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The Never Ending Trip



I received a call from my aunt desperately asking me to join her for a family reunion. I hesitantly said that I would. So I tell my bf and My friends about it. My BF can't go beacuse of his job but Chaz asks if he can join me. I found that weird but back to the story. So I ask my aunt and she says he can come. I don't know why I did it but I decided that we should take a train, A TEN HOUR TRAIN. Let me tell you this is a bad Idea.


We sat behind a couple and their children. Chaz is out like a light and that's when my imsomnia hits. So I put on my head phones and I watch the scenery. About an hour into the trip My ipods battery runs out. "Damnit," I whisper to myself. Then I hear the last thing I ever want to hear, coming from the mother of the children in front of us.


"do you guys want to watch a movie," the mother asks her kids.


"Yeah let's watch the never ending story," says one of the kids.


I want to scream. I look around the car to see if there is any empty seats I can move to. None of them are empty. You see I was tortured with this movie for years when I was a small GREEN. I avoid this movie like the plague. The soundtrack alone could killl me.


Then I realize that these kids know the whole story by heart and insist on repeating every word. I look to my left there is a girl that seems to also be annoyed and I hate her because her Ipod does work. Chaz is still out like a light. for the next two hours I am tortured with this movie. I let out a sigh of relief when I realize that the movie is over, but no that couldn't be the end of it. The little peice of unholy crap then says, "Do you guys want to see part two?" I'm tweaking at this point. The girls ipod seems to has run out of battery and I'm like ha revenge is sweet.


"Dude that music is killing me," Chaz adds.


Things are on the way down when Chaz looks over the seat and kindly asks the family to turn the music down on the portable dvd player, making me look like a total idiot as he falls back into his slumber.




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As a recovering Catholic 0:) , I can't help but feel guilty for deriving so much enjoyment from the trials and tribulations known as your life.


But heck, it's just too darn entertaining.


Thanks for sharing!



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You could have lent them your headphones and made everyone happy.


Add salt to the wound thanks LOL


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You could have lent them your headphones and made everyone happy.


Add salt to the wound thanks LOL



Sorry, was just trying to find a compromise for ya if you run into that situation again.

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LOL I guess you wouldn't like me as a kid Green, as I had this habbit of playing that movie over and over again, manly because I really wanted to know what the mother's name was... still don't know to this day either. :( Ah well I drove my brother nuts with playing it, which in it own was my revenge on him for all the things he did to me. Older bother's got to love that.

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