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I have to keep moving



Ok, so a lot has happened this weekend, and it hasn't been easy. But I know I have to keep moving, and I'm going to. Myr just posted the Anthology today, and I was proud to see my story there. I'm not saying it was all that, but to have a story posted on the same page as Lugh and RHawes and Viv was amazing to me.

Also, I have goals and I have to keep working to get them accomplished. I started almost a year ago on xanga, posting What's the difference for about 5 readers, but that grew to about 20. Then I started posting it here at the Library, then at the efiction section of the site and that number got bigger.

Then I met Talonrider, who got my story straight and got me hosted at CRVBOY and also hosted me himself at The Talon House .

In the meanwhile, I started my own forum, Nick's Story Discussion and eventually, my own pageNick's Story Page . I also started on My Jump Off and started writing poetry. I know that in order to ever be considered good enough to ever be a hosted author here, I have to keep writing good stories and poems and posting them everywhere I can to make my audience as big as I can.

Anyway, I had to stop and think about what I wanted to do. I don't ever want to leave this place. I love it here too much, and even if I never make it as a hosted Author, I promise to keep posting my work here and to make as big of a contribution as possible.


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Hey Nick :D


I really liked Obligation to Myself :2thumbs: . You did a great job taking on the P.O.V. of the straight Jock, way to go :)


I'd say your work just keeps getting better and better. I'm sure some day you'll fulfill all your aspirations. It's awesome that you're going to stay and keep sharing your writing with us! Thank You.


Take care and have a great week :)


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Guest Rob Hawes




Personally I think you're already good enough to be hosted. You have the following and your stories are very good. You have some spelling and grammatical issues that you already know about, but that's why editors were created. There are times when the plot in your stories seems a bit rushed as you move from one bit of the story to the next, but that's something all writers are guilty of at times. I wrote my first novel when I was fourteen and came across it when I moved. I read it a few days ago and it really is awful. I thought I was talented at the time, but looking back on it I have realised just how raw I actually was.


So what's the point in telling you this? Well, because looking at it objectively I didn't have half the talent back then that you do now. I was about the same age as you when I wrote it and since then I've really had to work at my writing. I consider myself to be a good writer and if I keep working at it I'm sure I'll get better. You have a natural talent. You still need to work on it, but I am absolutely certain that in a few years you are going to be making me and most of the other authors here look like amateurs.


I won't even try to give you tips on how to improve your writing and if you're sensible you won't let anyone else either. You have a natural gift and it needs to evolve naturally. Just look back over "What's the Difference..." and see the improvement between the first and last chapters. You're improving every day. As I said at the beginning of this reply, I think you're good enough to be hosted now, but that's not my call. I know that within the next ten years, if you keep at it, I will not be able to go into a bookshop without seeing your name on the shelves.


Anyway, I'm off to read the anthology stories and I know whose I will be starting with. ;)



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