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Higher Education - 15. Higher 15

The group of men walked into the hospital, noticing the number of people standing around was significantly smaller. Several of the human staff still seemed puzzled by the activity in the usually sleepy village of under 600 people. Speculation about the mystery patient could easily be heard by the lycan. Since only certain medical personnel were allowed near him, it had to be a celebrity or other person of importance.

Aiden glanced around. “No Darius or Cody. I guess they’re with Ethan, wherever that is. I know this place isn’t big, Trev, but do you remember the way to ICU? I was half asleep by the time we got in there.” He approached one of the security team. “Dustin, do you know where my mate is?”

“Yes, Alpha. I do.”

“And where would that be?”

“Here in the hospital of course.” The corner of the guard’s lips ticked up.

“More specifics would be nice, Dustin.”

“Oh, the ICU. He remained there most of the night, Alpha.”

The rolling eyes caused chuckles from those around Aiden. “I figured he would.”

“If you already knew where Alpha Tucker was, then why’d you ask where he was, Alpha?” The guard appeared to be trying hard not to smile.

“Remind me to fire you again when we get home.” Aiden let out a huff. “Which way to my mate?”

“Back that direction.” He pointed towards the doors behind him.

Aiden growled. “Dustin, would you take me to my mate?”

“If you follow me, it would be my pleasure to walk you back.” The man motioned to a nurse who buzzed them through a door. “Thanks, Jen.” He winked at the women before returning his attention to his alpha. “See, when you ask the right question, things go smoother.”

“You’re banned from working with Casey.” Aiden glanced at his redheaded friend. “This has to be your doing.”

“I can’t help it if he pays attention during training.” Casey shrugged.

Outside the ward, multiple large lycan stood guarding the entrance. Dr. Kardell approached from the opposite direction.

“Alpha, Beta Carlson, gentlemen. Good morning.”

“Morning, Doctor. How’s your patient today?” Trevor shook the man’s hand.

“He made it through the night. Honestly, I didn’t think he would and likely wouldn’t have without the intervention of Alpha Tucker.” The doctor took a sip of his coffee before setting a donut on top of the cup. “Beta Roslin’s stable. The silver level in his system’s still dangerously high though. More so than it should be, even with those slugs in his body that long.” He hesitated for a moment before continuing. “Your mate’s method of removing the silver is, well, it’s medieval. I’m not used to bloodletting being used as a medical procedure, even if it is the only logical process.”

“Do you have an alternative recommendation?”

“Unfortunately I don’t, Alpha Jacobs. Although… Perhaps if enough wolves with the same blood type donate a pint, we can speed up the process.” Dr. Kardell took another sip from his coffee and frowned. “I’m spoiled for the luxuries of a major metropolitan hospital. Sorry, I know they’re trying their best to accommodate us but this stuff’s bad. Let me discuss the transfusion idea with Dr. Welborn.”

“Have you and your team managed to get any sleep?”

“We’re working in four hour shifts. I think our staff’s taking up more bed space than actual patients.” Dr. Kardell took a moment to savor his pastry. “Thankfully, someone left a box of Krispy Kreme treats. Sorry, as I was about to say, Alpha Tucker’s the one we’re worried about rest wise. Perhaps you can get him to sleep for at least two hours.”

Trevor and Casey both chuckled while Aiden shook his head. “As you can tell from my friend’s reaction, I’ve got better odds of winning the lottery, while riding a unicorn, and catching a meteorite with my bare hands.”

“I’m mated too. I sympathize.” The doctor nodded to the guards who opened the door for him. “You can’t go into the beta’s room, but you can see him from the nurse’s area. Your mate’s in the next room.”

“Thank you, Dr. Kardell.”


“Morning, Pup.” Aiden leaned in to kiss his mate’s forehead. He pulled back and rubbed his lips. “That burns a little.”

“Five more minutes sleep, please.” Ethan’s eyes opened slightly. “Oh, that moon’s bright.” Sunlight streamed through the windows.

“Sorry, sweetie, that’s the sun. Or should I call you Auntie Vera?” Aiden chuckled. “Take two hours. Doctor’s orders unless there’s an emergency.”

“Okay.” The small blond looked up and rubbed his eyes. “Why does Casey have a super-hot twin standing so close to Trevor?”

Trevor glanced at Skyler and smirked. “Told ya.”

“I like your friends more and more.”

“I should have never let the two of you in here.” Aiden frowned. “Now he’ll never go to sleep.”

“I’m just one of Trevor’s bodyguards, Alpha Tucker.”

“Maybe you could guard my body later.”

“Not sure your mate would approve, so I’ll have to decline.”

“Who said anything about asking him? Oh well, your loss. Okay, wake me in two hours.” Ethan yawned and stretched before lying his head back on the pillow and throwing an arm over his eyes.

“Good to see you, Skyler.”

“You too, Cody. I’ll catch up with you later.”

Moving out to the nurse’s station, they glanced in Thad’s room. His mate sat beside the bed staring at the patient’s chest rise and fall. Banks of monitors displayed information and the drip from around ten intravenous bags could be heard. Trevor’s voice was soft and gentle. “You got everything you need, Wade?”

The man turned his head and smiled. “Yes, I do. Thanks to you. I may not be able to touch him yet, but I’ve still got him.”

“We’ll check on you later.”

Aiden stopped to speak with the doctor again before they left the ICU. “Dr. Kardell, what’s the decision?”

“Dr. Welborn concurs. If we can pump blood into him while your mate does what he does, in theory it should help.”

“What blood type do you need for Thad and how much? Also, have you spoken to the local doctor about this yet or requested his help?”

“We haven’t. The patient’s O positive. The more we get the better. Anyone with O positive or negative can donate to him. My team can coordinate with your medical staff to help draw it.”

“Skyler, who’s the local pack doctor?”

“That would be Dr. Hobart.”

“Have someone find him if he’s here or get me in touch with him, please.”

“Yes, Alpha.”

Within a few minutes, Skyler returned and handed Aiden his cell. “Alpha, I’ve got the doctor on the phone.”

“Dr. Hobart, I’m putting you on speaker with Dr. Kardell.” Aiden had the visiting surgeon explain his request and the alpha filled in what he needed the man to do. “Is this something we can pull off?”

“Definitely, Alpha Jacobs. It should take a few minutes to get a printout of the people who are compatible. I’ll also contact the doctors in other areas of the territory to have them do the same. My staff will start calling and texting each individual to come in as soon as possible.”

“Include that this is a request from the alphas. They can also come directly to the hospital and ask for either of the surgeons if they’re close enough. If we need to arrange transportation for anyone, or to move blood from outlying areas to here, let me know.”

“Yes, Alpha. We’ll make this happen. I have Beta Carlson’s cell if I need to get in touch with you.”

“Thank you, Dr. Hobart.” Aiden handed the device back to Skyler. “It doesn’t look like we’re going to meet Randy as a group this morning. Trevor, why don’t you and Skyler get out of here and spend some time with him. You said he was worried about Thad. Let him know in person he’s stable for now. I want to stay on top of the blood donation issue.”

“You’re back to being my best friend, Aiden.” Trevor pulled him into a bro-hug.

“Hey, you’ve got tons of security around you, boss. Mind if I tag along with them to meet the guy. You know, to make sure it’s safe for him to be around you and Ethan.”

“Sorry, Casey, I’m gonna need you by my side.”

“Damn it.”

Trevor and Skyler chuckled when the horndog pouted.


<Hey. You available? Hoping>

<Damn right I am. Where are you?>

<Coming back from checking on Thad>

Skyler butted in. “Hey, give him my address and tell him to come over.”

<Heading to Sky’s. Meet us there? Sending address”


“He’s on his way.”

“Good. It’s odd. I haven’t had him in bed with me yet and hiking yesterday’s the most I’ve seen him in years. Not that I remember him from high school. But I’m missing the guy.”

“I am too. I like the way you both make me feel. And if you make each other feel the same, even better.”

They pulled up in front of a small house a couple blocks away from Wade and Thad’s place. Skyler turned towards the truck tailing them. “Let me tell the rest of your detail to make themselves invisible. We don’t need Randy seeing them.” He walked back with a grin after delivering the message. “Welcome to my home.”

“This is great, Skyler.”

“Nothing fancy and a lot smaller than Wade’s and Thad’s, but it’s only me. For now at least.”

“Hey. You can say you own a house. I’m still a college student renting an apartment with a couple people. But when you live someplace where a single parking spot can cost a hundred-grand, renting ain’t so bad.”

“It was built in the late 70s, so I’ve had to do a few updates like windows, roof, and heater. Kitchen was redone before I got it. I like that it backs up to the woods. Easy access when I want to go for a run. Come on, we can wait for Randy inside.”

“I love it. Wondered if you’d have one of those wood stoves.” It brought a grin to Trevor’s face seeing it in the living room. “I’m not sure why I find them so fascinating. It may not be a fireplace, but they actually look like they’d be fun to cuddle in front of.”

“I could always turn the air conditioner on to try and get it cold enough to see.” Skyler looked out the window. “There’s Randy.”

“Save it for if I come back during winter break.”

Randy bumped fists with Skyler before stopping in front of Trevor. Pulling him into a bear hug, he held on tight. After a minute or so, Randy pulled back enough to see his younger friend’s eyes. “How’s Thad doing? And how’s Wade?”

“Wade’s holding it together. Not sure how else to describe it. Thad’s stable. Some lingering problems because of how long it took before they could operate. He made it through the night, so that’s a positive sign.”

“Now, how about you? I know it was a long night for you.” Randy glanced over and Skyler. “Guessing for you too. Since I couldn’t be there to give you a hug, or I don’t know… Just let you know I was there if needed. I hope you were able to be there for each other.”

“I think I’m fine. I made sure Wade got home and was in bed after we knew Thad survived surgery. I worked on a couple things that couldn’t be put off, and got to bed around 3:00 a.m., maybe a little later.”

Once satisfied Trevor was okay, Randy took a couple steps back to Skyler. “How about you?” Not knowing the man as well, he hesitated for a moment before wrapping his arms around the redhead.

“Mmmmm. I like the way you hug. I’m definitely good now.” Skyler inhaled deeply, held it, and let it out with a happy sigh. “Still a little tired. I was gonna come home and crash, but stopped to check on him and Wade on the way. I got there around four this morning. Wanted to text you to meet me there, but was so damn late. I crawled into bed with him and was out as soon as my arms wrapped around his body.”

“Wish I’d been there too. I stayed up until I got the message Thad was out of surgery.” Randy finally took a moment to look at his surroundings. “Damn. Nice place, Skyler. Hell of a lot better than the dump I rent.”

“Thanks. C’mere, you. It looks even better from the couch.” Skyler sat on the big, pillowy furniture and pulled his houseguest down with him. “I’ve wanted you in my arms since the hike. And I’m not waiting any longer.” He had Randy’s back against his chest. “Get your ass over here too Trevor. Plenty of room for you as well.”

“Sorry, was taking in the hot sight. Just one little thing seems off.”

“What?” The simultaneous response from the pair on the couch earned a laugh.

Trevor leaned in and lifted Randy’s shirt off, then did the same for Skyler. “Yeah, that looks much better.” Pulling off his own, he moved in beside them, pressing his lips against one then the other.”

Randy took Skyler’s arms and wrapped them tighter around his own chest as he snuggled down, resting his head on the shoulder behind him. “Yeah. That’s better. Thanks, Trev.” He took his younger friend’s hand and guided Trevor to lean back against his chest. “This is the perfect spot to be. Right in the middle of two sexy guys.”

“Randy and I should be thanking you, Trev. It took someone from out of town to connect us. Pussy chasing’s great and all, but sometimes you just need a man in your arms.”

“Guessing you don’t have as many lined up as randy Randy. I’m not sure how he managed time for us, but so happy he did.” Trevor laughed when his nipple was pinched. “If you’re up for it this afternoon, we might be able to get together with my friends that are in town.”

“I’m a little nervous about meeting the family, but yeah, I’d like that.” Randy nuzzled Trevor’s neck.

“Okay, feeling Randy against me like this, how nice and warm he is, I could use an hour or two of sleep.” Skyler yawned. “Either of you want to take this into the bedroom? Oh, and by the way, clothes aren’t allowed on my bed.”

“I could use a nap too. Aiden woke us way too early.”

“Aiden’s your friend?”

“Yeah. I told him about you and Sky while we were waiting for news on Thad. He showed up at home this morning, with my buddy Casey, hoping I’d be in bed with one or both of you.”

“Damn. Kinda pervy.” Randy frowned.

“No, just him being a practical joker. I wouldn’t expect anything less from someone who’s as close to being a brother as he is. Aiden hadn’t told Casey I was going out with two guys.” Trevor stood and offered a hand to the two others. “He’s honestly looking forward to meeting you. Come on. Full on cuddle and nap time. See if three sexy guys can actually go to sleep the first time they get in bed together.”


A buzzing sound brought Trevor out of his slumber. He reached for his phone on the nightstand and groggily answered with a growl. “Who is this and what do you want?”

“It’s Aiden. I’m not interrupting a little late morning delight, am I? A pre nooner, nooner?”

“Why do you keep insisting on waking me when I’m in bed, asleep with hot men? What could I have possibly done to you?”

”You’re in bed with two men and only sleeping? I thought you were trained better than that.”

“You have thirty seconds before I hang up.”

“Sorry. Ethan finished the first transfusion procedure with Thad and so far it looks promising. We’re gonna head back to the house and rest for a little while before the next procedure. Think you and your guys will want to come over around three o’clock? Somehow, Casey hasn’t spilled the surprise to Ethan or the other two. They were warned you’re bringing a human with you. I think they’re guessing a she.”

“Yeah. We’ll see you then. I’m going back to sleep now. If you wake me again without it being an emergency, I swear they won’t ever find your body.”

“Alright. Get back to your manwich. Love ya, bud.”

Trevor put the phone back down, rolled over, and threw his arm and leg over Randy so he was also touching Skyler. Soon the light snoring of the other two put him back to sleep.


A low, sexy growl escaped Trevor’s throat as he was coming to after his siesta. Two tongues were on him, and he reached out for the nearest body, getting his hand behind someone’s neck, though he did not know which. He pulled until he was able to mash his lips against the other’s, feeling the tongue that had been exploring him dance around in his mouth against his own. He could not help thinking this was the best way to wake up.


“I need a shower. I’m all sweaty. And sticky.” A smile formed on Trevor’s lips as two hands ran across his matted chest hair. His head was propped on a pillow against the headboard while he wrapped an arm around each man. A feeling of contentment filled him as their heads rested on his shoulders. “I thought waking up individually with each of you was awesome, but combined, it’s off the charts.”

“All three of us could stand to clean up. Though I kinda like the way we smell at the moment.” Skyler inhaled deeply. “Come on. It’ll be a tight fit, but not like it’s the first time today things have been worked into tight spots. We can help each other scrub where we can’t reach. We don’t want to keep Trev’s buddies waiting.”

“Not sure why, but I’m a little nervous. When I met Trevor, we were at the lake with our girlfriends and a ton of other people. With Sky, I was with you, but sort of already knew him. Well, I at least kinda remembered him on the football field my freshman year.”

“Cassy wasn’t my girlfriend. She was just the avenue that led to one of my boyfriends. And you have nothing to be nervous about. I’m gonna be the one they give a hard time to. They’ll love you.”

“With all the time we’ve spent together, Hannah’s never really been my girlfriend either.” Randy followed the other two into the Bathroom.

Once the water was at the right temperature, and they stepped into the shower stall, Skyler reached for the body wash. He poured some into the sponge and handed it to Trevor before taking another one for himself. The two worked each side of Randy as he moaned. It took longer than a lone shower normally would, but was definitely more fun.

“So what part of town are they in?”

“About a mile west of here. Wade’s and Thad’s place’s in the middle of the three houses.” Trevor enjoyed massaging shampoo into Randy’s hair.

“Oh. That feels good.” Randy leaned back against Skyler’s chest and dipped his head lower.

“The three of us keep saying that. And ya know what? It’s true.” Skyler finished rinsing and shifted positions allowing the others to get the soap off them. All too soon, the guys were stepping out and drying off.


It took only a few minutes before Trevor’s SUV pulled into the driveway of the pack’s alphas. In the wooded section of town, like Skyler and the betas, the home was set back from the street. The ranch style dwelling offered Ethan and Aiden a space to call their own during their trips to Burney. Giving Randy’s hand a squeeze, Trevor hopped out with his companions following. He spotted six guards, several of which he recognized from runs. Glancing to his right, he knew his human friend would not see the wolves in the shadows. Just like in Pennsylvania, he did not bother knocking and walked right in. The guys were in the family room watching a baseball game.

“Good to see you guys away from the hospital.” It made Trevor feel good to be around his family again. All five popped up from their seats. “I’d like to introduce you to Randy and for the ones who don’t know him, the redhead’s Skyler.”

“Nice to meet you guys. I’m Ethan” He was in front of them in no time shaking hands while looking towards the door. “I thought you were bringing your girlfriend over?” His nose twitched as it caught a scent from the two men he did not know.

Trevor wrapped his arms around Randy’s chest, kissed his neck, and felt Skyler do the same to him. “Who said anything about a girlfriend?” He fought the urge to laugh as Ethan’s mouth dropped open. Darius showed only a moment’s shock. It was Cody who came over and high-fived Skyler.

“Oh my fuckin’ gods.” Ethan finally regained his senses. “You turned to the dark side at last. And with two hot fuckin’ guys.”

“I take it you approve of me going out with men?”

“Approve? Hell! Yeah!” This time Ethan launched himself into a massive hug of his friend, trying to envelop the other two as well.

“I’m Darius. Casey and Cody are my husbands. It’s great to meet you, Randy. And good to see you again, Skyler.”

“It’s cool to meet you all.” Randy’s nervousness was quickly dissipating. “Blew my mind when Trev said his best friends were five guys in a couple and a poly relationship.”

“I’m pissed at you.” Cody pointed at Skyler’s face. “All those times we hung out, having a beer, one Marine chatting with another, and you didn’t tell me you were family?”

“Yeah, well.” Skyler shrugged. “Not like you were available, and I didn’t have any reason before now to let my secret out. Besides, I swing both ways like these guys do.”

“Randy, I’m Aiden. Trevor couldn’t stop talking about you last night. Well, about you both actually. Happy as hell to have you over and finally meet you.” He pulled the human into a bro-hug.

“Thanks. Trev’s mentioned all of you and how important you are in his life.”

“Oh, just for your legal protection.” Trevor pointed at Ethan and Aiden. “Both Randy and Sky technically work for you guys, so you might want to make sure not to sexually harass them. At least unless they start it.” His focus shifted to Casey. “I know you and him”he pointed a thumb at Ethan“will have the hardest time with that. Back home Ethan’s the one always trying to get guys out of their clothes,” he added for the benefit of his boyfriends.

“Hey, no one’s ever complained or filed a lawsuit, and most of them did strip eventually.” Ethan tried to look insulted. “Putting in the hot tub helped, though.”

“You work for us too, Trevor. But I thought it was in finance, not legal. Nice to see you’re keeping romance in the company.”

“Just making sure I cover your ass, Aiden. Like I always do.”

“You guys are a trip. Definitely not what I’m used to seeing around Burney.” Randy chuckled. “But until I met Trevor, I didn’t know there was a gay couple living in town. I already knew Wade from work but had never bumped into him around town. I also didn’t know he had a husband.”

“It was a hoot finding out Wade and Randy regularly flirted with each other at the mill.” Trevor beamed as he held his human friend.

“Enough standing around. Grab a seat.” Aiden waved the guys further into the family room. “It’s not every day our straight-as-an-arrow friend comes over with his two boyfriends.”


Trevor came back from the kitchen with a drink in hand. He watched his guys as they chatted with his friends. Skyler was familiar with the group, though had most of his contact with Cody. Randy, on the other hand, was new to the crew. He was soon back to the boisterous, fun-loving man Trevor had met several weeks before at Lake Britton. A smile crept across his lips as the man was fully engaged in an animated conversation with Ethan and Cody. The trio were trading stories of small town life. Aiden and Casey were getting to know Skyler better, while Darius stopped beside Trevor. He did not even realize his mind had wandered until he heard the lion’s voice, but not what was said. “Sorry, what was that?”

“I said I recognize that look. The satisfaction that not only is everyone fitting well together, but having a great time.”

“Yeah, they are. And it makes me so fuckin’ happy to see. Plus I’m adjusting to these feelings. I guess I’m finally letting myself explore things I didn’t know I wanted to.”

“Did you have any clue you could be bi?”

“None whatsoever. With all the guys Casey picked up in school, and the ones I knew Aiden did, none of them interested me. The only thing that got me growling was the women. From how Randy and Sky talk, they both played around if it was on the down low, but their main interest was chasing pussy.” Trevor winked at the big cat. “Oops, sorry, the other kind.”

Darius slapped the back of his bud’s head. “Oh, so you’re saying I’m not good enough for them? Or you?”

“You know better. But you’re mated to two great guys, and I got to these two first.”

“I’ve missed your humor, Trevor.” The lion studied his friend. “You were at school, so I didn’t spend much time with you. When you came home though, it was always a pleasure being around you. As one of the original trio, you have almost as powerful an attraction as Casey does for me. My bond with him makes it easier to be around you, but I can still feel the influence. It’s the same with Aiden. Though Casey says I had the same effect on him since we met.”

“Part of me wishes I wasn’t going back to school at the end of August. But I need to finish that. Hopefully Randy and Skyler are able to give each other what they need when I am gone.”

“You’re sure neither is your mate?”

“Yeah, I’m one-hundred percent sure. I enjoy that natural musk scent from both. I look forward to spending time with them. Hell, the sex has been mind blowing, and what I’ve had with women has been pretty damn good. They’re definitely not my mate.”

“I remember that feeling with the women I used to hook up with.” A smile formed on Darius’ face. “Sometimes I miss it, but it was always a fun distraction from what was going on around me and my lion’s desire.”

“To breed and create a mini Darius?” Trevor dodged the paw that took a swipe at him. “I’ve been realizing those are the same feelings my wolf has when I’m with a woman. Talking with him, we’d still like to find our mate, or a woman to settle down with. Still, we’re enjoying this exploration. Thanks to you and the guys, I know I don’t have to settle for just one. And I fell in with two incredible men so smoothly and easily, it’s almost scary.”

They looked up towards the others to see Aiden was now with Randy while Cody and Ethan had moved over to Skyler and Casey. Randy was laughing hysterically as he glanced over his shoulder. The twinkle in his eye, and the matching one when Trevor looked towards Skyler, made his heart jump.

Trevor put his hand on Darius’s shoulder to guide them back over to the others. Taking a seat beside Randy, he kissed him on the neck and pulled him against his chest. He felt the shiver from Randy at that ultra-sensitive spot being touched and smiled that it affected humans too. “Whatever embarrassing story they were just telling you, odds are it’s true.”

“It was nothing bad. Your friends are great.” Randy beamed. “I thought it was awesome meeting Thad and Wade. These guys being our age is so fuckin’ cool. I’ve never gotten to be around a group like this.”

“We’ll make sure you know anytime we’re in town.” Ethan looked to be enjoying himself as much as the others.

Aiden stood and nodded for Skyler to follow him; the two walked out to the backyard. The others all moved around Randy, quickly resuming the chat. When the pair returned from outside, Skyler winked at Trevor, but Aiden would not give up anything on what was said.

Around six o’clock, Ethan announced it was time to start making dinner. The group made their way out to the patio where the barbecue was lit. Soon, the sweet smell of steaks and pork chops perfumed the air.

Randy came up behind Trevor and wrapped his arms around the younger man, nibbling at his neck, earning soft, growling moans. “Love that I found this spot on you.” He playfully ran his tongue and chin scruff over it again. “Thank you for introducing me to the guys. They’re great.”

Another set of arms went around Trevor’s chest from behind and he knew by scent it was Skyler. “Can’t believe how happy I am to be here with you two. This is definitely the good life.”

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