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May, 14th 1963

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Hello my little flower I love so very much.


As every Monday I come spend I little moment with you my love. When a good 10 hours ago we were still in each other arms honey and you know kitten it is really sad that Sunday only last one day. If only we could still be Sunday today to be close to you my love. Alas we have to wait until Thursday evening. 

You know kitten I am feeling so happy next to you I do not know how to tell you at times. I hope you had a nice Sunday my love.

There is only one thing to regret when we are together it is that time flies too quickly. Finally, a day will come when we shall be united to each other for ever. 

On this note I will leave you for today my treasure.

Your little husband who loves you with thousands of sweet kisses


This is a love letter my grandfather wrote to my grandmother when they were dating, a few months before they got married. We have a whole shoebox of them, most are from this period of their lives, other are just from a few years ago. Mom saved them to scan before grandma decides what she wants to do with them before leaving. 

He was a man of very few words and I can say I never heard him say that much terms of endearment to my grandma in a whole week. I guess they were very private.

Reading those letters make it even stronger how their love was the real kind, the kind you only read in books, see in movies and dreams of for yourself.

I hope one day I'll be someone's little flower and he'll be my big love.


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Wonderful, they are priceless those letters, very few write them, it is a lost art. You have a treasure. 

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They wrote to each other for 6 years! First as "brother and sister" and until their wedding. 2 or 3 times per week, even while he was in Algeria. And during their marriage they would drop little notes to each other

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