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- "...because you didn't [Love] me so."



[Delve] into these mourning streets

of the broken hearted,

But be careful; do not disturb the sleep

of our weeping city,

for We

are the lovers of this fallen city.

Do not tell me that we will suffer;

because there is no need to

tell us anymore lies.


...through all this silence...

I still can't seem to find you,

or hear your voice, the voice that I have

become to trust so much.

Where are you?

I think I am [lost:]

Come and find me

because I am so

afraid so afraid so

give me a hand to hold.


Did you leave me?

Did you...?

Did you not [Love]

me enough to stay?

Because in You,

I find my strength

to fight all my

childish fears away.


I ask myself if this is love at all,

and I do want to believe

that we are a masterpiece,

but nothing is ever that [perfect.]


You tell me that your happy

ever since we were together,

and yet you leave me

screaming in this nightmare,

fighting away all of the

heartache that life gives us.



tellling me to be "careful,

because they might see us."

Because I don't care.


As I remain here,

locked in my chamber,

I dream that this world will fall apart,

that it will crumble around us,

and that we will be unafraid

of what to expect out of this love.

Beccause we can start over,

we can create a place

where you and I will be together once again

and you'll be smiling back at me,

and only then will I ever be [free.]


Weakness is my only weakness:

and although I still believe...

I am tired of waiting, so let me sleep

until you come back,

until my dreams come true:

It is time to say [goodnight.]

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