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long time, no post

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I guess that is how things go...


Quick run down, My workplace caught fire in December. Don't know if I mentioned that. The rebuild process has been slow and cumbersome, yay for city governments. While it has been being rebuilt, the business was sold.


I bought a new car, a 2010 VW Jetta. Some say it suits me... I don't know if that is a compliment or whatnot.


A week and a half after buying said new car I "interviewed" with the new owner, and by "Interview" I mean I listened to him extole his smarts and 8 years of experience in the industry only to hear that my position is obsolete and that he would "make me an offer" in effect - laid off.


whatever its time, but I am insulted to see what he is doing and the dumb ass questions he has fr all his experience. Yes I have to deal with him until the station reopens, as soon as it reopens my employment comes to an end. f**k yeah.


I met with a UCR rep a few weeks ago to see about transferring to the University of California Riverside. I was informed that the campus was closed to any new applicants for the Spring 2011 term. I was bummed but figured alright just aim for Fall 2011. Turns out she looked over my transcripts and said that the admissions accepts a limited number of late applications and she was going to speak to them and see if they would accept mine. A week later I got an email saying I had permission to file a late application by April 15th. I did.


This past Wednesday I received word that I have been accepted as a transfer student for the fall 2010 term. I'm excited to say the least.


That is pretty much whats been happening. Still no boyfriends, but beyond some things I probably wouldn't know what to do with one anyhow, so perhaps that is ultimately for the best.


Also, my cousin pissed me off. She decided that since she is a muff diver and I am a cock sucker I owe her some sort of loyalty above and beyond anything else. I'm sorry but anyone who thinks I'm beholden to them because of shared orientation really doesn't know me very well and has been drinking too deeply from the pride punch well.


My loyalty isn't formed from the least of what I am. Furthermore I dont take lightly to being mocked to divert attention from your angry drunken lesbian self. So, if you ever cross this post, read it as my kiss off letter cause it will be awhile before I even begin to think of you as someone "Okay".

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Maybe while you're at UCR you'll get some time off on a weekend and go to D'land...maybe we could meet there. biggrin.gif

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Steve, Viv, Dan and I had dinner at Downtown Disney two weeks ago when Dan and I were down there. Next time, I'll try to remember to post to see if anyone else wants to join up as well. Sorry about that Kelly...

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Congrats on the transfer to UCR! Sucks about the job but you didn't seem happy there before so maybe this is a jump to better things!

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UCR is a good school. A good opportunity Steve! You deserve it.


Anecdotal thoughts on VW Jettas: VWs in general seem to be favored by males, especially young males. Most of the Jettas I see around here are driven by just that: males. I always make a point to drive up next to one if I see it, because 9 times out of 10 the guy behind the wheel is definitely worth looking at. Maybe more than twice. So I'd say it fits you just fine.biggrin.gif

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Heh... I'm particularly lazy, so I wouldn't care to much to be laid off.. :P But I can see where being stuck in a rut would be troublesome.


I also hate when a person tries to force their viewpoint onto me because they think we're similar... it just bugs me.. I am definitely my own person.


But anyway, nice hearing from you Steven, I've not had the opportunity to bother you lately. :( Sad..

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