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Higher Education - 5. Higher 5

Shannon!” Trevor shouted, trying to be heard above the thump of the music.

The brunette slowly turned to search for the source of the bellow. The bartender pointed in Trevor’s direction as she scanned the area. “What!” The strident response was accompanied by a look of shock or surprise that quickly shifted to a frown when her eyes settled on the jockstrap-clad Trevor.

He closed the short distance between them, wondering why she did not look as happy to run into him as he was to see her. “You look incredible. This is the last place I expected to see you, but I’m damn happy I ran into you.” Trevor cocked his head, but could not shake the smile. “Are you having a bad night? You don’t look happy.”

“Huh?” An eyebrow rose and her annoyance seemed to increase.

“I want to introduce you to my buddy.” He pointed a thumb over his shoulder. “This is Brandon. Brandon, this is Shannon, the one I told you about from school.”

“Hi, Shannon. Nice to meet you.” Brandon waved.

She glanced with revulsion at the smaller man.

“Fuck, it’s good to see you again before we start our summer jobs.” Trevor wrapped her in a strong embrace like he had done many times before.

“Eww!” There was no smile as she shoved him away, looking him up and down with a difficult to decipher expression. “Get the fuck off me. What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” The glare was harsh.

Taken aback, Trevor sniffed the air while mentally checking off things: same eyes, lips, hair, and body. Different perfume than normal, but other than that, her scent seemed the same. Definitely the woman he had been with many times, but her antagonism was puzzling. “What’s going on? Why the cold shoulder?”

“We’re not friends would be a good start.” She put a hand on her hip.

“Excuse me? What the fuck, Shannon? I’d say we sure as hell are more than that. Especially with how many time I’ve fucked you, ate you out, or had my dick down your throat over the last year. What’s the deal with the sudden amnesia?” His eyes mirrored her hostile expression.

“Oh, my gods. As if.” She let out a loud laugh.

In the distance, hysterical cackles carried over the ambient noise. Trevor had enough going on in front of him and tried to block out all the surrounding distractions.

The woman did not let up on the barrage of insults. “One, I don’t go for the brain-dead, wannabe-jock, walking stereotypes. Two, no sweaty, disgusting furball’s getting anywhere near me. I mean, eww. Just eww.”

“Honey, if you don’t want him,” Finn pointed his bottle opener between her and Trevor, “I’ll be more than happy to volunteer to show him how a lady treats a man.”

“Keep out of this, Asshole. Gods, all you men are pathetic.” She returned her glare to the initial source of her scorn. “And three, I’m in this club because, hello, women are my thing. My girlfriend’s more masculine than either of you three. Who prances around a bar like this in pink underwear trying to whore themselves out?” Her glare carried over to Brandon.

“You never minded me being sweaty anytime we were in bed.” Trevor ground his teeth. He was shocked and confused. “In fact, you usually said how sexy it was while asking me to go another round.”

“If this is the girlfriend you said you thought you were falling for, that’s more than enough reason to switch teams, Trev. Be happy the condom never broke, or you could have been stuck with that. Maybe shine a bright light in her eyes and see if she’s a Terran.” Brandon’s comment did not sit well with her.

“Does this concern you, short shit?” For the first time since the encounter began, the slimmest hint of a smirk crossed her lips as she turned back to Trevor before disappearing. “It’s all smoke and reflections. That tiny little one track mind of yours just can’t work it out though. Well, apparently you stepped through the looking glass this time. Maybe you should stick to your walking fleshlight.” She tipped her head towards Brandon. “Or does he plug you?”

At that moment, a pretty blonde approached them from her other side. “Are these guys bothering you? Want me to get security?” She took the brunette’s hand and kissed her fingers.

“The tall, sweaty one hugged me and tried to say he knows me. I need a drink. And your perfume to get his stench off me.” She waved a hand in front of her face. “Security probably wouldn’t do anything. The bar bitch over there already tried inserting himself into this.”

The blonde raked her eyes over the guys with clear disdain. “I’d appreciate it if you’d leave my girlfriend alone. Come on, babe.” The pair disappeared into the crowd without another word.

“I have absolutely no idea what just happened.” Shaking his head, Trevor looked into the mass of people the women vanished into. “We weren’t exclusive, and she’s fucked around as much as I did. Even with some of my friends. I did the same with some of her’s. Both of us played the field. Hell, I don’t even care if she’s with another chick. But damn, to act like she doesn’t even know me?”

Brandon rested a comforting hand on Trevor’s shoulder. “That woman’s cold hearted. Not the best way to find out what type of person she really is, but at least you did before things really got serious.”

“What do you mean before? I already asked her to be exclusive with me. I was going to give up all pussy from every other woman. How does that not count as serious?”

“Chalk it up to the bitch being psychotic or something. Come on, let’s get changed. That was my last set for the night. We can stay or go. Choice’s yours, but after what just happened, I doubt you’re gonna have any fun.”

“Yeah, I think my party mood’s dead. Unless it’ll make you miss out on any more tips, I’m ready to go.”

“Nope. I’d have headed home anyways to get the forty-five minute drive out of the way. Only reason I’d stay is if you were having a good time, but I know you aren’t now.”

Once the pair were back in street clothes, they stopped at Finn’s station. “It was cool meeting you, Trevor. I sent the videos and pictures a couple friends took of you two dancing to Brandon. Hope we see you back. If we do, a repeat on stage would be great. Real sorry the night had to end in such a sucky way for you. A guy like you deserves better. And I’m not just saying that to flirt or try to get your clothes back off.”

“I can say it wound up being a memorable night on many levels. Was cool meeting you too. It’ll be fun seeing what I looked like up there.” Trevor gave the man a hug. “Also, thanks for the ego boost with all the flirting.”

“Damn, why the hell are you straight?” The bartender fanned himself.

Brandon chuckled while offering a fist bump. “Catch ya later, Finn. Give me a call during the week if you and Gabe want to get together for dinner.” Glancing at Trevor, he added, “That’s the boyfriend he failed to mention while hitting on you. Knowing Finn, he was hoping to take you home in hopes of a three-way. All while trying to act like he wasn’t hitting on you.” Brandon laughed at the one finger wave he received.


The first half of the drive passed with only the sounds of the engine and road. Brandon eventually broke the silence. “Maybe you surprised her. You know, being in the club and all? She might have freaked out about you finding she likes women too.”

“Nope. She’s never freaked about anything sex related. She rode a buddy of mine in a bar, surrounded by a group of his friends, while a band was playing.” Trevor let out a frustrated sigh. “Who knows? And at this point, I’m not sure I care. Which is a complete and total lie by the way.” A growl escaped his throat. “I understood why she turned me down about taking our relationship to another level, but that doesn’t excuse her treating me like we’d never met.” He stretched out as much as he could and was surprised by the amount of legroom he had. Shoulder and head room was a whole different subject. “How do you and Austin fit together in this thing? The car’s your size, but it didn’t feel this small driving down. Why didn’t we just take my rental?”

“Hey, stop your bitching and chill. I know you’re pissed off, but no taking it out on me or my car. This is a piece of classic Japanese automotive history you’re dissing.” Brandon took one hand off the steering wheel and patted the dash before he pointed up. “You do realize we had the top down earlier, right?” The growl directed at the driver earned Trevor a chuckle. “We’re almost home. I’m taking you for a run tonight. And no arguing, or I’ll break out the alpha voice.”

“Thanks. I think I need it.”

“And we didn’t take your car for a couple reasons. You didn’t know where we were going and my car’s small enough to fit in more parking spots. Plus enough people in Hillcrest know it from saving me a spot or making sure no one messes with it. Usually, I’m on my motorcycle, but didn’t think you’d be comfortable riding bitch. If your experience on a scooter matches your experience on a horse, there was no way you could ride Austin’s. His bike that is.”

Trevor’s eyes rolled even knowing it would not be seen. “Maybe this is karma paying me back for all those women I got laid with and left after a couple times. I know plenty of them wanted to date me, but none of them caught my interest after the initial lay. I enjoyed moving on to the next without the commitment of being tied down to just one.”

“It’s not karma. Just something that happened.” Brandon pulled his Datsun Roadster in front of the house and killed the engine. He turned to his friend before getting out. “I know you care about her, and you’re hurt right now. It’s easy to say, but things will get better. Trust me, I’m an expert on that. Now, come on.” Putting his key in the door he turned the knob and walked in. “Want something to eat before we run? I could do with a snack after all that dancing.”

Trevor’s stomach answered for him. “I guess that means yes.”

“Leftover pizza and beer it is. Wanna light the fire pit? We can eat on the deck, then strip out there afterwards.”


The silver and black wolf ran beside and slightly behind the smaller chocolate one. They had traversed a number of miles, following a dry riverbed as it weaved past densely populated subdivisions. Some stretches gave them cover in thick trees while at other times the landscape was barren. The scent of the air changed, less filled by human habitation and more of agriculture.

Trevor slowed his pace and watched as his friend circled back. “Grapes? I didn’t expect these here.”

“Yeah. There’s a couple small wineries around the area. With how many times I’ve done this run, I never paid them any attention until I fought fires in the Hunter Valley in Oz.” Brandon pointed his snout across the rows of vines. “The days we were at base camp, it was peaceful having the morning start around something like this, even when shrouded in a haze of smoke. The Aussies thought my fascination with roos was misplaced, but to me, they made things more interesting.”

“Yeah, the wildlife there was pretty incredible. Hey, I smell some other fruit in the air too.”

“Got several orchards scattered around. There’s a big plant nursery on the other side of this vineyard and more stuff growing all the way to The Fifteen freeway. Well, beyond the freeway to be honest. A lot of this region’s agricultural.”

“Things look so dry. Especially driving past the Marine base on I-5. And always hearing about droughts in the state, it’s easy to forget how much is grown here.”

“The growers try to be as efficient with what water they get as possible. Pretty much everything has drip irrigation instead of flooding fields like they used to. Around here at least.” Brandon glanced about and tipped his nose to the north. “Let’s head that way, and you can see how different it looks in a short distance.”

Just beyond the vineyard, the landscape changed to native plants adapted to life in the arid coastal climate. The land was mostly devoid of trees, except for a narrow strip in a gully.

“I take it a stream runs there during the winter.”

“It’s actually a river and depends on how much rain we get. Some sections run underground this time of year, but it stays green. About a mile west, it’s back on the surface. Come on. This way.” The chocolate wolf darted off and jumped a fence with Trevor close on his tail. “We’re officially on the base now.”

“How big is this place?”

“About 125,000 acres and that’s broken up into several sections. This is Camp Pendleton North. Kind of like its own city on the base. Stables are up ahead and there’s a cool training area to run through on the other side.”

“I know this is your home turf, but it won’t cause a problem having a couple wolves running around, will it?”

“Relax, Trev. It’s late, the moon’s only showing a sliver, and no one comes out this time of night. Besides, if base security does see us, they’ll just think we’re a couple coyotes.” As soon as Brandon said that the pair heard a challenge growl in the distance.

“So, no one will pay any attention to us? You better be able to talk us out of whatever’s about to happen.”

“Oh shit. Umm, run.” Brandon darted off to the west.

Trevor kept beside his friend as they ran full out; the sound of angry barks a short distance behind. Both laughed as they made it to the training area only to find their path cut off by two wolves. His ears panned, listening to everything around them. From behind, their pursuer’s footfalls grew closer.

“Identify yourself.” The command came from one of the animals before them while it scented the air. “Fuck, Brandon. You scared the shit out of us.”

The wolves giving chase caught up and growled their annoyance. “Damn you, Brandon. You could’ve just said hi like a normal person. But no, you had to make us run after you.” He let out another growl. “Can’t wait until Austin’s back so you have better things to do than harass us. Who’s he? I don’t recognize his scent.”

The silver and black wolf watched his friend laughing.

“Sorry, guys. Was too tempting to do this to my buddy here.” Brandon nodded towards the pair behind them. “Trevor, those guys are David and Liam. They’re base security. The other two are Hector and Jerome. Guys, this is Trevor. He’s a personal friend of mine, visiting from another pack.”

“Understood, Beta.” The one identified as David bared his neck.

“Cool to meet you all.” Trevor relaxed now that he knew he was being punked. “Never heard you use that title before. Is that new?”

“Yeah, well, it’s just another name for assistant manager.” Brandon shrugged. “Besides, Marines are all about using rank and calling people sir even when they’re not my boy.”

“We only call him that when it seems appropriate since he doesn’t like it.” David let out a huff. “So just out for a run or intentionally trying to mess with us, sir? Again!”

“The former. Really didn’t plan to come on base. But wanting to help his mood with a run, maybe a mischievous thought or two crossed my mind.”

“Where you in from, Trevor?”

Trevor turned towards the speaker, detecting a Southern hint to the growls. “You’re Liam, right? I’m from a pack in Pennsylvania. You from Texas?”

“Yup. Corpus Christi.”

“Pennsylvania? Trevor? Wait, are you that beta to those two hot as fuck guys. Super stud, Aiden and powerhouse hottie, Ethan? Plus those other three always with them. I forget their names. Damn, would love having you all run a train on me.” Trevor was sure it was the one named Hector who spoke.

Brandon barked a laugh as a stunned Trevor tried to find a way to respond. “Umm. Yeah, those are my friends. Definitely not gonna comment on the descriptions. Their egos are already too big what with all the sex offers they get. Besides, they’re all in closed relationships.”

“So does that mean you’re available? You and Jer”he pointed at the one Brandon called Jerome“could tag team me. I’ve only gotten him off once tonight.”

“Damn, Hector. Horny much? At least half the male personnel on base like you being the slut you are, but damn.” David and his patrol partner shook their heads. “Maybe the guy doesn’t want to be your next meal. Guess that should be he may not want to provide your next meal to suck down.”

The largest of the wolves kept chuckling through the conversation. “Cool to meet you, Trevor. I’m Jerome, even though my homie Brandon said that already.” He turned his attention to the others. “You know this bitch. He sniffs out fresh meat the same way a sniper finds his target.”

Vete a la mierda, puta.” Hector turned and raised his tail.

“Yeah, yeah. Daddy Jer will take care of his favorite piece of ass. Don’t you worry.” He rubbed his muzzle over the slightly smaller wolf’s head. “And what’s with telling guys to fuck off when you want to get fucked? Or calling them a bitch, my little puta?” Jerome turned back to the civilian pair. “Bran, if you done messing with us and interrupting my fun, we’re heading back to where we left our stuff. We still on for beer and pizza Monday night?” Jerome shifted back to human and laughed at the whimper emitted by Hector. “If it’s your thing, you’re welcome to join in, Trevor. He can’t get enough. I know my man, Brandon, will pass because of his husband.”

“Thanks, Jerome. Think I’m good for tonight.” He watched as all four Marines disappeared into the night before facing Brandon. “You planned this, didn’t you?”

“Who, me?” Brandon kept chuffing. “Maybe. Didn’t think the security guys would notice us, but they’re not usually furry. I figured Jerome and Hector would be out here. Hell, they’re always messing around in the training area at night when neither has duty. Jer has a wife and kid on the east coast. Hector’s a great guy, but horn dog doesn’t come close. They take care of each other’s needs.”

“Got no issue with that. You already know it.”

“Let’s head home. I don’t want to hear them moaning.”

As they reached Casa de Holstrom, the pair shifted and pulled on their shorts. Trevor wrapped his friend in a hug. “Thanks, Brandon. I needed this.”

“Just returning an overdue favor, my friend.”


“What are you gonna wear?” Trevor poked his head out of the bedroom.

“Board shorts and a tank. I’ll get the ice chests ready.”

“This okay for a California beach?” He walked into the kitchen wearing a multi-colored shorts with a palm tree print and an open sided muscle tank.

“No being a fashion queen, okay? You straight guys always make it sound like we’re the ones that have to have the right outfit for every occasion. That’s the third time you changed. Is that bag of yours a TARDIS? I think you’re letting your inner diva show.” Brandon blew a kiss in Trevor’s direction. “And you’re fine. Not like you’ll have the shirt on long.” He glanced down. “OMG, you’re wearing those flip-flops with those shorts? Totally hopeless.”

Trevor could not hold in the belly laugh. “You, my friend, are a dick. And hey, I’m excited. It’ll my first time seeing the Pacific from this side.”

“You saw it from the car yesterday, and most likely from the plane when you flew in.” Brandon rolled his eyes. “You are such a tourist.”

“Seeing while in motion doesn’t count. Not the same as getting my feet wet. Dude, didn’t you have all kinds of sights planned out in advance when you went to Oz?”

“That was different.” Brandon stuck a couple of ice packs around the water bottles and sports drinks. “You might want to grab your hiking boots. Flips will be fine for the first stop. Let’s go.” Outside, he removed the convertible top from his beloved roadster and carried it into the house. “We won’t be needing this today.”

“Why didn’t you just fold it down like last night?”

“Won’t be anyone watching the car like at the two places I parked in Hillcrest. It was kinda needed for the drive home since it was chilly. But when all it takes is removing two nuts to walk off with the top, it’s better to hide it, and the trunk’s full.” Brandon shook his head. “People will steal the dumbest things in hope they can find someone to buy it. I don’t want to have to search for it on Craigslist or FB Marketplace tomorrow.”

Trevor enjoyed the short drive through town. “Man, there’s uniform shops everywhere. Dry cleaners and barber shops too.” As they turned from Coast Highway to Mission Avenue it appeared as if the crowds on the sidewalk increased. “With so many high-n-tights walking around you’d think we were on base.”

“Gotta remember, we’re a Marine town. If they don’t go down to SD for the weekend, they come here to relax. It’s why there’s so many bars and tattoo parlors.” Brandon pointed to their left. “The condos with ocean views in that building sold for a couple million when it was completed. Then they built more condos in front of it, blocking most of the views. And they keep building where beach parking was.”

A few more turns, a short slide down a moderately steep hill, and a narrow stretch of beach opened up in front of them with a long pier to their right.

“This is great.”

“Welcome to The Strand, Trev.” The road bordering the Oceanside beach was a popular spot for driving, walking, biking, or the side-by-side peddle cars that could be rented under the nearly quarter mile long municipal fishing pier. Brandon parked the small car in the beachside lot next to the pier amphitheater. “Two hours should be good here. It will probably start filling up with families after that.” Brandon hopped out and grabbed two bottles of water out of the trunk. He pulled his shirt off and smiled when Trevor did the same. “Want to take a walk before we hit the beach? I’ll bring towels in case we find a spot where we want to lay out for a while.”

“Sure. I’ll pay the parking fee. How much is it?”

“Four bucks an hour.”

“Damn. Seems pricey, but I guess about the same as back home.” Trevor moved towards the pay kiosk.

“Ya know, since I’ve got an annual parking permit, seems kinda ridiculous to feed that thing any money.” Brandon stood beside the car with a smirk.

“Asshole. At least you said something before I slid my card into it.”

“Yo, Bran. Where the fuck’s your stick.” A shaggy blond stood a few spaces away, beside a pickup truck with a surfboard hanging over the tailgate. He was partially shielded from general sight by the open door and another car. Brandon and Trevor having a clear view did not prevent him from dropping his shorts and taking his time to grab a wetsuit off the seat. “Don’t tell me you’re not goin’ in the water today.” He appeared unfazed by his nudity as he worked the neoprene garment up his legs.

“Sorry, Larsen. Maybe tomorrow. Showin’ my bud around.”

“Hittin’ the sand anywhere else?”

“Taking him to Black’s next.”

The blond gave a thumbs up. “Akaw.” With his wetsuit finally on he grabbed his board and headed for the water.

“Friend I’m guessing? I see surfers around here aren’t shy.” Trevor laughed. “And what was that he said?”

“Fellow surfer more than friend. I know a lot of the regulars. We usually wrap a towel around when we change, but sometimes it’s easier without. Larson’s just a showoff. That was surf talk for awesome.” Brandon looked to the water where several black clad bodies sat on their board hoping for something worth riding.

“Waves look like they did at Manly Beach before Ethan helped out.” Their Elemental friend had used his gifts to whip up the surf for Brandon to ride in Australia.

“Yeah, it’s why I’m not broken up about being on land. Besides, I’m having fun hanging out with you.” Brandon leaned his shoulder into Trevor’s side. “Let’s walk down The Strand. Some cool houses and little hotels. We can go out on the pier too if you like.”

“Anything in that building at the end?”

“Used to be a Ruby’s restaurant. Kind of a ‘50s diner theme chain, but they closed that one.”

The pair walked down the one lane road separating the beach from the buildings. The distance to the water grew increasingly shorter the further south they went.

“Damn, these places look great. I would love to have a condo on the beach like those.” Trevor pointed to the pair of modern looking buildings with glass walls facing the water.

“Think it was around three million the last time one was for sale. See how the parking’s under the building?” Brandon pointed. “High tides with storm waves can make it to the road. Would suck to be parked down there when it floods. And it has several times”

They settled on a spot some distance from the main section of the beach and walked knee deep into the surf.

“Now I can say I’ve been in the Pacific from both sides. Need to work out a trip to Hawaii so I can be in the middle.”

“If you do, you’re taking me with you. And I guess Ethan can come along too.” The smirk once again formed on Brandon’s lips.

After an hour in the sun while watching the beach fill up with families and their screaming kids, they decided it was time to venture elsewhere.

“Where’s this other beach you mentioned?”

“About thirty minutes south of here in La Jolla. It’s actually on the ocean side of Torrey Pines Golf Course.” Brandon guided his Datsun down I-5 then weaved through surface streets for a while until the pavement turned into a dirt road. He pointed ahead of them.

“Cool!” Trevor lifted up in his seat to look over the windshield.

Paragliders sailed above the cliff, carried by the wind currents coming off the ocean. Parking at the farthest end of the lot, Brandon and Trevor got out and walked to a guardrail at the top of an approximately 300 foot tall bluff.

“What do you think?”

“Awesome view. Now I know why you said to bring hiking boots.”

“Yeah, it’s a little bit of a climb down to the beach, and it would suck in flip flops.” Brandon pointed to a spot in the water. “Dolphins.”

Trevor whipped out his phone and tried to zoom in enough to capture the sea creatures. Glancing around the parking lot he noticed people sitting in some cars and assumed they were enjoying the view. Two men getting out of separate vehicles and disappearing into the canyon on the inland side intrigued him. “Hey, what’s on that side that people go to? Hiking trails?”

“Umm. I guess you could say that. More like bushes.”

“Why would they…” Trevor cocked his head. “Oh. You mean?”


“Brandon, what kinda beach did you bring me to?”

“Remember when I said board shorts were fine? It was because they wouldn’t be needed for long once we got on the beach.”

“You brought me to a nude beach? Cool.” Trevor chuckled. “And guys cruise the parking lot?”

“And sometimes down on the sand. This end is mostly considered the gay section. The straight portion’s near the gliderport.” Brandon pointed back the way they had come.

“I’ve got nothing to be ashamed about, and I did dance in a gay club in just a jockstrap.” Trevor started back to the car. “Let’s grab the backpacks and head down. Seems this trip is about firsts for me, so may as well add another one.”

“Good attitude to have. You never know what you’ll learn about yourself. Look at me in Oz.” Brandon closed the trunk. “I was actually going to take you back to the first section so you could ogle the women. It’s got an easy trail down to the beach, but if you’re willing to go to this side, cool.” He guided his friend down the twisty, sometimes steep trail on the bluff. Once they finally reached the bottom, he looked surprised when Trevor immediately dropped his shorts and slipped them over his boots. “That’s the spirit.” He removed his own a moment later and the pair walked up the sandy shoreline.

It was not crowded but there were a number of people enjoying the clothing optional beach. Walking past several, they easily heard some of the comments. “Holy fuck, look at those two. And at what’s swinging.”

Brandon waved at a couple people. “Hey, Josh.” A guy with a high-n-tight got off his towel and headed for them.

“Bran. Great seeing you. Who’s the hot guy?”

Trevor chuckled.

“Friend of mine in town for a couple days. Trevor, this is Josh. Your boyfriend here today? Or you cruising on your own?”

“Hi, Josh.” Trevor extended his hand. “Guessing you’re a Marine.”

“I am. Nice to meet you. Yeah, he had to piss. As long as there weren’t guys back there, he should be here soon. There he is. And doesn’t even look like there’s sand on his knees.”

The tight, ripped body of the nearly hairless Marine went well with the slightly shorter, less muscled Latino’s. Based on the scruffy face and non-regulation haircut, it was obvious the boyfriend was not military. “Hey, Brandon. Why didn’t you tell us you were coming today?”

“Enrique, meet my buddy, Trevor. Trevor, Enrique.”

“What is it with you and tall guys, Bran? Actually, who cares, it looks sexy seeing the size difference. Well, height anyways.” Enrique‘s eyes were focused well below their eyes.

“Asshole. Everyone’s taller than me. Unless we’re on our backs.”

Trevor and the others laughed. “Good to meet you. Great beach you’ve got here. Not sure what protocol is. Do I shake your hand or the hard-on?” He glanced at Brandon before turning back to the other two. “Mind if we put our blanket near yours?”

“They’d be pissed if we didn’t.” Brandon winked.

Laying out their blanket and removing their boots, all four made for the water, splashing about and acting like kids for a while. They finally relaxed in the sun and enjoyed a lazy day.

“Thanks, Brandon. This was the perfect spot to bring me.”

“Glad you liked it. I’ve really enjoyed the weekend. Thank you for coming to see me.”

“This won’t be the last time, my friend.”

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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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