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Higher Education - 14. Higher 14

“Excuse me, ma’am. I know everyone’s busy and you’ve been more than gracious with our crowd.” Trevor felt as tired as everyone around him looked. “But it’s been a couple hours since we heard anything. I just wanted to check on the status of our friend. Is he still in surgery?”

“The doctor will come out and brief the relatives when he finishes. I’m sorry, I can’t answer any questions.”

“It would really mean a lot to his husband to just know what’s going on.” He nodded over his shoulder to Wade.

Her eyes moved towards the one man with his head resting in his hands. “One moment.” Glancing at her computer and apparently not seeing what she wanted, the woman picked up the phone and spoke quietly. “He’s still in surgery. I know it’s difficult to be patient, but these things take time.”

“I’ll try not to be a pain. Thank you, ma’am.”

“Whoever your friend is, we’ve never had something like this going on here.” The nurse looked at the crowded waiting room. “Thank you for ushering most of the people outside.”

“With luck, there’ll be an update soon, and we’ll be able to let you get back to a quiet night.” Trevor made his way back and sat between Wade and Aiden. “Still in surgery, so at this point we can only hope no news is good news.”

“Thank you, Trevor.” Wade rested his hand atop his young friend’s. “I don’t know if I could have made it this far without you. I sure as hell know my mate wouldn’t be alive.”

“He’s strong. Thad made it this far and between the doctors and Ethan he has a fighting chance.”

“I’ve seen you take charge of things before, but never like this.” Aiden seemed to appraise his friend. “You’re doing an exceptional job.”

“Hold that thought. I need to update one more person.” Trevor tapped at his phone.

<He’s still in surgery. Not sure how late this will go>

<Doesn’t matter. Anything I can do for you?>

<Already doing it>

<Give Wade a hug from me>


“Huh?” Trevor looked up from his phone. “No, but… a friend. Human I introduced to the guys. He’s worried about them.”

“He?” Aiden appeared confused. “I smelled that happy change when you got a response and just assumed. Guess I thought it would be the woman you’ve been going out with.”

“Nope. You need to learn to keep up. It’s one of the two guys I’ve been sleeping with for the last couple weeks.” Trevor’s deadpan delivery only added to the alpha’s shock.

“Wha…?” Aiden scented the air, making Trevor think it was to confirm he was not messing with him. The alpha grabbed his friend’s arm and glanced at Darius and Cody. “We’re going for a private talk. If there’s any change, or Ethan comes out, send someone to get us immediately.”

“Sure thing, Aiden.” Darius sent out instructions on his radio while he followed at a discreet distance.

When the pair walked out into the cool night air, their security teams fanned out to give them space. “Okay, you can’t drop something like that on your best friend.”

“Got you thinking about something other than Thad and the McKinneys, though.” Trevor had a malicious smirk on his lips.

“So you are messing with me?” Aiden shoulder-bumped his buddy. “Funny, but not nice. Damn, you’re getting good at that. Must be your fancy-ass school. I guess poker night will be more interesting.”

“Who said anything about playing a prank?”

“Trevor, I know you’re fine with gays, but you’re the terminally straight one of the group. Well, with the exception of Australia, and it’s questionable if that counts. Yeah, you get hit on all the time, but still.” Aiden chuckled. “Casey’s never touched a woman, and I don’t see that happening. The only pussy he’ll ever go for’s his kitty. I figured it would be the same with you and men. You guys always knew I went both ways. But the women were always lined up for a chance to go out with you.”

“What can I say? I finally gave in to the dark side. Besides, I took Casey’s advice once I got to Harvard and hit the gloryholes when I needed instant relief. Well, I might have tried out a few at Penn State too. I’ve gotten enough offers, and I finally accepted two. From two cool guys. And I’m enjoying it.”

“Trevor, it’s me you’re talking to.”

“Come on, Aiden. You sound like you’re the only one who can suck dick or fuck a guy. If I didn’t know better I’d say you were afraid of a little competition.” Trevor dodged his friend’s head-slap and laughed. “It wasn’t planned, but it happened. Live with it. Your straight friend isn’t totally straight anymore. Do I plan to still chase pussy? I’m talking the non-feline kind. You can bet your fuckin’ life on that, but I’m opening up to additional possibilities.”

“Look, I know both men and women are attracted to you. I think because I grew up around you I’m immune to the scent you give off. I felt something was different at the airport but thought it was just the stress of the situation. Which you’re handling quite well I might add.”

“Yeah, I’ve known for a while I give off strong pheromones. Not like you don’t either, but it’s been tempered by you mating Ethan. Casey’s the same way, and it explains all the allegedly straight guys he got into bed. It’s also toned down since he mated.” Trevor tried to shake the thought from his mind. “Neither of you ever had any effect on me. I’ve never noticed it from other wolves, except maybe one of the hunters here. I think it never affected us because we’re too similar.”

“Guess I can say the same. You or Casey didn’t make me want to hop in bed with either of you. But damn that would make for some hot porn.”

“Dude, I heard how you and Dari spit-roasted Casey while the other two cheered you on. He even bragged about it after the first time it happened. Kinda funny since he was always a total top. So, while a bed wasn’t involved, a sling or bench in your dungeon was, you’ve had sex with him more than once.”

Aiden chuckled. “Okay, but that doesn’t count the way I was saying it. And it’s not like that happens all the time.”

“Look, that long string of women I’ve gone out with starting in junior high, right through the two dumpster fires I broke up with in San Diego and here, have all been fun. And I always got laid. Hell, it made me want to buy stock in a condom company with how many I was going through. Thank you campus medical center for free ones. Only one piqued my interest in exclusively dating, but likely for the wrong reasons. Even with her my wolf was like yeah, whatever, let’s breed and move on.

“The human, Randy, is or at least was a friend of the woman I was seeing. All I know with him and a lycan named Skyler, is when I hang out with them, my wolf wanted them to spend the night before I did. The fur ball inside me was practically purring while I held or was being held by them.”

“Is either of them your…” Aiden’s voice trailed off.

“My mate? No. Could I imprint on either or both? In time I suppose, but I know I won’t be here long term, so regardless of feelings, it isn’t in the cards.” Trevor looked up at the stars before his eyes settled on the moon. “I was out hiking in Lassen National Park with both of them when word of the shooting came in.”

“They know about each other?”

“Yeah. Small town. Skyler would have picked up the scent of another guy anyways.” Trevor chuckled. “They were in the same high school together, but in different years. We were about to head back to Sky’s for some group cuddle time and getting better acquainted as a trio, possibly more. But this thing happened, so it got put on hold. Neither guy’s out and counting them, Wade, and Thad, you’re the fifth person who knows about this. We joke that if we’re using labels, we’re all bi.”

“Maybe you’re more like Casey than I thought.”

“You’ve called both of us man-whores.” The crooked grin brought chuckles to them both.

“So, summer fling with people you won’t be around much?”

“Honestly, I’m not sure. Chalk it up to expanding my horizons. Through all of this tonight, I’ve wanted to feel Randy’s arms around me. Let someone give me comfort the way Ethan does for you while I take care of what’s needed.”

“But not the other guy? You said Skyler’s his name?”

“I’d like that too, but he’s a hunter and on the security detail for Wade and Thad. I know he’s as busy as I am. I want to check on him, but I won’t interfere with his duties. He’s got enough to deal with making sure there’s no additional attacks.”

“Any chance we’ll get to meet either one of them? I’ll try to at least behave around them. I wouldn’t expect it from the others though.”

“Aiden, if you don’t meet Randy and Skyler, I’m going to be beyond pissed at you and question your status as my best friend.”

“I’ve arranged for us to be here for a week, but we can extend that if needed.”

“Good.” Trevor stopped as he considered what he wanted to say. “I know you have your life back in PA and that’s home to you. Taking over a pack in California wasn’t your idea, and you only did it because of a friend’s request. You and Ethan did accept being alpha though, but you put the target on the back of Thad and Wade by leaving the local work to them.” He paused for a moment before deciding to continue. “They’ve both been shot in the last year, and if it hadn’t been for a malfunction, both would be wounded or dead today. I’m not trying to say I’d rather it was you or Ethan lying in that hospital. None-the-less, as your friend and beta, I have to question your commitment to your duties.”

“I understand.” Aiden momentarily looked down. “And I do appreciate your assessment as my beta.” He returned his eyes to meet Trevor’s. “I’m essentially the Queen of England here. Well I guess Ethan is as prime alpha. A figurehead leader while Thad and Wade are jointly Prime Minister. The plan was always for them to eventually become the alphas. If it wasn’t for the resources Ethan and I can bring in, Pit River would have financially collapsed.”

“I’m not faulting you, Aiden, but that’s total bullshit, and you know it. Our world doesn’t make a distinction for a figurehead. Either you’re the alpha, or you’re not.” Trevor crossed his arms. “Delegating isn’t the problem. Nor is giving your betas some autonomy to carry out what’s needed. And I know you both help hold this place together. I see the hard work you do remotely, so I’m not coming down on you for that.” He felt the smirk once again building. “Despite how you and others say it, there’s no such thing as the Queen of England. It’s The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. England isn’t a kingdom on its own.”

“Okay, now you’re being a show off, asshole.” Aiden mock punched his friend’s arm. “Damn college man and his facts.”

“Aiden, I’d only visited here a couple times before this trip, read lots of reports, explained the finances to you as best I could, and Zoomed with Wade and Thad a bunch. This isn’t my home, but it is home. I like these people, especially the betas.” The wolfish grin magnified. “And my two guys.” The smile quickly vanished and his happy scent shifted to rage. “The gloves need to come off fully with whatever’s left of the McKinney family. I never thought I’d say this, but bankrupting them isn’t enough anymore. Now it’s primal and I want blood.” The amber flash surprised Aiden. “They nearly killed a family member of mine, Alpha. I want these people as badly as if they hurt you or Ethan.”

“Agreed. While we were on the jet, I put out word through our allies that I want the stragglers found. Breathing was optional. The North American Council also knows my intentions and signed off. The family and its supporters have been designated rogues.”

“Oh, one more thing, I’d like permission to offer to turn Randy. That’s after I talk with Skyler and make sure he has no objection. You know, in case he wants to do it himself. Well,” Trevor raked his fingers through his hair, “sorry, I’m asking this in the wrong order. I want your permission to tell him about us. If he isn’t completely freaked by that, I want to offer to turn him.”

Aiden’s forward movement came to an abrupt stop as he turned to face his friend. “Trevor?” Shock would have been an understatement. “You know the laws about that.”

“I do. The alpha has sole authority to grant that permission as he sees fit. It’s rarely done, everyone must be eighteen, and consensual, but it’s still your and Ethan’s choice.” Trevor crossed his arms and felt quite smug. The way he held Aiden’s stare, with any other alpha it would be considered a direct challenge.

“Bro, your mood’s shifting faster than my nose can handle. I can’t keep up.” Aiden appeared focused on his best bud’s eyes, reading them. “This isn’t because of stress from today. You really want this.” He took a deep breath. “Okay, explain this to me. I want to know what you’re thinking, but use small words; I’m not a Harvard student.”

“Ass.” Trevor threw an arm around Aiden’s shoulders as their forward motion resumed. “I think Randy would be a good fit for the pack, and it would give him a wider family to be around. A couple of his friends are lycan, and Burney’s a small place, so it isn’t like he wouldn’t know anyone in the club.” He chuckled. “Also, I can’t have him around tonight, even if I needed a friend like him to lean on, since there’s no way I could explain everything that’s going on.” He momentarily turned his eyes back towards Burney. “I had to lie to him about half the stuff today, and it bothers me. Yes, I freely admit my reasoning’s mostly selfish, but I’d still like to have the talk and possibly make the offer.” Trevor finally took a breath.

“Ethan dreamed of something like this happening, and he was my mate, but…” Aiden turned so they were eye to eye. “What if he can’t handle it and goes public?”

“Yeah, he might totally lose it and not want anything to do with me or Skyler. What I’m suggesting could cause problems for me and maybe others. If he tried to go public, it would kill me to discredit him, but I’d do my duty to the pack and try to mitigate the damage.” Trevor’s eyes returned to the moon for a moment. “Also, in a little over a month I’m heading back to Harvard. It doesn’t make sense even to me, but my wolf’s asking me to ask. We both think he’s worthy of our gift.”

“You’re absolutely sure he isn’t your mate? You’re kind of acting like he is.”

“No, he isn’t. Even now my wolf‘s telling me we’re not.”

“I’ll give you an answer after I’ve met both your men.” Aiden chuckled. “That sounds really weird to say.”

“Fair enough. Maybe you and the others can talk some sense into me. And we do have higher priority issues to deal with.”

“So, how far’ve you gone?” The smirk was undeniable.

“My same old friend. No respect for personal boundaries.” Trevor shook his head. “I still prefer being the top, but I see why you like having your legs on Ethan’s shoulders.”

“That’s really not how I meant to ask the question, or the answer I expected. But now I know this is real and serious in a very good way.” Aiden stuck out his hand. “Guess I should say welcome to the club. Casey’s gonna be so pissed at you for not telling him first. And as soon as you do, my mate will be right there with him.”

“Yup, but they’ll get over it.”

“What is it with you and Casey wanting two guys?

“We’re man-whores.”

Darius cleared his throat and approached with his radio in hand. “Aiden, Trevor, they’re calling for you inside.”


It was after midnight when Dr. Welborn entered the waiting room and looked around the mass of people until he found the one face he recognized. “Beta, which one’s the mate?”

“I am.” Worry was etched on Wade’s face. “How’s my husband?”

“We successfully removed both bullets and repaired the segments of the artery and the vein that had been in contact with it. Neither would have lasted the night with the silver burns. Alpha Tucker assures us he’ll make certain it heals as if your mate shifted. I’ll have to take his word for it.” Dr. Welborn paused for a moment. “Also, we were able to do… Well, not to knock the first doctor that operated since it was under emergency conditions in a less-than-state-of-the-art facility–I suppose like here–but we repaired the remaining damage from that as well.

“Your mate has the worst case of silver poisoning we’ve seen in someone who’s still alive. That should have been a lethal dose, but he’s a fighter. The poison’s neutralized his natural healing ability. His immune system’s roughly the equivalent of a human going through chemo.” The doctor rubbed his head. “The metal was leaching into his system through the wound in the artery. We’ve done all we can medically for him at this point. His chances are still about fifty-fifty. I wish I could offer you more. If he makes it through the night, I believe his chances will continue to improve”

“What about Ethan?” Trevor wanted to try to inject some hope into the situation.

“Alpha Tucker has been working on the patient, but the extent of the poisoning is proving even a challenge for him. All we can do is wait.”

“Can I see him?”

There was a hesitation before Dr. Welborn nodded. “He’s being moved into ICU as we speak, so only you and just for a few minutes from the door. You can come back at 8:30 a.m. for visiting hours. There’s a lot of tubes and monitors, so his appearance will likely be a shock to you.”

“I understand.” Wade followed the man out of the room.

“Trev, I know it’s late, but send the message” Aiden rested his hand on his friend’s shoulder, the way several others had throughout the day.

Trevor pulled out his phone and brought up the group text for the entire pack.

<Some of you might have heard rumors that on Saturday morning Beta Roslin was shot. I’ve wrestled with the decision of sending out a notice before now but decided to hold off until I had some news one way or the other. Thad’s finally out of surgery but remains in grave condition. He’s alive though. I’ve been working on behalf of Beta Richards to let him focus on his mate. Our alphas are back in the territory, and I’ll do all I can to assist them through this crisis. Further updates will be sent when I have news to report. Beta Trevor Carlson>

As soon as he hit send, many of the phones in the waiting room started buzzing. Trevor typed out a second, much shorter message.

<He’s out of surgery. All went well, but they won’t know more for a few hours>

<Thanks for letting me know. Hope you can get some rest. Wish your head was on my chest>

<Me too>


“Aiden, Ethan’s taking a break and wants to see you.”

“Thank you, Cody. Where’s he at?”

“Commandeered a room in the ICU to be near Thad.”

“I’ll give you credit for one thing, Trev. You managed to take my mind off other things for a while.”

“That’s what friends are for.” The pair were escorted into the intensive care unit.

“Aiden, I’m spending the night here.” Ethan looked exhausted. “I want to be nearby just in case.”

“I figured and was already told. Casey and Cody are staying with you.”

The smaller wolf let out a heavy sigh. “Yes, Daddy.”

Trevor covered his mouth to try and hide the chuckles while Aiden simply rolled his eyes. “What’s that smell?” The longer they were in the room, the more the scent assaulted his nose. He glanced at Casey. “Dude, what the fuck were you eating on the flight?” Trevor theatrically covered his nose.

“Hey, why do you always think it’s me, bro? Yeah, normally it is, and you’ve known me my entire life, but I’m innocent this time.” Casey crossed his arms.

Ethan held up his hands. “Silver burns. I’m healing myself and should be okay shortly.”

“How? Are you sure your–” Concern was etched on Aiden’s face.

Ethan cut his mate off. “I’m fine! I’ll explain later. I just want to get some sleep now.”

“Alright, let’s give the hospital a break and get out of their way.” Aiden kissed his husband’s forehead, pulling back quickly with an odd expression as he rubbed his lips. He glanced at his phone. “About half past twelve. I’m so ready to crash. This is after three o’clock to us.”

“Will, have someone make sure the alpha’s people get him to his house. What size detail’s remaining here?”

“Yes, Beta Carlson. We’ve got enough fresh people to rotate, but we won’t be overly intrusive. JT’s staying. I’ll head back with you. We’ve got paw patrols active around both houses.”

“How are you holding up, Wade?” Trevor wrapped his arm around the other beta.

“I’m ready to go home. I know he’s alive and needs his rest.”

“I’ll see you in the morning, Aiden.” Trevor could not hold back the yawn any more.


The fog of sleep started to lift as images from a pleasant dream dissipated like a sugar cube in water. The bed felt warmer than usual and there was a firmness to his pillow that seemed off. A weight on his side felt familiar though his mind was not active enough to place it. The last vestiges of his dream brought a smile to his face as a final image of Skyler and Randy in bed with him faded away.

At last Trevor’s eyes opened and the pillow that felt so nice was covered in a layer of dense, red fur. He blinked a few times as his fingers began to move, experiencing the feeling he had explained to Randy was so new to him, yet oh so pleasant.

“Mmmmm. That feels nice.” Skyler’s deep voice rumbled through the chest Trevor still laid on. The arm draped over his body pulled the two closer.

“What time did you get here?” Trevor reluctantly lifted his head so he could see his bedmate’s face.

“A little after four. I wanted to make sure you were alright. Then, when I saw you asleep, I felt an overwhelming need to cuddle you.”

“I’m glad you’re here. Was thinking about this all night. Pretty sure I was dreaming about holding you and Randy against me.”

“Yeah, I could tell. That wood’s been pressing against my leg for a while.” Skyler pulled them together for a light morning kiss. “I thought about picking him up, but the amount of security around the house would be too hard to explain.”

“I had the same thought.” Trevor’s fingers never stopped their motion through the forest of fur.

“Mind if I ask how things are between you and him? I like this a lot, but I don’t want to step on toes.”

“Oh sure. Go for a question like that when I’m waking up.” Trevor yawned. “I see things as equal for you and him. I like you both, a lot. At the moment, neither of you has an advantage. Well, that’s not true. You’re a wolf so I can share every part of my life with you. I’ve got to hide who I am from Randy.”

“Yeah, that part sucks.”

“I asked Aiden for a favor last night, but said it was contingent on you agreeing. I doubt I’m thinking clearly about it, maybe it’s the stress of the shooting, but I want to tell Randy about me.”

“Are you sure?” Surprise filled Skyler’s voice. “I was raised to believe it was best if they don’t know about us.”

“I’m sure. I think the same. What the humans don’t know won’t hurt us. But he’s different. To me anyways. And I want to offer him a chance to be turned.”

Skyler’s eyes shot wide open. “Turn him? That’s never done. And it’s illegal.”

“Not true. Aiden turned Ethan. But in their case they were mates. I don’t know where this is coming from, but my wolf wants it. You’re not my mate and neither’s Randy. I’m not saying I want to do it today, but I want it considered. Maybe among people thinking more clearly. Talk to your wolf, then convince me I’m crazy. If you still think I am.”

“Hmm. Bet he’d make a sexy wolf.” Skyler rolled them over so it was now his head lying on the younger man’s chest. “Damn, why couldn’t you be local?”

“I’ve got a year left at school and then who knows where I’ll go.”

“How about for now we just snuggle. It’s not even seven.”

Trevor listened to the rhythmic breathing while he stroked Skyler’s back. The occasional deep inhalation and happy sigh from the man let him know he was not asleep. This was an aspect of Trevor’s female liaisons that had been missing. Even if he spent the entire night with them, the feeling of contentment from the closeness had not been there. His mind drifted to Shannon. She enjoyed cuddling, but that was merely a rest period between rounds of sex. Slowly his mind settled again on the redhead partially lying on him and wondered if anyone would miss them if they did not leave the bedroom that day.

All good things must apparently come to an end though. That was Trevor’s thought when he heard movement in the hall. He expected a knock on the door, but instead it opened.

“Wakey, wakey. Get your ass out of bed. Oh. Sorry, Trev.” Aiden casually strolled into the bedroom with a malevolent grin.

“Holy shit. Trev’s in bed with a dude?” Casey’s jaw dropped as he stopped dead in his tracks. “You switched fuckin’ teams and didn’t even tell your best friend?”

“Have I told either of you that I hate you?” Trevor sat up in bed a little when Skyler lifted his head to see who had come in. Before the man could get very far, Trevor’s arms were around him, pulling the red hair against his chest. “Yes, Casey. I’m in bed with a dude. A particularly hot and sexy one that makes me growl in a way only one other has so far.”

“Alpha.” Skyler appeared to finally realize who was in the room and attempted to extract himself from Trevor’s arms.

“You must be Skyler. Relax.”

“At least he’s a redhead. Means you’ve got good taste or been fantasizing about me.” Casey’s smirking made Trevor roll his eyes.

“It’s too early. Why are you up and what could you guys possibly want at this ungodly hour?” Trevor’s eyes narrowed at Aiden. “Wait a sec, we left Casey and Cody at the hospital. Asshole, so much for that promise to behave. You swapped him for Darius and came here hoping you’d catch me in bed with someone and get to surprise him. Didn’t you?”

“Maybe. And I never promised. I said I’d try to behave. Well, I did try. It just didn’t workout.” Aiden’s smug grin and crossed arms told Trevor all he needed to know about his friend’s intentions.

“Sky, these are my former best friends. Aiden Jacobs and Casey Tucker. I realize you know them already.”

“Oh shit. You’re Cody’s buddy, the hunter.” Realization spread across Casey’s face.

Aiden cocked his head. “That’s where I know you from.” He moved to the bed and sat on the edge. Casey followed and laid across the end, causing it to dip under the combined weight.

Skyler pulled his hand from under the covers and extended it. “Good to see you again, Alpha. You too, Casey.”

Aiden looked cautious. “Should I ask where that hand’s been?”

Never respecting personal boundaries, Casey took the offered appendage but before shaking it, intensely sniffed it. “Hasn’t been on Trev’s cock yet. Shame on you for that.”

“So this is what you grew up with?” Skyler’s body relaxed. “I never get to see this side of them. They’re always way more serious.”

“Welcome to my life. It’s an illusion they project.” Trevor pulled the man off his chest and gave him a deep, heated kiss.

“Good morning to you too.”

“Needed to do that since I woke up in your arms.”

“Wow.” Casey licked his lips. “Guess that rules out simply having security close by. So how long’s this been going on?”

“Since last month. Trevor and I found we had a mutual interest in each other during a run. Kinda wish our other boyfriend could have been here, but there’s a complication or two that still need to be ironed out.”

Aiden chuckled as Casey’s mouth hung open.

“Ethan, Cody, and Dari are gonna be so pissed at you.”

“They’ll get over it. If things work out. I’d like you guys to meet Randy sometime today. Depending on how much time we’re at the hospital or dealing with anything at the pack office.” Trevor pointed at his friends. “And Casey, the other one’s human and doesn’t know anything about us. Yet.” His eyes shifted to Aiden.

“Gotcha. I’ll find other ways to embarrass you around him.” Casey smirked. “You know I’ve got tons of stories.”

“Come on, Sky.” Trevor pushed back the sheet. “They’re not gonna let us get any more private time, so let’s shower and get the day started.” The pair got out of bed and stretched.

Damn.” Casey’s appraisal was very drawn out with him gawking at everything on display. “Seen you shift for years but never hard. Is Skyler a shower or grower? If he’s that big when it’s soft… Wow, you went right for the advance size toy. Two Louisville sluggers.” He swiped his tongue over his lips.

Trevor rolled his eyes. “That’s one of my best friends. No filter at all.”

“Don’t worry, dude. Envy, even of another ginger, is natural. You’ll get over it.” Skyler winked at Casey, took Trevor’s offered hand, and walked to the bathroom.


Once the water was up to temperature, Trevor stepped into the shower and pulled Skyler with him. There was a playful make-out session while lathering each other.

“Thank you.”

“For what?” Trevor cocked his head.

“Pulling me against your chest after they walked in. The way you described me. And saying I make you growl in that special way. Pretty sure Randy’s the other one.”

“He is. I’ve run through my mind over and over trying to explain to myself what this is.” His hands pointed back and forth between the two as water cascaded over their bodies, rinsing the suds off. “There’s nothing to explain though; other than I’m happy.”

“Good. Because I haven’t been able to wipe the grin off my face since the first night we ran.” Skyler licked the tip of Trevor’s nose. “And don’t worry, I’m not imprinting. It’s too soon for that, and I know you have to go back east in a couple weeks.”


Wade had already left for the hospital by the time Trevor and Skyler were ready. “Have there been any updates on Thad?” Trevor directed the question at Aiden as they rode in the SUV out of Burney.

“Ethan’s been doing treatments about every hour. He thinks little by little it’s helping.”

“At least it’s not like with Brandon where he was out for two days.”

Skyler looked between the two men with no apparent clue what they were talking about.

“Sorry. The guy I mentioned’s a firefighter from SoCal we met in Australia. He got burned real bad in the fires they had at the beginning of the year. The first healing was so long it knocked Ethan out for a couple days.”

“Alpha, you and your mate are still a wonder to most of us. But even though you don’t live here, we’re grateful to have you as one of us.”

“I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to being called by my title. I figured when it happened, I’d be a bit older. Don’t suppose you’d just call me Aiden.”

“Umm. No. My boss in the Hunter Corps would hand me my balls for breakfast if I did. And pretty sure your buddy’s rather fond of them being attached.”

“If you guys keep dating, I’ll make it an alpha command. Not gonna have a prospective brother-in-law stuck on protocol.”

“Let’s not jump the gun, Aiden.” Trevor pulled Skyler a little closer. “Though that does sound nice.”

Casey patted Skyler’s knee and grinned. “I didn’t get to hang out with you as much as Cody did, but I like the way you think.”

“Thanks, man. Your mate being a Marine made it easy to bond with him as friends.”

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