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Back from DC



Well, the trip was fun and relaxing; no pressure, no hassle, it was a simple affair between strangers, who are equivalent to pen pals of old. Sometimes, I wonder how much people on site actually think about the "real" you as in the actual person behind the avatar. We're all different people with our own backgrounds and tastes.


I didn't picture Q being Mr. Dad or how cute lil' Q was in real life versus just pictures.


Cassie and I shared a hotel together, it was fun to be traveling companions. (Note, I think you can lift more weight than me with how you handled the luggage up Capitol hill :) )


Intune, you have great artistic flair and I can't wait to see what you might create in the future.


Plus, the weather in DC was perfect all weekend, not too warm, nor too cold.


Hope that next year, we can have more people and meet up somewhere accessible to everyone.


New York or Boston are on the top of the list and I think planning should probably start earlier to help everyone with other obligations and stuff.

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I agree next year= north


I have to say, I didn't know what to expect either, but hanging out with you guys was fun. You seem very serious about your writing, and I can't wait to give yours and Cassie's stories a read :D

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W_L you were a gamer on Saturday despite the forever train ride and lack of sleep. And for putting up with my inept parenting skills without complaint, I thank you. :)

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