around to the driver’s side and froze. The scent of blood was in the air. On the ground was a lithe blond, curled up in the fetal position with blood on his arms, legs, and face. He looked around and did not see anyone else in the area before he knelt beside the wounded body. “Seth?”


“Can you move?”

“Who are you? Please, no more.” One eye was swollen shut and the other one was closed in apparent pain, likely from the gash over it.

“Doesn’t matter who I am right now. I’m here to help.” Trevor opened the back of his truck again and pulled out a blanket. He carefully wrapped it around the blond before picking him up.

“Oh fuck, that hurts.”

“I’m trying to be as gentle as I can. Bear with me.” He opened the passenger door, and with Seth being as light as a feather to him, it was not much of an effort to get him inside the truck. “Lie back.”

“Where are you taking me? And who are you? Please, don’t hurt me anymore. I’m sorry for being gay.”

“I met you at the end of the fireworks. My name’s Trevor. I’m taking you someplace safe, or I can take you home. I can call someone instead.” His hand shook as he tried to hold the device.

“Fuck it. Maybe you’ll just finish me off.” The boy gasped and stopped moving.

Trevor checked for a pulse and was relieved. “I’m not gonna let anything else happen to you.” He drove as carefully as possible. When he got home, cradling the injured boy in his arms, he made for the house.

“That took a long time, figured you ran into someone else to hook up wi” Thad stopped in his tracks. “What happened?”

“Remember the bitch’s brother? This is him. Someone or a group of someones dumped him in the parking lot. Thought about calling 9-1-1 but figured it was better to bring him here.”


“He passed out on me. I think he’s coming around again.”

“Put him on your bed. I’m calling one of our people in the Sheriff’s Department and a doctor to check him.” Wade was already reaching for his phone.

“Okay. I’ll call Randy. He’ll know how to get ahold of the parents.” Trevor dropped his voice to a wolf-whisper. “Thad, I can smell at least one lycan on him and a couple humans.” He moved to his room and put the bundle down as if it was the most fragile object in the world. As soon as his hands were free he dialed his phone. “Can you talk?”

“Yeah. I’m alone. Sorry I haven’t texted or came by to talk. The last couple days have kinda freaked me out and Hannah’s being...”

“Sorry to cut you off, but I need your help. Bad!”

“Sure, what’s wrong?”

“I found Seth in the Safeway parking lot. Someone beat the crap out of him. I brought him home since I didn’t know what else to do.”

“I’m on my way.”

By the time Randy walked in the door, the house was filling up with people. He sheepishly looked from the sheriff’s deputy to the highway patrol officer, and then to someone else he did not seem to recognize. A brief smile formed when he saw Trevor.

“Thanks for coming over. I don’t know if seeing you will scare him or not. Provided he can see yet. He won’t let the doctor examine him or tell us his parents’ phone number. The deputy,” Trevor nodded towards one of the uniformed men, “is trying to locate them.”

“Sir, I can give you their address.” Randy accepted a piece of paper and wrote it down. “Ken and Carol Murphy are his parents.” He rested his hand on Trevor’s shoulder. “Let’s check on him.”

“You feeling any better, Seth? I called a friend of mine to help. Maybe he can get you to agree to let the doctor see you.”

“I feel like shit. It hurts to breathe. Fuck, my entire body hurts.” He turned his head slowly. The least injured eye was slightly opened. “Oh great. One of her friends. Just what I need. Another fag hater.” He coughed and a little blood showed on his hand. His body language and scent once again revealed the same fear as when Trevor found him.

“I was screwing your sister until what she said about you. You’re safe with me and you are with him too.”

“I don’t hate gays.” Randy was firm in his statement

“I’ve been hearing it everywhere since she outed me. What makes you different?” Seth gasped for breath.

Randy froze for a moment and stared Trevor in the eye. His expression was impossible to read until his hand cupped Trevor’s head and pulled them together, lips pressed into a kiss that grew with need.

Once it broke, a wolfish grin spread across Trevor’s lips. “Wow. I missed you too.”

“Sorry, needed to do that since I got here and wanted to show Seth why I don’t hate him.” He faced the still scared and battered teen. “Yeah, I’m a cocksucker.” The corner of Randy’s lips turned up. “Got a problem with it, Blondie?”

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Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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