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Anyway, I’m in a weird place right now. You ever have someone express their unyielding disappointment in you, while still managing to act like it’s not your fault at all? It comes across kind of like a guilt trip, except you (rationally speaking) don’t have anything to be sorry for. But, they act like you’ve got to make a choice in their favor (a choice that only you have the right to make) Because if you don’t do things the way they want you to, you’ve gone out of your way to hurt them because obviously, the world revolves around them and you’re supposed to go out of your way to keep it like that. Well, you know what? Who the hell ever said I want that kind of responsibility on my shoulders? I don’t want to hurt anyone, but I won’t be manipulated into doing something that I don’t want to, you know?



YES! I completely understand you! I've got that right now with my sporadically estranged mother. Its the worst because you know you have a right to be angry at them for attempting to manipulate you but if you relay the situation to them or someone else who isn't in your situation you seem like you're in the wrong. :pissed:


At least thats what I get.


Anyway, I hope they stop their manipulation streak.

O and have a nice blizzard. :P

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Dom, hope you have a nice snow day. Kick back, relax, try to forget the manipulator. Use caller ID or answering machine to avoid conversations you don't want to have. Hopefully, you aren't snowbound with said person. :angry:

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