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We did something....

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So, I would imagine that many members here wont remember who I am.  i've not been active for a while because... well, life gets in the way sometimes doesn't it?


8 Years ago last week, I started a relationship right here on GA.  I met Paya right here, and our friendship blossomed into something more.  I was in the UK, he was in the Czech Republic. We had a long distance relationship for 2 years, before finally moving to London together 6 years ago.


This is just a quick stop by to where it all began, to announce that yesterday - We got Married.  Yes, another GA wedding.


We were lucky enough that our friends from GA, Bleu and Jian, were at our ceremony as guests - I told them they were our GA ambassadors for the day.


Now... not to rush away, but a honeymoon awaits.


All the best.



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39 minutes ago, Mikiesboy said:

Congratulations! What a great story.


I add my congratulations! Wonderful! 

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Congrats guys! Hopefully the next time I come your way or you come mine we can have dinner again. :)

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I don’t know you - but congratulations!  That’s a great story :) 

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Very happy for you guys!

Also, very touched that you invited Jian and I to the wedding. You guys really made it a special occasion. Still waiting for more pics from that day.


These long-distance relationships looked like a very long bet 8 years ago, but look at us now! We're making it work, bit by bit.

Enjoy the mini-honeymoon and then the longer one!

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Congratulations! I remember you and Paya. So happy for you guys. 

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