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This is getting ridiculous



So one of my friends from work asked me if I knew this guy, and I told her I had. She thought that we would make the cutest couple. I told her I actually had a huge crush on him last year. What did she do? She went to him and told him that someone thought he was cute. He asked who, and when she told him, she said that he flipped out. He had no idea, but he thought I was cute and didn't think anything was ever going to happen there. So she told me today that this happened, and told me that she talked to him a couple of days ago and because they have class together everyday, he was asking her if she had talked to me yet. He's interested, and he's the one pushing it!


ARGH! I thought it was funny that Billy posted "Where are all these gay guys" because I totally would have found myself asking this same question even a few weeks ago. Now, it's like they're everywhere. Not only are they plentiful, but they're actually interested in me. Is this some kind of cruel joke? :lol: :wacko:


My friends told me that I should go for it, nothing is serious at the moment. I'm only dating the other guy, and it's not like I can't go out on a date with this guy, right? Well i told her to give him my number. I've never been so active dating wise. It's kind of fun. :P I realllly hope something happens with this guy, but I kind of want something with the other guy too. I wish the timing was a little better, since I know I can't have a relationship with both of them at the same time. I'll just have to choose.


Heh. The word 'resilient' comes to mind.


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When it rains, it pours :D


Hmmm, that's probably where they got the idea for the song 'It's raining men'.





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