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Crazy people...

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The Woman Who’s Addicted To Eating Cigarette Ashes


Tracie Egan Morrissey — Actually, the woman who appeared on last night's episode of My Strange Addiction wasn't into just cigarette ashes. She also is addicted to eating pottery. She spends something like 150 hours per month eating broken pieces of what looks like terracotta that she stows in a baggie inside her boot. The strangest thing about her addiction is that she doesn't even smoke. She relies on her sister's cigarette ashes to get her fix.


My question is: Why is this show almost always about people (usually women) eating weird crap? There was one lady who eats toilet paper, another who eats household cleaner, one who eats soap, another who eats hair follicles, a dude who eats glass, and of course, the lady who eats couch cushions.


Source: http://jezebel.com/#!5763110/the-woman-whos-addicted-to-eating-cigarette-ashes


None of those things sound appetizing, and most of them are downright dangerous. These people are totally psycho.

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I've watched this show several times also. I don't think the people on it are psycho. Every single person has suffered from some type of traumatic experience earlier and life and then they started doing the weird things they do.

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Shows like this attract attention whores like flies to crap. How much of it is real is anybody's guess.

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