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Can the impossible happen?



Hey guys!!


So a bunch has happened since my last blog entry--and most of it has to do with my crush :wub:


Yesterday (he kids around a lot) he was telling me on AIM (and I quote)

[09:11:31 PM] Max: u r funnie man

[09:11:38 PM] AP Conflagrant: um ok?

[09:11:54 PM] Max: hehe

[09:12:03 PM] AP Conflagrant: hehe to u too?

[09:12:21 PM] Max: =D

[09:12:26 PM] Max: i lub yuu

[09:13:52 PM] AP Conflagrant: um...ok

[09:14:05 PM] Max: COOL

[09:14:14 PM] AP Conflagrant: cool?

[09:14:19 PM] Max: adam if you dont give me a hug tomorrow

[09:14:27 PM] Max: i;m gonna fcking bash your face in with a desk

[09:14:46 PM] Max: then pull the scissors out of my backpack and cut your arteries out

[09:15:12 PM] Max: when i'll take my fcking 20 lb backpack

[09:15:20 PM] Max: and beat you continuously to a bloody pulo

[09:15:20 PM] AP Conflagrant: mine weighs more

[09:15:21 PM] AP Conflagrant: hehe

[09:15:22 PM] Max: pulp*

[09:15:27 PM] Max: well then thats even better

[09:15:30 PM] Max: i'll use yours

[09:15:32 PM] Max: GOT IT?

[09:15:33 PM] AP Conflagrant: hhahaah

[09:15:45 PM] Max: dude i'm not fckin kidding

[09:16:05 PM] Max: i dont joke around with shit like this

[09:16:13 PM] Max: okay well mayb i do


So I'm really confused right now, because I had been asking questions to test whether he is gay and they all failed :(


Last night, the conversation that we had was one of the longest that I have ever had with him, because usually he makes it really short. Also, we have a short break coming up and he wants to come over :wub: . Under normal circumstances that's like nothing, but when you go to private school, it doesn't happen much (at least to me :( ).


He also asked my opinon on something, and told me that his day really sucked (but he wouldn't tell me why :( )


I'm really confused right now, I think he was kidding, but it gave me false hope again, and since before yesterday I was sort of trying to bury the crush, I'm not sure if this was good or not.


I really want that hug too :(


very confused- adam


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At least take the hug ... hugs are good! :2thumbs:


Sounds like he's at least a pretty open and affectionate person, so even if he's not gay, he could very well be a safe person to come out to. Just play it by ear ... you know him better than any of us, you can see his body language and the way he looks at you, and stuff like that.


Good luck, Adam!

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Give me a hug or I'll cut your arteries? Hmmm...



Um just hug him....and see if his creep down towards your butt...

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Definitely hug him! In fact you should hug him even if you don't really want to, because it sounds like he's going to be hurt if you don't. So all the better that you actually want to ;) .

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...you should hug him even if you don't really want to, because it sounds like he's going to be hurt if you don't.


Or you're going to be. :P


I actually had to reread Kevin's comment a few times to make sure I was reading it the right way lol...


That was a funny conversation. I agree with everyone above that it at least sounds like he wants to be closer friends with you and I hope it works out.




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