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Getting ready for the train ride down to DC





1. GA anthology stories downloaded Can't do it, hope there's wi-fi at the hotel :(


2. Alternative reading for long train ride, The Lost Bank- Check


3. Clothing appropriate for DC in the summer (I am not going nude, it'd make a bigger scene than the protesters in front of the Capitol and White House)- Check, Cargo shorts and shirts


4. Music for the ride- Check, just downloaded the new album by The Maine and The Fray + my other favorite bands


5. An emergency escape plan to get out of DC in case this is a set-up by some ultra-conservative gay conversion Church group- Check :P




1. Protection- Enough said


2. Toys- Nah, keeping them at home...Don't get your mind in the gutter guys, I mean my teddy bear :P


Well that's it


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W_L, if you are staying at the same place I am, it shouldn't be a problem. Look forward to seeing you here!

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Have fun Wang Lung


Protection- Enough said


You wont' need it, Quono's is as clean as a thrice enema-ed colon



oh and if it did turn out to some uber rick santorum fest and you see a mob of haters running towards you with crosses, just start walking really slowly in the opposite direction and chant "Imhotep"

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